| Review | Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow Palette

| Review | Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow Palette

Living in a beach city, I basically love summer makeup year-round but if I had to create myself the ideal summer face palette, it would be this one! A mixture of both cream and powder finishes, this palette contains the perfect bronze and champagne tones to make any skin tone really glow! Even if you're not beach adjacent, you can definitely pretend you are with this palette.

The Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow Palette retails for $55.00 USD and is available at Sephora. The palette is packaged in a fairly thick but compact with a magnetic closure. It has a large mirror inside and a plastic covering for the cream products! This is genius! If you're going to put creams and powders together in a palette, it's a must to have a cover to prevent the powder dust from contaminating the creams. This palette is very sturdy and is perfect for travel. 


This palette contains 4 different finishes and shades to bronze, sculpt, highlight and glow! This palette contains the following shades: 

Glow Cream Base (top left) - This soft glowing rosy-bronze champagne cream is meant to be used as a highlighter base to create more dimension by layering textures and finishes. This cream is sheer but buildable and can be used alone as a more subtle highlighter on medium to deep skin tones but I find on fair to medium skin tones, like mine, I prefer to use it as a glowing cheek color. The rosy-bronze tone is fairly strong, so I like the effect when used as my blush or blush base.

Super Glow (top right) - This metallic gleaming golden shade is intended to be an additional layer on the cheekbones to add even more dimension and glow. This shade is very pigmented and the glow comes from the metallic pigment more than the texture of the cream itself. On a fair to medium skin tone, this may be too gold to use as a highlight, unless you use it very sparingly. Again, like the sheerer Glow Cream Base, I prefer to use this as a pop of golden glow on the apples of my cheeks. For tan to deeper skin tones, this shade will look stunning as a highlighter.

Blush & Bronze Powder (bottom left) - This warm golden bronze shade is a very pigmented matte bronzer. The powder is super soft and very pigmented. The shade should work on most skin tones, which has been shown on all of Natasha Denona social media accounts but I feel that on more olive and deep skin tones, this will not be as effective for a cheek or sculpting shade.

Glow Impact Powder (bottom right) - This gel-powder warm champagne highlighter has a very reflective finish. Meant to be layered on top of all the cream products to add intensity and dimension, this powder offers a very strong glow on its own. The powder is very pigmented and a little goes a very long way.

Heavy swatches from left to right: Glow Cream Base, Super Glow, Blush & Bronzer Powder, Glow Impact Powder

Blended swatches from left to right: Glow Cream Base, Super Glow, Blush & Bronzer Powder, Glow Impact Powder

Blended swatches from left to right: Glow Cream Base, Super Glow, Blush & Bronzer Powder

Blended swatches from left to right: Super Glow, Blush & Bronzer Powder, Glow Impact Powder



The creams are all very lightweight and on the sheerer side. They are very buildable and layer very well without removing your foundation or base products. The Glow Cream Base is a little glossy and leaves the skin with a very fresh glow. The Super Glow is much more pigmented and has a metallic finish. This cream offers a golden shimmer but not a ton of texture like the Glow Cream Base. It almost feels like a cream to powder type of finish on the skin.


All the products in this palette are meant to be layered with one another for the ultimate glowing and bronze look. The palette can also be used on the eyes for a beautiful monochromatic look. I think for most people, layering all the products will be a bit overkill but because the creams are sheer and when layered with the powders, it works really well. The powders don't clump up or get patchy over the creams because the creams also have a very smooth texture and don't have a tacky finish on the skin. 

The Blush & Bronze Powder is very soft and tends to kick up some excess powder but it doesn't appear powdery on the skin. It actually blends very seamlessly into the skin and offers a very natural tan. A little product goes a very long way because it is quite pigmented. As far as the Glow Impact Powder goes, it is a gel-powder formula, which means it can be used wet or dry. It is a very pigmented and very intense powder when used dry but will only be amplified when used wet. Like the bronzer, you don't need much to achieve an intense effect.


Obviously, the purpose of this palette is to achieve a glowing complexion however, the products can also be used on the eyes for a completely monochromatic look. I used the Cream Glow Base all over my cheek area and on the cheekbones. I then applied the  Blush & Bronze Powder in the hallows of my cheeks, temples, and along my jawline. For an extra pop, I applied the Super Glow on the apples of my cheeks blending upwards toward my cheekbones. I finished off my complexion with the Glow Impact Powder on the very tops of my cheekbones. For my eyes, I used a brown eyeliner to create a smudged out wing, which I blended with the Blush & Bronze Powder and I also placed the Bronze Powder into my crease. I applied the Glow Impact Powder on the inner third of the eye, concentrating most of the color in the very inner corner and finished it off with some lashes. For my lips, I applied a nude lip liner around the edges of my lips and I used the Au Naturale High Lustre Lipgloss in Fortune.


This palette is as close as it comes to a universal face palette. While I still don't think it would suit all skin tones, particularly because of the bronzer will be a bit light for a really deep skin tone, it is the closest I have seen to a universally flattering face palette. The textures and formulas of all the products are extremely high quality and make the application a breeze. The combination of the different textures and finishes gives you so many different options to play with. You can really achieve different looks by placing and combining the products in different ways. While the palette is intended to provide the most intense bronze and glow look, you can always dial it down by using less product and avoiding layering the products. This makes the palette very versatile for many skin types, which is very rare for a product like this. This palette contains all the essentials for any skin tone and skin type. I highly recommend picking this palette up! I haven't stopped using it since I bought it during its release a few months back! It will really become a staple in your collection and you will find yourself reaching for it regularly. I feel with the strong pigmentation, you will really get a lot of value out this palette and the palette will last you quite a long time, even with regular use.

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