| Review | Giorgio Armani Beauty Crema Nuda Tinted Cream

| Review | Giorgio Armani Beauty Crema Nuda Tinted Cream

As many long-time readers know, I am a HUGE fan of skincare-makeup hybrids. I have been slowly collecting, trying, and reviewing them. This luxurious and equally expensive one has been on my list for an extremely long time now and I finally just caved and decided to if it was worth the cost. These days, I have been only using skincare-makeup hybrids because my skin is so dry and irritated from allergies. I find these products tend to be more nourishing throughout the day and my skin stays looking fresh and healthy. Fingers-crossed, this product will be worth the cost.


The Giorgio Armani Beauty Crema Nuda Tinted retails for $200.00 USD for the full size (1.7oz) and $120.00 USD for the travel size (1oz), available at Nordstrom and other retailers. Now the size difference is more about packaging but as far as value goes, when calculated out it comes to the same amount per ounce. However, I was also told that the texture of the full size in the jar is slightly different from the travel size in the pump bottle. This is because the product has a gel-cream texture it needs to be slightly altered to be able to come out of the pump. This difference is not significant however, I have been told by the local counter manager that many of her customers prefer the jar for this reason. 

Now it makes sense why they created a travel size because the full size is HUGE and the jar is very heavy and luxurious! I mean it feels like a glass paperweight. Also, the design is this kind of oblong oval shape and it is quite thick but the part where the product is actually contained is actually smaller than the actual jar. There is a little plastic cover that helps seal the foundation off and keeps it moist. It can get a little messy removing and placing it back over and over. This jar version also comes with a small plastic spatula to scoop out product, which is necessary and very convenient. If you don't want to buy the travel size, you can always scoop some out to take with you in a small jar. The travel size is actually the normal volume of a standard foundation. Usually, "full-sized" foundations come with 1oz of product, so if you're just looking to try it out, maybe go with this size. I went with the jar because I love luxurious packaging but also in the case that there may be a discrepancy in the formulation, I wanted to review the original formula.  


This tinted cream comes in a very limited shade range with only 6 shades! Listen, I don't know what it is about luxury brands only catering to a limited number of skin tones but this needs to change. Even for something like a tinted cream or moisturizer, which is traditionally very sheer, you still need to offer more skin tones. Let me also add that this foundation offers only 6 shades and is actually an expansion because they originally only offered 3 shades! Ridiculous, I know! Hopefully, in the future, we will see more shades. 

I bought the shade 04 Medium Glow, which appears quite peachy and a touch too warm when initially dotted on my face but after I begin to blend, it matches my skin almost perfectly. I say almost because I am at my fairest right now because of winter, so it is just a touch deeper than my skin tone but I just blend it down my neck and you wouldn't be able to tell because the rest of my body is actually tanner. I found 03 much too light for my skin tone and 4.5 to be too dark. For reference, I am a MAC NC 30-35 and I think this shade is perfect. Once blended in, it is a very natural warm medium beige shade and the peach tone goes away. 

 04 Medium Glow Heavily Swatches

 04 Medium Glow Lightly Blended

 04 Medium Glow Completely Blended


The consistency of this foundation is a gel-cream texture, which is very reminiscent of my all-time favorite skincare-makeup hybrid foundation, Cle de Peau The Foundation (full review here). This is the reason why I purchased this foundation because I was hoping for the cost, it has more product than the Cle de Peau and it is a similar style of foundation but they are quite different. I will go into a comparison later. The texture of this foundation feels very light and it blends into the skin very easily without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin, despite it being called a tinted cream. Like I stated before, it is a gel-cream, so it has a very cooling a fresh feeling on the skin. 

I have attempted many methods of applying this foundation and these are the ones that work best.  If you have dry skin, I recommend prepping the skin really well. I find an oil prior to using this foundation works best and it doesn't break down the foundation.

My usual method for this type of gel-cream foundation is taking the spatula and dotting product all over my face. Then going in with a dense brush and stippling the product into my skin. I find this method yields good coverage and an even application. However, if my skin is feeling really dry, I do find that this foundation will emphasize the dry patches. Therefore it takes more effort to make this foundation work in the winter time. I have to go in with a beauty sponge after application of the foundation and press all the product into my skin. I find this helps meld the product into the dry skin. This method gives me nice medium coverage but you can always dot on less and blend it into your skin for sheer coverage. When I feel I need more coverage, I take a bit more and dot it on the areas I need a bit more coverage and I use the sponge to press it in over my first layer.

