| Review | Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Review

| Review | Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream

This may be the most anticipated launch from Augustinus Bader, right after The Serum! I have been chatting with my fellow Augustinus Bader fans about when he would release an eye cream and it's finally here! I couldn't be more excited to try this one out. Augustinus Bader has an incredible track record for developing potent and effective skincare products. I'd love to give the brand another A+ on its report card so, I'm hoping this will be as phenomenal as I'm hoping. Read on to learn about my honest thoughts on this new formula. 

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Review


The Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream retails for $215.00 USD for the complete set with 15ml/0.5oz of product and just the Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream The Nomad Refill retails for $195.00 USD for 15ml/0.5oz tube of product. These are available at Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Review

As with the new The Serum, The Eye Cream comes as a "full set", which includes a significant amount of excess packaging. This set includes a matte blue glass cup with a copper-colored aluminum insert that perfectly holds The Nomad Refill, which contains the serum in a plastic blue pump bottle with a copper-colored aluminum cover, designed for traveling. I have MAJOR issues with this "set" because none of this packaging is necessary AT ALL! 

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Review

There is literally no point in having a cup that holds my serum for me. Not only is that ridiculous but it takes up so much room just to hold ONE product! I only purchased the full set for review purposes but I HIGHLY recommend buying only the refill. While the blue glass cup is beautiful and luxurious, it's incredibly unnecessary. It doesn't enhance the luxuriousness of the product nor, does it serve much of a purpose. You can use the cup to store other things like makeup brushes but that doesn't make it worth it. 

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Review

What upsets me the most about this packaging is that the brand claims they are being environmentally friendly with this style of packaging but I think producing all this useless packaging is the complete opposite of being environmentally friendly. The only purpose of this heavy glass jar, called The Base,  is to be used as a "holder" for the serum cartridge, which is totally unnecessary! The Base is very large and bulky. It is essentially a large glass cup that takes up a lot of space on the countertop. All the product is contained within the copper aluminum tube, known as, The Nomad. Even then bottom half of the aluminum cartridge is excesses packaging because it can be removed and inside is a plastic tube. 

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Review

Really, the only packaging that contains any product is the very core of the aluminum packaging. whish is designed for travel. As beautiful as this the packaging is, it just seems so wasteful. I do not recommend getting the full set. I think The Nomad Refill is the only thing worth paying for. 

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Review


This eye cream has a very lightweight gel-cream formula that leans closer to a gel, feels like a serum, but it still has the more hydrating texture of a cream. This is my perfect eye treatment texture because I have dry skin but I am also very milia-prone so, I can't use anything too heavy because it will block my pores and cause me to develop milia. It is the reason why I am very wary about trying eye creams and treatments because I have only just recently been able to get rid of and reduce my milia. This lightweight texture doesn't clog the skin but is very hydrating on the skin. 

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Review

You need the amount equivalent to the point of a ball-point pen, a very small bead of the product will go a long way. It feels instantly hydrating and refreshing. It takes barely any effort to blend it into the skin. It just glides onto the skin and doesn't leave the eye area feeling heavy or greasy. It just feels like a light gel texture and you can apply makeup over it beautifully. It doesn't sink into the skin immediately and it will remain on the skin for a while, which I like because that means it continues to treat my skin for hours! However, it doesn't make your makeup sink in or crease. 

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Review

I was shocked to see results after one use! I used this eye cream in the evening and the next morning I awoke with really refreshed, smooth, and soft under eyes! The first thing that I noticed was the way my eye area felt, it was so soft! I noticed that the skin under my eyes felt very firm and tight. When I looked in the mirror, despite not getting the best rest, my eyes didn't appear puffy and I had no under-eye bags! What was more miraculous was that the fine lines I did have under my eyes seemed to have disappeared! This will not be the case for everybody, it depends on the severity and depth of your lines but there was definitely a noticeable difference! My skin under my eyes just looked brighter and more refreshed, again, I didn't get the best rest and typically I would have darkness and puffiness there but neither signs of exhaustion were there! 

I apply the eye cream all the way up to my lashline and I have no issues with the eye cream irritating my eyes. It's such great formula for anyone with sensitive eyes or skin. I really appreciate how gentle it feels but how potent the formula actually is. 

