| Loves | The Best and Worst of Tom Ford 2017

| Loves | The Best and Worst of Tom Ford 2017 

There's no denying that Tom Ford is my current all time favorite brand. I have been in love with the line since it was just a small collection of lipsticks. Every year, Tom Ford releases some wonderful limited edition pieces and some no-so-wonderful flops. Obviously, this is just my opinion. As a super-fan and collector, I thought I would provide my insights on what you may want to buy, as a reader of this blog and perhaps, if by some stroke of luck, maybe someone at Tom Ford may want to read my opinions about what worked and what didn't in their releases. 

The real question is do we start with the bad first or the good? I prefer to end on a good note, so let's start with the worst of the year, since there aren't too many. 


Spring 2017

Shade and Illuminate Lips -  These lip palettes were by far one of the worst products of the year because they are so impractical. As an artist, a lip palette is great, but as a consumer, it just doesn't work for everyday use. It's annoying to reapply because you will need to use a mirror and a brush of some sort. To be honest, I hate (and often forget) to reapply regular lipsticks in a tube. I know I would never pull out a lip palette. I understand the duo of shades is supposed to create a multi-dimensional look, however I would much prefer just using a lip liner for that purpose. The textures of these were also on the drier side and the compact isn't air-tight to maintain the creaminess of the product. I expect many who purchased these palettes are seeing the lipsticks starting to dry out.

Shade & Illuminate Lips
Summer 2017 

Clutch-sized Lip Balms - These weren't awful but I just think for the price, a tiny sheer lip balm is not worth it. Tinted lip balms are nice, especially for dry lips but these were so sheer! As cute as they are, I personally can't justify paying so much for a sheer lip product.

Lip Balm

Fall 2017 

Soleil Orchid Lip Color - While the Shade and Illuminate Lips weren't practical, this one was just plain unflattering! The packaging of this product is beyond stunning and compliments the fragrance so well, however the shade is horrendous. A dirty pink base with strong gold shimmer, it looks mucky and weird on the lips and can't seem to be fixed by using lip liner.  The only redeeming factor is that it seems to be less unflattering when layered with other lipsticks. This one was a big flop for me!

Winter 2017

Lip Slicks - I think many people were really drawn to this product, but like the lip balms, I couldn't justify paying such a hefty price for something so sheer. Additionally, the 90's throwback roller-ball applicator is not appealing. I remember trying to apply glosses with that applicator, it was messy and annoying. While these aren't awful, they don't seem very special. I have bought some YSL lip oils in the past, not a huge fan of tinted oils, the feeling on the lips alone, is pretty undesirable. These were any easy pass for me.
Lip Slick


Spring 2017 

Shade and Illuminate Cheeks - I have to say, Tom Ford knows how to do cream product right! These cheek duos give a beautiful glossy look that is so sexy and great for dry skin types! I definitely spent a series of months where I mostly wore these. These are now (from what I can tell) permanent and so worth it! Check out my full review here. 

Paradiso Cream Cheek Color - Somewhere in between spring and summer was the Paradiso mini collection. The star of this tiny collection was this amazing cheek color! The bright coral-pink brightens the face and provides such a beautiful glow! This looked amazing on my skin tone but I know it would work for many skin tones. This is one of the products that I consider back-up worthy. The formula is long-lasting and so pigmented! If you can still find this one, I highly recommend it!

Summer 2017 

The Ultimate Bronzer in Terra - There was a lot of reforumulations being released this year and this one is by far, my favorite! These new gel-powder bronzers are so beautiful and I have been using mine in Terra, year-round! These glide and blend beautifully on the skin. They last all day and the shades are perfect! The formula is considered wet/dry, while I don't actually use it wet, I don't often set my entire face with powder and it still glides and blends beautifully on top without sticking to wet areas. They also come with so much product, despite me using mine consistently all year, I haven't come close to hitting pan.

Sheer Highlighting Duo in Reflects Gilt - While Tom Ford has come out with these before, this one is his best! The bronze and gold duo can be mixed or used alone to create the most beautiful summer cheek! These shades will work for all skin tones and are even beautiful eyeshadows! If I had to choose one of these duos, it would be this one! 

Cheek Color in Inhibition - Some time between summer and fall, Tom Ford released reformulations and new shades to his blush collection. This new shade in inhibition is the perfect neutral peachy shade! This shade can work on a variety of skin tones and it is neutral enough to work with any look you do! This has been my go-to blush whenever I can't decide on a blush to wear and it has come traveling with me because it is so versatile!

Fall 2017 

Lips Color in Sugar Glider - While the Boys & Girls Lipsticks were released this season, there really wasn't anything I would consider the best. However right after, there was a huge launch of 40 new and permanent lipsticks! By far my favorite is this mauvey-purple-griege shade! Its a beautiful and wearable version of those purple-gray colors because of the subtle pink tone (it captures on camera more pink)! I am absolutely obsessed with this shade! There are also a TON of other beautiful nude shades that came with this release, so I recommend checking them out!

Winter 2017

Private Blend Shadows - These new single shadows have been long anticipated and they don't disappoint! The four different finishes are all very lovely and the color selection is fantastic. Pretty much every shade is pigmented and opaque, even the glitters! I love the creamy and blendable texture of this new formula, it is unlike the previously released quads. I am especially impressed and smitten with the suede finishes, there some are unique additions to the brands existing shadows!

Lavender Lure Sheer Cheek Duo - While there have been others like this duo released in the past, there is something quite special about the shades in this duo. The blush is a pin with a very subtle cool tone to it, making it more mauve and more wearable for most skin tones. The highlighter is truly unique because in the pan, it looks like a light glowing pink; however on the skin and over the blush, it has a very soft lavender reflect. This take on lavender is so wearable and chic, definitely on the top of my list this year!  

Overall, it has been a pretty great year for Tom Ford beauty. My only hope is that the cost doesn't keep rising for the brand. Over the past few years, their cost has gone up tremendously, making it less and less appealing. Luckily, the quality hasn't changed! I am really looking forward to the new launches for 2018 and I am hoping to see more exciting new formulas!

What have been your favorites from the brand this year? Do you disagree with me? Let me know in the comments or leave a comment on my Instagram!


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