| Review | Tom Ford Sheer Cheek Duo in Lissome

| Review | Tom Ford Sheer Cheek Duo in Lissome 

Tom Ford has come out with several of these Sheer Cheek Duos over the years but my biggest complaint has always been that they're all so similar! Well, not this year! Kind of...it seems Tom Ford is trying to extend outside of the usual with adding what seems like one new shade to their duo with a nude blush! Does this really justify the price though? Read on to find out.

The Tom Ford Sheer Cheek Duo in Lissome retails for $82.00 USD and is available at Nordstrom and other retailers. As with previous sheer cheek duos, this one is packaged in the classic white and gold Soleil Collection compact. The closure is magnetic and the compact is sleek. 


The shades included in this duo are: 

Nude - This shade appeared quite bronze in the promo photos but this is a nude peachy blush with a warm pink tone. The pink is quite prominent when applied to the skin. This shade is quite beautiful but will only work on fair to medium skin tones because it is quite light. On my medium skin tone, I find I have to layer it quite heavily. 

Pink - This pink is a soft raspberry shade and leans on the cooler side but it is quite similar to the pinks in previously released duos. This shade has great pigmentation and will offer a sunkissed flush to the cheeks. 


Here is how the Pink in the Lissome Duo compares to the previously released duos. The Lissome pink is deeper and cooler than previously released shades. Bicoastal and Exotica Flora are both much warmer and brighter. Lavender Lure is cooler in tone as well but not nearly as deep as the Lissome pink. 

Swatches from left to right: Lissome, Bicoastal, Lavender Lure, Exotica Flora


This formula is the gel-powder type of product that often has a waxy initial layer. Once you break the waxy layer, the product will adhere to your brush a lot easier and the powder is actually quite silky. The soft powder blends into the skin very beautifully and offers a very natural looking flush. I find that this formula is very buildable and you will get a sheer wash of initial color, hence the name "Sheer Cheek Duo". I personally prefer a buildable blush product like this, however, many brands create a very similar formula for less and have an equally high-quality product. I don't find this formula to be particularly unique nor impressive, especially for the very high price. 


I really love the nude blush in this duo but I wish they had included any other shade than another pink. This would have made this duo really special and worth purchasing but if you have any of the other duos, you're really only getting half of the value out of this blush duo because the pink is so similar to the others. When worn the cheeks, you really won't be able to see the difference from one pink to the next. While the formula is very nice, many brands make this formula and you will get more product for less. I really enjoy this formula but as the years go on, I have found myself becoming more and more underwhelmed by these blushes. I just don't find them worth collecting anymore because they are all so similar. If you are looking for some blushes with a similar formula and shades, I recommend the NARS Exposed Cheek Palette (full review here). This palette comes with a variety of colors including a nude and a soft raspberry pink, plus more for a fraction of the cost of this blush duo. 

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  1. Awesome review! I used to look forward to the summer collection cheek palettes the most (I love blush), but I'm not interested in near-repeat colors/formulas any longer. I own Bicoastal, Exotic Flora and Paradise Lust. The nude in Lissom appeared too light for my skintone (which you confirmed), and I already own 2 of the 4 pink shades they have launched in this formula, so this was a hard pass. I LOVE the soleil packaging - and I'm aware that factors into the cost - I'd also like to see more innovation and not just recycling similar products from year to year.

    I wouldn't mind more highlighter cheek palettes in the future, like the one launched alongside Paradise Lust (highlighter ONLY, no bronzers). Here's hoping!

  2. I really want Lissome, but as I have Bicoastal I think I have to skip.. I love the beige peach in Lissome and Bicoastal is my most used blush, but recycling shades isn't just worth it..

    xx Laura / Laura Loukola Beauty Blog