| Review | Givenchy Ombre Interdit Liquid Eyeshadows

| Review | Givenchy Ombre Interdit Liquid Eyeshadows

Liquid eyeshadows are having a hot moment in the beauty world right now but not all of them are created equal. I have come across some bad apples in the luxury beauty realm but these are far from bad! Givenchy really knows how to create liquid eyeshadows because these little tubes of eyeshadow will have you blown away by their beauty! These Ombre Interdit Liquid Eyeshadows were very kindly gifted to me by Givenchy Beauty. 


The Givenchy Ombre Interdit Liquid Eyeshadows retail for $33.00 USD and are available at Sephora and other retailers. These liquid shadows are housed in a rounded rectangular clear tube with a black top with the Givenchy logo imprinted on the sides. The packaging is very chic and travel-friendly, which is great for a quick, on-the-go product like this. You twist the top to get to the applicator and the top has a locking mechanism to ensure the product doesn't dry out. This is some very well thought out packaging that is both functional and luxurious. 


These liquid eyeshadows come in two finishes, matte and metallic, and six different shades. I only have the metallic shades to show you but if these are any indication of the matte eyeshadow formula, I may end up picking up the matte shades too!


Swatches from left to right: 01 Pink Quartz, 04, Spirit Gold, 05 Outline Bronze, 06 Silver Blue

01 Pink Quartz - This shade is a very pale silvery pink that is highly reflective. This very bright cool-toned shadow makes a beautiful brightening lid shade or an intense inner corner highlighter. 

04 Spirit Gold - This shade is a very warm molten yellow-gold shade. This shade is like sunshine in a bottle and it will flatter any skin tone. 

05 Outline Bronze - This shade is the most unique shade of the bunch. It is a dirty bronze shade with a very strong kaki-green tone. When paired with certain shades, it can lean either more bronze or more green. This complexity in the shade makes it a beautiful one-color lid shade because when you blend the shadow out, it looks like you've used bronze-brown eyeshadow in the crease. 

06 Silver Blue - This shade is also quite unique because it is a very cool-toned graphite shade with a blue tone. Like the previous shade discussed, it can lean more blue or more graphite depending on what shades it is paired with. This shade makes a beautiful, quick, and striking smokey eye. 

I also really enjoy mixing the shadows to create custom colors. The shadows are very much like paints and they can be mixed together to create new shades. Here are some color combos to try out! I created these shades using a 50/50 mixture but you can always adjust the shade by adding more of one shade than another. 

Swatches from left to right: Outline Bronze + Silver Blue = Deep Olive, Pink Quartz + Spirit Gold = Rose Gold 

Swatches from left to right: Pink Quartz + Spirit Gold = Rose Gold, Pink Quartz + Silver Blue = More Silvery Blue, Spirit Gold + Outline Bronze = Golde Green


These liquid shadows are a very creamy liquid texture. While they apply like a liquid, they almost blend out like a cream. They're very pigmented and they set fairly quickly, so I recommend starting with a little bit and applying the product one eye at a time. A little bit of product spreads out to cover a lot of area. The sponge tip applicator is a flat tapered oval shape, with the oval tapering to a smaller size down at the bottom toward the wand. This kind of flat oval shape isn't ideal for precise application, however, if you use the tip, you can get decent precision for drawing a shape. The applicator also tends to have a lot of product on top of it, making it difficult to apply with just the applicator. I recommend placing a bit of the shadow on the lid with the applicator and then using a brush to blend and spread the product out. Again, you have to work quickly because it dries quickly and once it sets, it doesn't budge AT ALL! You don't need a primer but if you decide to pair them with other products, you may want to consider still applying primer.

However, this is my favorite property of this formula! It's actually water-resistant and extremely long-wearing! When I first swatched these, I had no idea they were water-resistant and I ran my hand underwater and stated scrubbing but the shadows didn't move! This is great for humidity, heat, and just long days in general. These eyeshadows really won't fade or be moved until you decide to remove it. This can be tricky when it comes to the application but if you do make a mistake, you can always layer on more product to reshape your eye look. The product layers very well and different shades can be layered with each other for special effects or looks. I often start the eyeshadow on my lid with the highest concentration of product and I blend upwards toward the crease. If my crease isn't perfect, it's not a big deal. I'll just go in with a crease brush and pick up a tiny bit of product and start blending it into the crease. Brushes are definitely your friend here when it comes to this fast-drying formula.

These liquid eyeshadows work very well with other products, like powder eyeshadows. They dry down to a very thin layer and leave no real texture, so powder eyeshadows will sit very well on top of these. I also like to use powder eyeshadows to blend out the edges of the eyeshadow for a more seamless finish to my look. This paint-like consistency also allows you to really create more graphic looks or they can also be used as a liner. Overall, this is one of the most impressive liquid shadow formulas I have ever used!


The first look I ever did using these shadows was for my friend's bachelorette party and it was a very intense smokey eye. I placed the Silver Blue shade all over my lid blending up to the crease with a brush and I drew the winged edge with the sponge tip applicator. I used soft neutral brown and a dark grey shade to blend out the edges into the crease for a seamless finish. Then, I used my finger to press on just a bit of the Pink Quartz shade to the very center of my lid. This gave my eye look a very reflective three-dimensional effect. I also used the Givenchy Disturbia Felt Tip Eyeliner to create a wing and finished the look with the Disturbia Mascara.

This next look, I wanted to demonstrate the Spirit Gold and Outline Bronze shades. To start this look, I used a bit of the Givenchy Healthy Glow Bronzer in 04 Extreme Saison as my transition and crease shade. I then, placed Spirit Gold on the inner half of my eye and Outline Bronze on the outer half of my eye. To ensure a seamless transition between the two shades, I go back in with the residual prioduct on each brush to blend the middle where the shades meet. I repeated the placement on my lower lashine. I smudged a bit of brown eyeliner into the upper lashline and into my waterline. Again, finishing the look with the Disturbia Mascara. I also used the Givenchy Bronzer on my face, along with the Givenchy Solar Pulse 2019 Healthy Glow Powder Marble Edition in 2.5 Naturel Rose and the Le Rouge Liquide in Nude Tweed on my lips. 


I have used many different liquid shadow formulas but this one is by far one of the most impressive and one of my all time favorite formulas! This formula is so easy to apply and blend. It layers really well and it is so pigmented. The best part of this formula is the water-resistance and longevity! I love that this formula will wear for days through heat and even rain. You won't find many formulas that are this longe-wearing but are also so easy to work with. I love combining these shadows with my powder shadows for a complex look. You will get compliments on your eyeshadow looks with these shimmering beauties. Of course, you can just use them on their own for a quick and polished look when you don't have the time to labor over your eyeshadow. I found the formula of all the shades to very consistent and of amazing quality! I highly recommend you check these shadows out! I feel like the Givenchy brand is often underrated but these shadows should not be overlooked because they are amazing! I hope they will continue to add to the shade range because I really can't get enough of these!

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