| Review | Dior Diorshow Liquid Mono Eyeliner & Eyeshadow

| Review | Dior Diorshow Liquid Mono Eyeliner & Eyeshadow 

Liquid eyeshadows are really having a moment right and it seems every brand is coming out with their own version. Dior has previously released liquid shadows many years ago with a metallic finish and they were ok. I was very excited when I saw these shades for fall 2019 and when they were described as matte, I had to give them a try! I have said it several times before but not all liquid shadows are built the same and many on the market are of not great quality. Let's just say, I was not impressed with this formula.

The Dior Diorshow Liquid Mono Eyeliner & Eyeshadow retails for $30.00 USD and is available at Nordstrom and other retailers. These liquid eyeshadows come in a clear plastic tube reminiscent of the Dior Lip Glosses and they also come with a long rounded doe-foot applicator. The packaging is very functional, sturdy, and chic. 


For Fall 2019, there are only two shade offerings, both of which are neutral, and one finish, which is matte. These are not your typical matte finish shadows because they do contain a very subtle bit of shimmer that doesn't add any luminosity making the finish itself, is very matte. 

Matte Brown - This is a soft taupe shade that leans slightly cool. It a very natural tone and offers a very subtle look to the eyes. This also contains a very fine gold shimmer. While it may seem confusing the finish is actually still matte but it does contain this very fine shimmer that doesn't add a whole lot of texture of luminosity but it does add a touch of dimension. 

Matte Graphite - This shade is a soft cool grey with purple tones. This shade contains subtle purple-taupe shimmer throughout. The swatches make it appear more intense and purple but on the eyes, it looks very similar to the Matte Brown shade but with more of a grey tone to it. Almost like a soft concrete shade. 


This formula is a very runny liquid texture and when you initially apply the liquid to the eye the texture looks glossy and opaque but as it dries, it becomes a matte texture. The liquid takes quite a while to dry, so if you're not staring downward or have your eyes closed, it will crease. It feels very wet and cool on the eyelids and as it dries, it becomes a very powdery matte texture.

Swatches straight from the tube the eyeshadow are beautiful and glossy. This is how I wish they would have stayed. You can see it is already streaky if you try to blend the streaks out, it will cause patchiness. 

For some reason, this formula dries extremely patchy and uneven and it is even worse if you attempt to blend it out! At first, I thought it would be best if I applied a bit of the liquid to my lid and then took a brush to blend it all over my lid but that just caused it to be a big patchy mess. Don't do this! So, then I tried to layer an even and relatively heavy veil of color over my lid with the applicator and just blend out the edges, which works but it yields inconsistent and varying results. While the applicator creates a very even application, when you start to use a brush or a finger, the formula does not react well to it. It doesn't blend out evenly and most likely your edges will look very uneven and patchy. I even found that area where I only used the applicator, my eyelid, dried patchy and I would need to layer on more product to fix it. I also found inconsistent results with the layering of this product and while sometimes it would fix the patchiness, other times it would make it worse! The worst was when I tried to use the two shades together to create a look. It just ended up being a big patchy mess of color.

Swatches after a few minutes and fully dried. This is undisrupted, I didn't blend our touch the shadows while drying. They appear to look good but if you look closely you can see some patchiness. On the eyes, which is not as smooth and even as my arm used in the swatch here, it is very patchy. 

It is extremely frustrating how this formula works because it actually looks so beautiful when you apply it initially, it has a glossy sheen and it looks completely opaque but once it dries it looks like patchy eyeshadow residue on the eyes. Even worse is that it refuses to layer and just makes it looks more uneven! Once it dries, it doesn't move and you can't fix the patchiness! If you try to blend it after it dries, you will just move the subtle shimmer around but the base color will remain where it is placed. I don't have a lot of texture on my eyelids, so I can't even imagine how horrible this will look on someone with mature skin! Not that it matters that much since they're both horrible but the Matte Graphite is significantly more patchy than the Matte Brown.

I also find the finish of these liquid eyeshadows to be unremarkable. Once dried, they look exactly like many matte eyeshadows I own, except for it looks like I poorly applied them. I can easily get a similar look with more ease, using a powder eyeshadow of the same color. I just don't think these liquid eyeshadows are very special at all and the formula is incredibly frustrating to work with, which defeats the point of a liquid eyeshadow.

As for the "eyeliner" portion of the title of this product, if it is nearly impossible to use as an eyeshadow, it will not work as an eyeliner! It is an extremely wet and runny product, nothing like a liquid eyeliner and the sheerer pigment already results in very patch eyeshadow. I don't even know how you would achieve a precise line application with this product, except for using a very fine liner brush and even then, the consistency will not give you an even and precise liner effect. It would be like trying to do your eyeliner with watercolor paints. I feel like they tacked the "eyeliner" into the title to try to make this product seem really special and multi-purpose and it worked because I was intrigued. However, I am extremely disappointed with this product.


This is BY FAR THE WORST liquid eyeshadow formula I have ever used! These are definitely going back to the store and I am not looking back! I haven't been this disappointed in a Dior product in a very long time! I am honestly shocked because I remember their metallic liquid eyeshadow formula being pretty good! In fact, I still have mine and I like them a lot! I understand they were going for this fun and unique formula but it feels like they didn't test this formula out at all before releasing it! There is no redeeming quality in this formula because you can't even layer the product to fix the patchiness and you can't wear it sheer because it just doesn't sit evenly on the lid! There are so many brands bringing out a matte liquid eyeshadow formula that there is really no shortage of a good matte liquid eyeshadow. I highly recommend the Louboutin Matte Nude Eye Colors (full review here) and the Givenchy Liquid Eyeshadows (full review here).