| Review | Maple Holistics Argan Essential Oil

| Review | Maple Holistics Argan Essential Oil 

With colder weather approaching, I'm starting to pull out my face oils again. With my dry skin, the weather transitions are always hard on my skin. Argan oil is something I have used for years for many purposes because of its versatility. When Maple Organics reached out to me about trying some of their natural product line, I had to jump at the chance to try their argan oil. 

The Maple Holistics Argan Essential Oil  retails for $14.99 USD for 20oz. on mapleholistics.com. Maple Holistics even offers free samples, click here for their free samples page! This is a great deal for the amount of pure argan oil that comes inside the bottle. I have paid much more for the same product before. The argan oil is packaged in a simple glass dropper bottle, typical of facial oils. The bottle seems very sturdy and the dropper works very well. 

If you haven't used argan oil before, you need to start! It is a fantastic natural and multipurpose moisturizer that can be used all over the body. I like to use it mostly on my face as an evening moisturizer. My skin just soaks up this oil overnight, making my skin glow in the morning! I have also used it for the ends of my hair, especially since I have been dying and heat styling it. It has been needing so much nourishment lately. It makes my hair very shiny and soft but just be sure to use a small amount and only on the ends because this oil can get too heavy for all over the hair. When I need a little boost of moisture on my body, I will take a couple drops and mix it with my body lotions for an extra hydrating treatment. With any remaining oil that is on my hands from application to my face, I usually rub it into my hands and cuticles to prevent cracking and hang nails. 

Honestly, argan oil is something I will always have in my beauty cabinet. It is great for those with sensitive skin because it is all natural and doesn't cause irritation but can help nourish and repair the skin. It has very little to no fragrance, so those who are concerned about an unappealing scent, can relax. I like how gentle argan oil is on the skin and even around the eyes. Sometimes I will put the remaining oil on my hands into my lashline, it helps keep my lashes healthy and helps them grow long! 

The Maple Holistics Agran Oil is very high quality and comes at a very reasonable price. You don't need to pay a lot for 100% argan oil to get great quality. I highly recommend checking out Maple Holistics for natural and affordable beauty products. This argan oil does everything I need it to do but at half the cost of the argan oil I was using before. 

Let me know how you like to use your argan oil and what your favorite oils are!