I will also often apply my first layer with a dense buffing brush because I find when you buff this foundation into the skin, you bring out the luminosity. Other methods yield a much more natural finish to the skin and a more minimal glow. Then I go in with my fingers for the second layer to add more coverage and finally finishing off by bouncing my beauty sponge all over to ensure a flawless finish and blend.

While these methods work well, I find the best method of application is with your fingers! I love using brushes but if fingers just work better, than I say, go with it. I find that you can get the best coverage and most flawless finish with your fingers. The warmth of your fingers really helps this formula meld into the skin, which is what it really needs so it doesn't sit on the skin. I also go in with a beauty sponge to really finish off the application and ensure a flawless finish. I find that fingers and the sponge work really well to build the coverage but maintain a very even and flawless finish! 


The finish of this foundation is not nearly as glowing as I had hoped. However, I don't dislike the finish. I would say this foundation has more of a natural finish, instead of a dewy finish. You can increase the glow factor by buffing the foundation into the skin and prepping the skin with an illuminating primer. I find that this foundation looks best on my dry skin and has the perfect amount of glow when I prep my skin with facial oil and then apply an illuminating primer. It makes the foundation look incredible and the glow is so fresh and beautiful!

The finish of this foundation is actually very beautiful because it looks like healthy skin with a natural glow but it isn't overly glowy. This means it will work on a wider variety of skin types. I think anyone from dry and mature to normal and combination skin types can wear this. It will really depend on how you prep your skin. If you apply an oil controlling primer, I can see a combination skin type really enjoying this foundation. That being said, for a dry skin type like mine, I hardly ever powder and this foundation wears beautifully. It looks really flawless and doesn't fade long after 8 hours. However, when I do powder, I only powder with the Armani Neo Nude Powder to maintain the glow and diffuse any imperfections. I really find when I use this powder combined with this foundation, my skin looks absolutely FLAWLESS and it lasts even longer. There is very minimal transfer if you don't set the foundation but if you do, you won't have a problem with transfer. I highly recommend the combination of the Armani Neo Nude Powder with this Crema Nuda Tinted Cream because it is the best my skin has looked ever!

Here's a brief overview of my foundation routine when my skin is dry (often winter time):

- Sunscreen
- Facial Oil
- Illuminating Primer
- Armani Crema Nuda Tinted Cream

---- All applied with my fingers ----
---- Bounce damp beauty sponge all over ----

- Concealer
- Armani Neo Nude Powder

When it isn't the winter time and my skin is more normal, I find that I don't have to do this elaborate routine to make it work. The foundation just looks flawless and sits on my skin beautifully. I would say this foundation is probably ideal for normal to oily skin types but dry skin types can definitely wear it too.


This tinted cream is supposed to contain Armani's exclusive anti-aging complex, Reviscentalis, which improves skin radiance and promotes youthful skin. This complex, Reviscentalis, comes from something called a "resurrection plant" that can be revived with just a few drops of water after years of desiccation. I didn't know that there was a class of plants called "resurrection plants", I honestly thought this was some made up marketing nonsense but piqued my curiosity of the supposed magical properties of this plant. These plants are essentially highly resilient and can live through extreme dehydration and when re-exposed to water, they will come back to life, hence the name. Since there is almost no information about this complex and the plant that which it is derived from on the Armani Beauty website, I decided to some digging of my own. While Armani does not specify which resurrection plant is used in their skincare, a simple Google search on resurrection plants in cosmetics reveals a plant known as rose of Jericho as a popular one used in cosmetics. This sounds very familiar, as I believe I have used other products with ingredients derived from this plant before. It is said that this plant can help maintain hydration levels in the skin, reduce environmental stress, and premature aging. This makes a lot of sense considering the plant can live for a long period of time without water, which means it retains water very well and when hydrated the plant begins to regenerate and spring back to life. It's resilience to environmental aggressors can be passed to your skin and protect your skin from these environmental factors. It sounds like a very intriguing anti-aging complex and I wish the spoke more on it because it would imbue confidence in me as a consumer that my skin is in good hands. 

However, as I have said in many skincare-makeup hybrid reviews, the skincare contained inside is just a little bonus. Don't ever expect it to radically change your skin and prevent you from aging. It's an extra perk that comes along with the foundation and it is a really good perk! Don't get me wrong, some skincare is better than no skincare. As a person with dry skin that seems to become increasingly more sensitive, I want to treat my skin as much as I can while I am wearing makeup. This is why for the most part, I have stopped using most traditional foundations on a regular basis. I just prefer the feel of these skincare-makeup hybrids throughout the day. I find this one is hydrating without leaving a greasy or dewy finish. It makes my skin look smooth, soft, and makes it look plump. It doesn't sink into my lines or reveal texture. I definitely attribute most of these things to the skincare infused inside. 

