| Review | Tom Ford Sous Le Sable Eye Color Quad

| Review | Tom Ford Sous Le Sable Eye Color Quad 

Soft pink nude tones are the new nudes. It seems like every brand has its version of these universally flattering blush tones and Tom Ford has finally jumped on the trend train with this new palette. These shades aren't anything new by any means but they are some staple shades when it comes to building more complex looks. It's nice to see the brand bringing more staple shades into their line, let's hope that these will stick around and be permanent.

The  Tom Ford Sous Le Sable Eye Color Quad retails for $88.00 USD and is available at Nordstrom and other retailers. As with all his previous quads, these eyeshadows are housed in a sleek cognac and gold magnetic compact. Luxurious and very on-brand, this iconic packaging never gets old. The palettes all also come with a sponge tip and small brush applicators, which are decent in a pinch but won't give you the best application. 


The shades in this palette are the ever-popular nude blush tones, which seem to be dominating the market right now. There's no doubt that these kinds of shade are popular because they're wearable shades of pink. Unfortunately, this palette will not work universally for all skin tones because the shades all lean on the light side. I think this palette will suit fair to potentially tan skin tones but olive to deeper skin tones will find many of these shades too be too ashy. It took me several swipes just to build the intensity of my swatches, not because the pigment is poor but because the shades are so light. 

The shades offered in the palette are: 

Beige Pink (top left) - This shade is a very light creamy beige with a subtle pink tone. On my medium skin tone, you can barely detect the pink tone. This shade will work well as a base shade or a highlighter for more medium skin tones. It also works well as a blending shade to blur out any harsh edges. 

Rose Gold (top right) - This rose gold shade has a coppery orange tone and coppery-golden shimmer. This shade is the only shade with shimmer in the palette, which really allows it to shine and be the star of the look. The shimmer in this shade is fine and leaves a beautiful shimmering finish to the eyes. 

Nude Blush (bottom left) - This shade is a very soft nude blush shade. On my medium skin tone, the pink is very played down and it looks more neutral, like a rosy light neutral brown. On a fair skin tone, the pink will be more apparent and give a stronger rosy look. This is a beautiful crease and blending shade but can also be a great lid shade for a quick look. 

Rosy Tan (bottom right) - This shade is a warm rosy tan that adds just a touch more definition to the overall look but still looks natural and neutral. Again, like with all the shades in this palette, on a medium skin tone, it looks more neutral and less rosy.


While these shades are new to the Tom Ford range, there is no lack of these kinds of shades in the beauty industry. The first similar palette that comes to my mind is the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Palette (full review here), which has a very selection of shades and finishes. I also wanted to compare swatches of the Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte Darling Palette (full review here), Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette, and some Colourpop Eyeshadows for reference.

Tom Ford Sous Le Sable vs. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Palette

I thought these two would be very similar but they're quite different. The matte shades are the closest to being similar but you can still see that the Tom Ford shades have more of a brown tone to them.

Tom Ford Sous Le Sable vs. Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte Darling Palette

Again, the Tom Ford shade have more brown in them and Charlotte Tilbury shades are bit lighter and rosier.

Tom Ford Sous Le Sable vs. Huda Beauty Nude Palette

For comparison, I chose the shades Secret, Charmed, Teddy, and Raw from the Huda Palette, which all turned out to be much warmer and much rosier than the Tom Ford shades.

Tom Ford Sous Le Sable vs. Colourpop Eyeshadows

For comparison, I chose the shades Made to Last, Labyrinth, Salt Water, Manhatten Coffee Run. Now, these aren't the closest shades that Coloupop has but they are the closest of the shade I own. Some of them were limited edition shades and Colourpop is always discontinuing and releasing new shades. I recommend heading to their site to see if you can find some dupes, I'm sure you will be able to.

I would say, of the groups of shadows that I used to attempt to dupe this palette, this came the closest, with these shades somewhat resembling a similar tone to the Tom Ford.



There are three matte shades in this palette all of which have a beautiful creamy, smooth, and pigmented formula. The mattes are just slightly dusty but they really don't kick up much product or cause fallout. They adhere very well to the eyes and blend beautifully. The shades are pigmented and also build up very easily. These shades lasted all day on my eyes, beyond eight hours without much fading, creasing, or changing.


The only shimmery shade in the palette performed the best. It had the creamiest texture and glided on beautifully. The shade was intense from the initial application all the way to the end of the day, which was past eight hours of wear. This shade blended very nicely, applied smoothly, and evenly. The fine shimmers reflected beautifully but didn't emphasize texture.


For this look, I applied the Nude Blush shade into my crease and built it up to my desired intensity. Then, I applied the Rosy Tan shade to my outer corner and blended it up to the crease. I applied the Rose Gold on the rest of my lid and into the inner corner. Finally, I highlighted my brow bone and blended the edges of my eyeshadow with the Beige Pink. This is probably the standard look most people will go for with this palette. With only four very close in tone shades, it's hard to get super creative with the end result.


This palette has some very pretty soft blush tones and all the shades perform beautifully. However, with so many similar shades out on the market, it's hard to justify paying so much for this particular one. I know that the shades I compared to this palette aren't exact dupes but when applied on the eyes, some of the shades will look very similar to the eyeshadows in this palette.

There isn't anything particularly special about the shades or the formula that makes it worthwhile choosing this palette over others. In fact, this palette is very limited when it comes to its ability to adapt to multiple skin tones. While I have no regrets about getting this palette, as these are my favorite kinds of shades to wear, I do find the light tone of these shadows to be quite disappointing. I feel like while these shades currently work for my medium skin tone, come summer with a tan, these shades may not show up very well. This quad works well on its own but I think it is a better accompanying palette to some other pinky shades than used on its own.

Overall, I love the concept of this nude pink palette and I will be using mine a lot but I just don't think it's worth it for the pice because the shades are so common. These rosy nude shades are very popular right now in pretty much every brand and I'm sure you will be able to find something similar and better for less. 

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