| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Palette of Pops Luxury Eyeshadow in Pillow Talk

| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Palette of Pops Luxury Eyeshadow in Pillow Talk

The beloved and famous Pillow Talk range has expanded once again with the addition of this limited edition Palette of Pops! If you're a dedicated fan of Charlotte Tilbury, you will know that her iconic method for applying eyeshadow includes a beautiful pop of shimmer on the ball of the eyelid to finish her looks. She decided to take it to the next level by releasing a palette with exclusively "pop" shades, which are highly reflective and shimmering eyeshadows, intended to be used at eyeshadow toppers. Shimmering eyeshadow toppers are all the rage this year, with practically every brand bringing their own formula out. Read on to find out how Charlotte Tilbury's holds up to the trendy competition.

The Charlotte Tilbury Palette of Pops Luxury Eyeshadow in Pillow Talk retails for $53.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. The palette is housed in the classic and iconic Charlotte Tilbury styled compact, which is deep burgundy with rose old detailing. The compact is plastic, slim, and sturdy. 


The shades included in this palette are inspired by her extremely popular and iconic lip color, Pillow Talk. This lipstick is a muted universal pink and has become a classic in her beauty range. All the shades have a little hint of pink but are all quite different. The shades can be used all together for an ultra-glamours shimmering look or combined with other eyeshadows. Like her traditional palettes, the eyeshadows are named after their intended purpose, except now they're all supposed to be pop shades so, it's really strange that she still has the traditional naming convention. The shades should really be named "Pop 1", "Pop 2", etc. I guess it doesn't really matter because you can do what you'd like with these eyeshadows. Here are the shades included in the palette:

Prime (top left) - This shade is a very light champagne shade with a subtle pink reflect. The reflect is more apparent in particular lighting and compliments the palette very well. This shade is very brightening.

Enhance (top right) - This shade is a shimmering rose gold shade with a golden shimmer. This is not a shade I would use to "enhance" the eyes like intended because it is light and shimmery. This shade is a great lid shade when used with the rest of the eyeshadows in the palette.

Pop (bottom left) - This shade is coppery rose gold with a fairly strong pink reflect and some bits of gold shimmer. While this shade can be used to define teh crease of the eyes, the formula isn't ideal for that type of application. It makes much better lid shade or for it's intended purpose, which is to add an extra pop of shine to the middle of the lid.

Smoke (bottom right) - This shade is a deep warm shimmering bronze shade with bits of pink and gold shimmer. This shade is stunning all over the lid for a smokey look and can also be used as an outer corner shade to smoke out your look. This shade seems a touch less shimmery than the others.

Swatches from left to right: Prime, Enhance, Pop, Smoke


Here is the Original Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette (full review here) vs. the Palette of Pops Pillow Talk Palette. The Pop shade in the original palette is not nearly as sparkly and has a bit fo a drier powdery texture than the Palette of Pops. It's also not as pigmented as the Palette of Pop shadows.

Original Pillow Talk Swatched

Palette of Pops vs. Original Pillow Talk


These eyeshadows are supposed to be Charlotte's iconic "pop" eyeshadow formula, which is a sheer eyeshadow topper formula found in every Charlotte Tilbury palette. The shadows in this palette seem to be a bit creamier and more pigmented than the formula included in the palettes. This formula seems to be that popular new age eyeshadow topper formula that every brand is releasing right now. It is a creamier powder eyeshadow formula that adheres very well to the eyes on its own and it has enough pigmentation to be a stand-alone eyeshadow. I was able to very easily apply these eyeshadows with a dense flat eyeshadow brush without producing any fallout. Finger application is always ideal if you're really concerned about fallout but I have yet to have an issue with this formula.

All the eyeshadows have an identical texture and finish so, despite them being very different colors, they don't offer as much dimension when used together but it is still a very beautiful look. You can still get a fair amount of definition to the eyes by the placement of the shades alone. I recommend pairing this palette with some matte eyeshadows for some extra depth and definition to your eye look.

These eyeshadows have a great wear time, lasting on average 5-6 without a primer. Around the fifth hour or so, it begins to fade a bit and by the eighth hour, it has faded, even more, leaving mostly sparkle on the eyes. With a primer, you will definitely see the wear time go beyond 8 hours.


For my look, I used the Prime shade in the inner corner of the eye, blending toward the lid. I used the Enhance shade in the crease, pressed the Pop shade on the lid, and enhanced the outer corner with the Smoke shade. This look is extremely sparkly but it's quite fun for a night out!


While I don't prefer to use this palette as a stand-alone palette, it really works well alone! The shades are different enough that they don't become muddy and they have a variety of tones to add depth to the eyes. I personally find it bit too shimmery to use all of them simultaneously but I really enjoy this palette as an accompanying palette to more matte palettes. The eyeshadows have a beautifully creamy texture and a rich color payoff. They work well alone or layered on top of other eyeshadows. While the texture is creamy, it isn't emollient enough to cause the shadow to crease on the eyes. It also doesn't have fallout or falls down from the eyes throughout the day so, you don't have to worry about having glitter all over your cheeks! I really enjoy this formula and the shades included. These shades are something I often reach for on a daily basis and they are very universally flattering for any skin tone. The pigmentation is rich enough to shine bright even on a deep skin tone. If you love your shimmering topcoats, this one is stunning and sophisticated! I highly recommend this palette and I would consider picking up others in this formula.

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