| Review | Elemis Superfood Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator

| Review | Elemis Superfood Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator

I have to confess that I love exfoliators, chemical or physical, give me them all! So naturally, I was very excited to see that Elemis had released another exfoliating product and this time in their Superfood range. The Superfood Collection is all about achieving healthy skin using the nutrients from superfoods to nourish and protect the skin. This range is meant for every skin type and for any body who wants healthy youthful skin. I am so thankful to be sent this product from Elemis to share with you. 

The Elemis Superfood Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator retails for $30.00 USD and is available at Elemis. This exfoliator is packaged in a sleek squeezable green tube, which is essential for distributing this product because of it's thick texture. I also appreciate a squeezable tube because it is easier to manage than scooping out product from a jar and it can easily be taken traveling. 


The texture of this exfoliator is so unique! It is actually like jelly! Thick and jiggly, it comes out of the tube like a very thick gel. It looks like you're about to smear blackcurrant jelly on your face, minus the stickiness. A little bit of the jelly exofliator goes a very long way, so I would say squeeze out only about a dime-sized amount out. Then I take my finger tips and rub them together to break up and spread the product around before applying it to my wet face. When exfoliating the face, I use circular motions and apply light pressure all around. The blackcurrant particles are super fine have the perfect amount of abrasion to really get into pores, remove dirt, and smooth out the texture of the skin. I prefer a exfoliator with really fine particles because I find I get the best cleansing and retexturizing experience. This one is the perfect physical exfoliator because it really gets the face very clean and makes my skin so soft. Exfoliating is so essential and allows your skin to absorb and work more efficiently. The fragrance is a very fresh, clean, and slightly grassy natural fragrance. This is how most of the Superfood range smells. 


Let's talk about the superfood ingredients packed into this scrub. 

Blackcurrant - This is obviously the main ingredient in this scrub. It is the little abrasive particles that help smooth and cleanse the skin. Blackcurrant oil is known for being a very potent anti-oxidant and has been known to help heal skin conditions, such as eczema. Additionally, it is packed with fatty acids that help repair skin cells, 

Nordic Bilberry Extract - Packed with anti-oxidants, this extract keeps the skin clean and reduces chances for breakouts. It also is a strong anti-inflammatory, which means it will help soothe redness and irritation in the skin. The most important part is the anti-oxidants, which help fight signs of aging and can help prevent environmental damage. 

Black Tea - Like the other major ingredients in this scrub, Black Team is packed with anti-oxidants, which means anti-aging. It is also a strong anti-inflammatory ingredient to help calm the skin. Also, because it contains high levels of caffeine, Black Tea is rich in catechins and polyphenols. These are two anti-oxidants that are known to prevent acne and fight signs of aging. It also acts a a natural toner and balances oils on the skin.  


I am already a big fan of the Superfood range and this expansion is just incredible. Facial scrubs are an essential in a skincare routine however, many formulas only focus on the exfoliating but don't offer much more formula-wise. This exfoliator is packed with so many nutrients and anti-oxidants, which really nourishes and cares for your skin beyond just exfoliating. I love the unique jelly texture and the squeeze tube packaging because it makes it so easy to use. You can squeeze out the exact amount you need and the jelly texture is a great consistency for sticking to the skin. I like the super fine exfoliating particles because they get very deep into the pores but they're still very gentle for my dry skin. I normally avoid too much exfoliating in the winter time because my skin is so sensitive and dry during this season, and I don't want to strip it of what little moisture it has. However, this exfoliator has so many nourishing ingredients that cater to skin problems and dry skin that it works so well. My skin never feels drier or stripped afterwards but instead has a super soft texture and glowing finish! I highly recommend checking out this latest addition to the Superfood range, it is fantastic for all skin types and will really change your skincare regimen! 

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