I also want to note that this product doesn't contain any sunscreen or sun protection, so please don't forget to use that on a daily basis. I actually prefer my foundations to not have sun protection because I don't have to worry about flashback in photos and I already wear a daily SPF. Also, there's very little risk of the sun protection affecting the coloring of the foundation, making it look lighter or oxidizing. Speaking of oxidizing, I haven't had any issues with this product oxidizing on me and on most days, I don't wear a primer underneath.  


I wanted to compare this foundation to my all time favorite gel-cream luxury foundation, the Cle de Peau The Foundation. 

Packaging - Both foundations come in a very heavy and luxurious heavy jar. The Armani is quite a large jar for the amount of product, making it a bit clumsy to store and travel with. The Cle de Peau is more ornate with the detailed crystal-like cap. Also, because the Armani jar is so much bigger, it's also a lot heavier. The packaging for both is quite similar and they will both need to be decanted for travel. 

Price & Cost - The Armani is $200 for 1.7oz, while the Cle de Peau is $250 for 1oz. Clearly, you are getting way more value in the Armani foundation. 

Shade Range - The Armani foundation only offers 6 shades, whereas the Cle de Peau offers 12 shades! Both shade ranges are horrendous but at least the Cle de Peau has twice the number of shades as the Armani! Regardless, I sense many people will have a hard time finding a match in both foundations. The worst thing about luxury foundations is their shade range. 

Coverage - The Armani is medium to full coverage, while the Cle de Peau is light-medium to full coverage. Both formulas are very buildable but the Cle de Peau will require more layering. Both foundations will easily achieve full coverage without looking heavy or cakey. 

Formula & Feel - The Cle de Peau foundation does feel a bit lighter on the skin but both formulas are very similar. I find the Cle de Peau one to be slightly more hydrating. 

Finish - The Armani is more of a natural skin finish, while the Cle de Peau is a more dewy finish. Both look very naturally flawless on the skin but there's something about the radiant finish of the Cle de Peau that can't be mimicked. 

Skincare Benefits - This category is one big question mark because it's really hard to determine whether my skin looks because of my skincare routine or one of these foundations. Like I stated earlier, the skincare benefits in any foundation are a bonus and should not be relied on to treat the skin. Both foundations, to me, are equal in this category because they both make my skin look and feel good. I have also never broken out when using these foundations, even after wearing it for prolonged periods of time. I will note that the Cle de Peau does have SPF 21 and the Armani contains no SPF but neither cause flashback in photos. 

Suitable Skin Types - I believe that the Armani is ideal for normal to oily skin types but if you are super oily, this may not work for you. However, as someone with dry skin, I really enjoy the Armani foundation and have found it to be perfect during the warmer months. The Cle de Peau is perfect for normal to dry skin types because of it's much more glowing finish and slightly more hydrating formula. The Cle de Peau also doesn't emphasize dryness, while the Armani can. 


I have to say that I had higher hopes for this foundation, maybe because I have idolized it for so long and I thought it would be similar to my all time favorite foundation. It isn't. However, I don't hate this foundation, I actually really love it! I think it makes my top foundations list but it is a bit lower in the rankings than some of the others. For my dry skin type in the winter, I need to prep my skin really well otherwise the foundation will lie on top of my skin but in the warmer months, it's perfect for my skin! If you were to ask me if I'd ever repurchase this foundation again, I would say probably. I would definitely consider it but the tub I currently have is quite huge and will last me a long while. I think for the price and quality, it's an amazing value! There are many foundations that are similar in the luxury foundation market that comes with significantly less product for the price. I love the value you get when you buy this foundation but I also do really love the consistency and finish of this foundation. It makes my skin look very flawless, it's buildable, it covers imperfections and redness, it has a nice natural finish, and it keeps my skin hydrated and nourished. Not much to complain about but when I compare it to other foundations in its league, it doesn't impress me as much but it's still beautiful. With similar foundations, I have received compliments on my skin but this one has yet to stun anyone enough to ask me what I'm wearing. That isn't to say this isn't a beautiful and wonderful foundation, it's just hard to live up to the high standards set by someone who's tried a lot of luxury foundations. It's still a top foundation on my list and I still highly recommend it! 

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