| Review | Tom Ford Double Indemnity Eye Color Quad

| Review | Tom Ford Double Indemnity Eye Color Quad

There's nothing I love more than a good smokey eye palette. Smokey eye palettes are hard to create and if not done right, they can be tricky to use. Luckily, quads are often pretty straight forward and this one is as classic as it gets. 

The Tom Ford Double Indemnity Eye Color Quad retails for $88.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. This palette is housed in the classic cognac and gold Tom Ford compact, which is made of a slightly reflective lightweight plastic with a magnetic closure. It is a very sleek compact and the palette also comes with two small brush and sponge tip applicators. I personally never use these but they're decent quality. I just find you don't get the detail and blend you need with the dinky little tools included. 


Shimmering Ivory (top left) - This bright shimmering ivory shade leans very cool and has a very intense silvery shimmer. The shade is great for brightening up the inner corner of the eyes, which can add more interest and complexity to a look that will be quite dark.

Olive Green (top right) - This dirty olive green shade has a metallic finish and a subtle steel gray undertone. This is a very nice addition to some very traditional smokey eye colors and makes the palette more unique. This shade appears green when used wet. This shade is very complex and multi-dimensional. 

Shimmering Brown (bottom left) - This shade is a cool slightly taupe-brown that has fine silver shimmers in it. It swatches very nicely but when applied with a blending brush and when blended, it can be patchy due to the larger particles of shimmer. 

Sparkling Black (bottom right) - This shade is a matte black with larger silver sparkle strewn throughout. This shadow has a drier texture and can produce a fair amount of fallout during application. 

Swatched Dry 

Swatched Wet

Dry vs. Wet Swatches


These gel-powder formula eyeshadows tend to be the best quality shadows you can get from the Tom Ford range, however, I find a few of these shadows lacking in the creamy blendable texture that I tend to get with this formula. The Shimmering Brown shade, in particular, has these grittier particles of shimmer that makes the shadow application very patchy when blended out and can be a bit difficult to work with. It takes a bit of layering to get this shade even if you choose to use it as a crease shade. The Sparkling Black is also on the drier side, requiring layering to very opaque and the silver sparkles tend to be easily blended away unless applied over a cream shadow or eyeliner base. These two poorer performing shadows will produce a fair amount of fallout, so I highly recommend doing your eyes first. 

Even so, all the shadows have incredible pigmentation and are only amplified when used wet. With the more inconsistent shades, like the Shimmering Brown and Sparkling Black, I highly recommend using a stick base or using them wet. They will perform better and will be easier to work with. That being said, the Olive Green shade is the smoothest and most pigmented shade of the quad. It is a delight to apply and blend. I appreciate that this formula is very long-wearing and still very easy to apply even without primer. I have had these shadows last beyond 8 hours of wear.


Since I don't own Titanium Smoke, here are some swatches from a Google search here. This is the closest match to this current release, however, that old formula wasn't great. I never purchased it for that reason but lightest shade and the sparkling black in the Titanium smoke quad are similar to the Double Indemnity. I would say it looked like the combined the matte black and the sparkling black in the Titanium Smoke quad to create the look for the Double Indemnity Sparkling Black. The Shimmering Ivory in the Double Indemnity is also more opaque and less sparkling than the one from Titanium Smoke.

Compared to Supernouveau, which was released last year, this quad is much smokier and intense. Supernouveau has much softer shades but they can be built up to be more intense. I personally think the formula of Supernouveau is far superior to the Double Indemnity and the colors are much more wearable for all skin tones.


This palette can create a vast variety of looks but they will all be fairly smokey. For this first look, I did a pretty standard shadow placement with the Shimmering Ivory in the inner corner, the Olive Green on the lid, the Shimmering Brown in the crease, and the Sparkling Black to smoke out the outer corner. Repeating the same placement on the lower lid.

For this second look, I used the Shimmering Brown in the crease, the Olive Green on the lid, and the Shimmering Ivory in the inner corner. I smudge a black liner in a winged shape and pressed the Sparkling Black on top. I also rimmed my eyes with the black eyeliner and I smudge the outer corner with the Sparkling Balck. Then a bit fo the Olive Green in the center of the lower lid and the Shimmering Ivory in the corner. I liked this look a lot. It is a very sultry and fun way to wear this palette. You can also use the Sparkling Black wet to create the winged liner look.


While I really love this smokey eye palette, I don't think it's must-have from the range. The shades are all beautiful and they work together very well, however, the inconsistency in the quality of the shadows makes it less worthwhile for the high price tag. I do love the overall finished look that I get with this palette. I have used it several times for night's out and they look amazing and they last all night long. I would say while it isn't a must-have, it is a nice smokey eye palette to have. The unique Olive Green shade makes it a little more than just your usual smokey eye palette and the texture of the shadows also adds a different twist to your typical smokey eye. I still prefer Supernouveau over this palette because the formula is significantly better and the shade is much more wearable for any occasion.

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