I will say that there is one minor annoyance with this product. If you skin a day or two of using this formula, the eye cream will dry up at the tip of the pump and cause you to pump out a bit more than you need. The annoying thing about this is there's not much you can do about it. You would think the fine tip of the pump would prevent drying out and I was quite surprised that only after one day of skipping the eye cream, it would dry out. 

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Review


After a week, my undereye areas had never looked better! The fine lines under my eyes are greatly diminished after one week of use! My under-eye area is incredibly smooth and soft in texture. The milia under my eyes has also been greatly improved. In general, this eye cream just makes my skin feels really firm, it looks tighter, and I have no bags, despite some nights with lack of sleep! Also, my eye area is brighter and looks refreshed, again, despite not getting the best sleep some nights! 

After about a month, I can barely make out my fine lines! Many of them have faded so significantly that I feel like my eyes look ten years younger! I'm justs hocked at the disappearance and diminishing of my lines! Also, I don't ever have the usual puffiness in the mornings or any darkness! I am just shocked at how much this one eye cream does!

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Review


Here is the full ingredients list:

Aqua/Water/Eau, Glycerin, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Panthenol, Ethyl Oleate, Ethylhexyl Polyhydroxystearate, Squalane, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Hydrogenated Vegetable Glycerides, Niacinamide, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Polyglyceryl-3 Stearate, Oleic Acid, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Silica, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Undaria Pinnatifida Extract, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Terminalia Arjuna Extract, Centella Asiatica Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Maltodextrin, Sodium Phytate, Lecithin, Corallina Officinalis Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Tocopherol, Alanyl Glutamine, Arginine, Oligopeptide-177, Sodium Chloride, Phenylalanine, Sisymbrium Irio Seed Oil.

Some ingredients to highlight in this formula are:  

Pennywort Extract/Centella Asiatica Extract - This herb is known for its high antioxidant content, a rich source of amino acids, and supports hydration in the skin. This ingredient helps with both internal and environmental stressors. This ingredient is powerful and known to calm inflammation, speed wound healing, stimulate new cell growth, build collagen, and improve circulation

Seaweed Extracts - This formula utilizes two types of seaweed that stimulate the skin's defense mechanism, making the skin more resistant to daily stressors and restoring the skin's youthfulness. Seaweed is a soothing ingredient that minimizes puffiness, fades darkness, and fights signs of aging.  The puffiness reduction and darkness reduction is very clear, when I use this eye cream yet, I didn't get good sleep. 

Arjun Tree Extract - This plant extract is known to strengthen the skin barrier and induce sebum production, which reduced dry skin and signs of aging. This plant is enriched with with protective compounds that firms the skin. The firming effect is very obvious after several uses of this eye cream. 

Vitamin C - This is a potent antioxidant that stimulates the production of collagen, brightens the skin, and defends the skin against environmental aggressors. 

Niacinamide/Vitamin B3 - This amazing ingredient is found is some of the best skincare. It is known to soothe the skin, reduce redness, reduce pore size, diminish the appearance of wrinkles, increases suppleness, boosts luminosity, and protects the skin from environmental damage. This very versatile ingredient does it all for the skin and it's a noticeable difference in this formula. 

Vitamin B5 - This essential vitamin for the skin deeply conditions, attracts and lock in moisture, and it pumps the skin. It softens the skin and keeps it really healthy. All of this is very apparent in this formula when you use it regularly. You can really feel how deeply hydrating and nourishing this formula is. This really does keep the skin plump and healthy looking! 

Jojoba Oil - This potent emollient ingredient is rich in essential fatty acids with powerful skin soothing and restorative ingredients. This ingredient easily absorbs into the skin and doesn't cause your pores to clog or become congested. 

Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Review


This eye cream has a beautiful light texture that doesn't feel heavy or clog the skin, which is so essential when it comes to the under eye area. Heavy emollients often cause milia to develop, or little bumps on the skin, and I am very prone to this. I have not had an issue with this at all with this eyes cream, it has only improved my under eyes! The results are immediate and they only exponentially get better with more use! I am very picky with eye treatments and I find many don't actually do anything for me but with this eye cream, the results are noticeable! 

Again, the only thing that disappoints me about this product is the excess packaging. While I understand this is part of the luxury experience, I just find it so unnecessary. The packaging just isn't worth it and takes up so much space. Despite the wasteful packaging, I adore this eye cream and I highly recommend it! If you are looking for a super potent eye cream, this one will have you falling in love with your skin again! 

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