| Review | Natasha Denona Coral Eyeshadow Palette

| Review | Natasha Denona Coral Eyeshadow Palette 

Coral has to be one of the most universally flattering shades because depending on the tone it leans toward, it can suit pretty much every skin tone! There are many different shades of coral, some leaning more orange, others leaning pinker but the shade is always versatile and flattering. This new coral palette from Natasha Denona isn't what you'd expect from a coral palette but I think that is what makes it so wearable and appealing! I love coral anything and this palette has the perfect mixture of coral tones and complimenting shades to work for every skin tone.

The Natasha Denona Coral Eyeshadow Palette retails for $48.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. This eyeshadow palette is housed in Natasha Denona's iconic white and clear top compact, which closes shut but doesn't have a magnetic closure or any snapping mechanism. The packaging has a weight to it and looks very sleek. It is a very sturdy plastic and is very secure despite the lack of a closing mechanism. 


The shades included in this palette are very unexpected for a "coral" palette because I wouldn't really consider any of them to be a true coral shade. Like I stated in my introduction, corals come in many different tones and can vary widely, which is what makes it so universal and flattering. This palette contains a coral-ish shade but for the most part, I think the coral is more an undertone and there are also complimenting shades to add variety to this palette. I appreciate that Natasha Denona didn't go for a very traditional coral palette, which would include only coral shade but she really kept it wearable and creative. Here are the shades included in the palette: 

Swatches from left to right: Kai, Lyria, Abalone, Dakota, Lola

You can see the shift and the sheer base of Abalone in the two swatch pictures, depending on how the light hits the shadow. 

Kai - This shade a beautiful peachy pearly shimmer with a coral undertone and a ton of golden shimmer. This shade is very metallic and intense.

Lyria - This shade is a soft matte peachy-pink coral shade that borders on the pastel side. This shade appears more peach in the pan but when applied to the skin, it looks pinker and more coral. The more you build the shade, the pinker it appears. This shade makes a lovely blush as well!

Abalone - This very complex sheer lilac base with a strong blue, lilac, and silver shimmer and sparkle throughout it. The name is very apt, as it does remind me of an abalone shell and the various reflects that it has. This shade is actually very sheer but it also contains much chunkier particles than the other shadows, however, it does adhere well to the eyes. It still produces a tiny bit of fallout but considering the texture, it really isn't that bad. 

Dakota - This matte shadow is an interesting mixture of a brown, brick red, and a touch of coral. It is best described as a terracotta shade but with a bit more red in it. You can see the subtle orange and pink tones within this shade and the complexity of it just adds more complexity to your overall look. When you blend it out, the warmth comes through stronger. 

Lola - This warm and rich cranberry red shade has a warm coral toned shimmer running through it and little specks of green and gold shimmer as well. It is a kind of rusty red shade with multi-colored shimmer. This shadow is very complex and very intense with a  shimmering metallic finish. 


There are three distinct formulas and finishes in this palette, which offer a lot of complexity and dimension for any eye look you do. 

Matte - The matte shadows are super smooth, rich, and creamy. They're very pigmented and can be built up very easily. I recommend picking up as little as possible each time you dip into the pan and slowly building the color. The shadows apply very evenly and smooth. They blend beautifully as well. The mattes will kick up a bit of powder when you dip into the pan but they aren't at all powdery on the skin and they adhere very well to the eyes. 

Metallic - The metallic shadows are all super-rich and intense. These shadows are very pigmented and creamy in texture. They glide on the eyelids and leave a very true-to-pan color the skin in one swipe! While these shadows have a strong shimmer, the shimmery is ultra-fine and these do not produce any fallout. 

Sparkle - This formula is very sheer and has a bit of a grittier texture than the other shadows. This shadow does produce fallout but not nearly as much as you'd expect, considering the amount of sparkle this shadow contains. The base of this shadow is almost colorless and is a vehicle for the multi-color shimmers and sparkles to shine through. I would consider this shade a top coat shade that looks beautiful layered over the other shadows but it can also be used alone for a wet lid runway model look. Because of the sheer base, this shadow looks glossy and wet on the lids but the sparkle is fine enough to still look very sophisticated. 

I have never had an issue with Natasha Denona eyeshadows creasing or fading on me! Even without primer, the creamy texture of these shadows adhere so well to the skin and the pigment stays strong for beyond eight hours! This palette is no exception and a beautiful example of why Natasha Denona shadows are worth their pretty penny. Everything about the formula is extremely luxurious and it's delightful to use every time!


If you ever need inspiration for using Natasha Denona palettes, her Youtube and Instagram are the places to go. She is always doing little mini-tutorials and it really helps you get a sense of how the shadows were intended to be worn. While she doesn't often do eye looks using all the shades in her palette, I always like the idea of trying to use all the shades and it's a fun challenge. So for my look, I used a bit of every shadow in a halo eyeshadow look. I started with Lyria in the inner and outer corners and blending them beyond the crease. Then, I went in with Dakota on the inner and outer lid blending it into the crease. I placed Lola on the inner edges going in toward the center. Then, I placed Abalone all over the center of the lid blending into the Lola shade and up into the crease. I wish you could see how beautiful the cool-toned shimmers look over the very warm red of Lola! It really makes the shimmers pop but they also complement the warm shadows very well! For an extra little pop of shimmer, I added Kai just on the vert center and ball of the eye. I repeated this placement on the lower lash line and added a purple eyeliner in the inner waterline and smudged just a bit on the upper lash line. I used Lyria as my blush, the bronzer from the Tan Palette, and the Super Glow Highlighter in Fair for my highlight. On my lips, I used Wet 'N' Wild Catsuit Matte Lipstick in Nudist Peach.


While I don't consider this palette to be coventionally "coral", it is a beautiful palette all around! I love the combination of shades a lot. All the shades are so complex and can be combined together in so many beautiful ways. The formula of these shadows is exceptional and can't be beaten! They're all extremely pigmented, creamy, and easy to blend. Creating an eye look is so easy and looks flawless every time! The finishes of the shadows are so unique and striking on the eyes. These shadows very easily create complex looks that will have people asking "What are you wearing?". I think if you were actually looking for a coral palette, you may be disappointed because this palette leans more red and peachy than it does coral but if these shades are something you'd enjoy, I highly recommend picking it up! I honestly have yet to be disappointed by a Natasha Denona eyeshadow! Every one of her shadows I own, it incredible and to have that kind of consistency among a brand is rare and refreshing! I can't recommend her shadows enough! I think this palette works beautifully year-round with the soft shades ideal for spring and summer and the deeper reddish tones for fall and winter. I'll certainly be rocking this palette all year and I couldn't be happier about it! 

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  1. I really like the look of the first two shades. I'm not sure how much I would wear the other three.