| Review | Colorescience All Calm Clinical Redness Corrector

Review | Colorescience All Calm Clinical Redness Corrector

Do you struggle with chronic redness or irritation? Are you wearing a full coverage foundation or heavy concealer to hide the redness? Then you need to read this! 

While my skin doesn't have heavy irritation or redness on the majority of my face, I have struggled a long time with finding something to conceal the broken capillaries and redness around my nose. I also have, some random broken capillaries on the area just under my cheeks but above my jawline. It seems like my skin is more translucent or something there. Also, with my dry skin, I am more prone to redness as the weather changes. When Colorescience reached out to me about trying this product, I was very excited. 

Colorscience is actually a local brand to me, located in the San Diego County, I am always down to support a local brand! Their beauty philosophy combines science with cosmetics, focusing on protecting and treating the skin. One of their popular products is their portable sunscreen. 

The Colorescience All Calm Clinical Redness Corrector retails for $120.00 USD for 1fl. oz and is available at Colorescience. The packaging is very utilitarian. It is meant to be functional not to be a show piece on your vanity. The plastic bottle is very sturdy and seems to be double-layered. I took this with me on my travels and it traveled very well. The pump is very easy to control and manage the amount of product being dispensed. Yes, the price may be a bit shocking but this product provides skincare benefits, as well as, the incredible effect it has on your makeup application! 

First swatch is heavy, Second swatch it blended

The product is a fairly pigmented mousse that feels a thick but as you blend the product into your skin, it sheers out a bit. The color is a light beige with a greenish tint to it but you really hardly tell. I find this shade will work well for fair to medium skin tones but the more tan you are, it will look a bit ashy but it will not effect your look much, if you are going to wear a foundation or base product over it. While the product initially feels thick, it feels very light on the skin. I like to apply this product with my fingers, ensuring an even application. This product makes an amazing primer for makeup! It evens out skin tone, neutralizes redness, and provides a little bit of coverage. I recommend starting with very little, about a peas size, and working in sections because the product does spread out and can end up being a lot more than you'd expect.  

Like I had mentioned before, I have redness around my nose and around my cheeks but I have also noticed after I have used a peel or intense mask, my skin can look quite splotchy and red the next day. This product is perfect for that! 

My makeup applies beautifully over this product! I love to apply many sheer and light layers to achieve my base, this has been a game-changer in my routine because it really helps cover any discoloration without adding a thick or heavy layer on my skin. It also seems to even out texture and even controls some oil because I once tried wearing it without powdering my skin at all and it seemed to hold my makeup on for a long time without extreme oil breakthrough! My skin is on the drier side but I can see this being an excellent base for oily skin types. 

The most important component of this product is in its skincare and redness reduction technology. This product is not only supposed to reduce redness and irritation during use but long-term after prolonged use! I haven't experienced any major inflammation or irritation so I cannot vouch for this technology but it is certainly very promising for those sensitive and acne prone skin! This product will soothe and calm all those skin conditions! 

This product also contains SPF50 which is something I both like and dislike. I love that it contains a high SPF because then I don't have to worry about an extra layer of product on my skin. Also, my skin will be very protected with such a high SPF, which is why I took it with me on my trip to Las Vegas. The reason why I dislike this, is that I LOVE this product and I would want to wear it day or night! With a high SPF, it will have a very strong flashback in photos! I would have liked to see this without the SPF, so it can be more versatile because individuals who suffer from redness will want to use this product for more than just daytime wear. 

Overall, I adore this product and I don't even have big issues with redness. The product just makes such a great tinted primer and it helps me achieve a flawless look without a heavy look or feeling. I never noticed how splotchy my skin can look, until I have day without this product as a primer. This is a product I would definitely purchase after I finish this bottle, it is must have for all skin types! You will be shocked at how perfected your makeup looks over this product! Plus it is weightless and it has skincare benefits! While it is very expensive, the product works like a dream and a little product goes a very long way!