| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Winter 2019 Cream and Powder Eye Color

| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Winter 2019 Cream and Powder Eye Color 

The Tom Ford Winter 2019 collection is mesmerizing us with luxurious metallic finishes and rich gilded tones. With the collection packed with so many gorgeous gilded textures, I feel the beauty of the Cream and Powder Eye Colors were eclipsed by the Eye Color Quads. However, this year more than ever is the year to pick up these eye duos!

The Tom Ford Soleil Winter 2019 Cream and Powder Eye Color retail for $62.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. These eye duos have a very functionally designed package, where the cream shadow lies on the bottom, which screws onto the top layer where the topcoat eyeshadow lives. There is a convenient flip-top for the powder eyeshadow. The whole thing is so well packaged, easy to travel with, and can be used on the go.


The two shades released are pretty much polar opposites, one is light and cool, whereas the other shade is deep and warm. These both feel very appropriate for the fall and winter season. Each duo comes with a cream eyeshadow on the bottom and a powder eyeshadow on top. These are meant to be layered but they also work very well ob their own. The two duos offered are:


Powder - The powder eyeshadow included in this duo is unusually deeper than the cream eyeshadow. This powder eyeshadow is often lighter and sheerer to allow for the cream shadow to shine through but in this case, they chose a deeper shade and made it the star of the duo. It's a very beautiful and interesting twist to this layering concept because you get mostly the deep sparkling bronze shade with a warm golden undertone from the cream shadow. This deep sparkling bronze can easily be used as an eyeshadow on its own because it is so pigmented. However, it looks particularly glossy and glistening ver the cream shadow. Throughout the day, you will notice the gold cream underneath shine through more, transforming your lid color.

Cream - The cream portion of this duo is a very warm golden shade. It has a deeper and more orange tone to it than a true gold. It reminds me of old gold or tarnished gold shade.

Swatches from left to right: Cream Eyeshadow, Powder Eyeshadow, Layered

Fleur Neige

Powder - This powder eyeshadow is the complete opposite of the other duo, it is a very light and very sheer sparkling silvery white shade. It doesn't have any base pigment to it at all and only offers fine sparkles on the eyes.

Cream - This cream shadow is a very cool silvery taupe shade but with an unusually warm subtle bronze undertone. This undertone is more apparent when the cream shadow is blended out and worn on the sheerer side.

Swatches from left to right: Cream Eyeshadow, Powder Eyeshadow, Layered


I searched my collection for similar cream color shades and came across a similar shade to compare to each of the winter 2019 cream eyeshadows. The closest color I could find to the Reflection cream shadow is another limited edition Cream and Powder Eye Color in Sun Worship. However, the Sun Worship shade is much more true gold. The closest I found to Fluer Neige is still available as part of the Cream Color for Eyes formula, in Platinum. Platinum is lighter and brighter but they are very similar, especially when Fluer Neige is blended out.

Top shades: Sun Worship, Platinum 
Bottom shades: Reflection, Fleur Neige

Swatches from left to right: Sun Worship, Reflection, Platinum Fleur Neige



This year, the powder eyeshadows varied so widely from one another, one being very sheer, while the other one was very opaque. I don't think the sheer one is necessarily a bad thing, it is what I expect from a duo product like this that is meant to be layered. It just means that the powder eyeshadow is an enhancer and topper shade for the cream. When the powder eyeshadow is opaque, like in the case of the Reflection duo, it creates a different and unique effect. It lets the powder eyeshadow shine as the main attraction and the cream is more of a base to provide additional texture and adding complexity to the overall look. I think some people will find the sheerness of the powder eyeshadow in the Fluer Neige duo to be a disappointing aspect in the product but it is meant to be very sheer and when combined with the cream eyeshadow, which is the intention, it is a beautiful combination.


These cream eyeshadows are the same formula as the Cream Color for Eyes, which are a silky gel-cream shadow that glides on the lids and leaves a gilded metallic finish. The texture of these eyeshadows feels very light and almost-whipped but when applied they feel very creamy and silky. This formula is super blendable and pigmented. You only need a very small amount of fully cover the lid and the formula layers very well to full opacity. The finish of the cream eyeshadows is very glossy with a metallic sheen. The finish is very unique to the Tom Ford brand, however; not entirely unique to the market because Charlotte Tilbury offers a similar formula. Since at one point, Charlotte Tilbury was in charge of creative direction for the brand before she started her own range, it makes sense that she would have a similar formula. After all, it is her formula.


Using Fluer Neige, I applied the Cream eyeshadow all over the lid and blended it up to the crease. Then, I patted the Powder topcoat only on the inner third of the eyes and finished the look off with mascara and a bright lip color.


If you can find these duos, I highly recommend picking them up! The formula of the cream eyeshadows is stunning and the addition of the topper shade is fun for switching up your look. The cream eye shadows are something I use regularly because they're so easy to apply and blend. These duos are a quick and easy way to get a sophisticated and polished look. You don't have to have a lot of skill with makeup to create a great look. The formula of these duos, particularly the cream shadows, is very unique and it offers a beautiful glossy and luminous look. If I had to choose between the two duos, I would say Reflection is the one I'd recommend because of its uniqueness. When the topper shade and cream shadow are layered, it is a truly special look. While Fleur Neige is beautiful, the topper shade is just a sheer silvery shade and the cream shadow is very similar to Platinum, which is available in the permanent range. Since I love the cream portion of this duo, I would highly recommend picking up Platinum Cream Color for Eyes. It will give you a very similar look for less.

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