| Review | Elemis Superfood Kefir-Tea Mist

| Review | Elemis Superfood Kefir-Tea Mist 

Is there anything more refreshing and uplifting than a good facial mist? I don't think so, especially in the mornings when my skin when I'm exhausted and my skin is dull and tired. This latest extension to the Elemis Superfood range is such a great addition to the range. The purpose of this Superfood range is to promote healthy and youthful skin through the nutrients derived from these superfoods. Last year they released a Superfood Facial Wash, Day Cream, Night Cream, and Oil and you can read all about them in my review here. I was very kindly sent this mist from Elemis.

The Elemis Superfood Kefir-Tea Mist retails for $33.00 USD and is available at Elemis. Housed in a super sleek translucent green spray bottle, this mist has an ultra-fine mist mechanism. There's nothing worst than buying a facial mist and the spray mechanism is faulty or inconsistent. The spray mechanism on this one is very easy to use and offers a wonderfully fine mist across your face. 

This mist is intended to be used a priming, toning, and setting mist. As many of you know, I love using skincare-makeup hybrid products and while this product isn't a hybrid product, it can be used to assist in the overall finish of your makeup, which I love. Any time I can squeeze in more nourishment and skincare into my daily routine, I will do so. Let's take a look at how this mist performs for these various purposes.


I often use facial mists as a "primer" for my skincare. I find that when I spray this all over first, my serum and moisturizer sinks into the skin faster and more efficiently. Additionally, it adds a boost of hydration and in this case, nourishment to my skin. Because my skincare absorbs much faster when used with the mist, my skin is makeup ready but remains hydrated throughout the day. 


This mist does help significantly balance the skin's pH, hydration levels, and skin barrier. All of this is noticeable in long-term use. You will notice you skin feels and looks plump, fresh, and youthful. Throughout the day, your skin will remain hydrated and feel very soft and supple. You will just notice an overall improvement in the health of your skin after using this product for some time. You will break out less, have less problems with dryness, and your pores will look smaller. Read on to learn about the ingredients that make this product an excellent toner. 


Due to the ultra-fine consistency of this mist, it will not disturb or move makeup underneath. When misted over makeup, it helps fix any powderiness or texture that is sitting on top of the skin. It really fuses your makeup into your skin and makes it look fresh but without drenching the face or changing the makeup. The glycerin in this spray helps retain moisture but also helps lightly seal in your makeup. I think this makes a great everyday setting spray for all skin types but it isn't actually meant to make you makeup bulletproof so, just keep that in mind.


Of course this product is primarily a skincare product, so we need to talk about the ingredients and skincare benefits. Let's talk about the nourishing superfood ingredients packed into this mist. 

Organic Rooibos Tea Extract - This herb that is often used in teas is rich in anti-oxidants, which of course reduces the appearance and potential for lines and wrinkles. It also helps boost cell turn over for new fresh skin cells to surface, making your skin look more youthful and fresh. It also helps with skin disorders like eczema and acne because of the high levels of flavonoids and because it has an anti-bacterial property. Additionally, it contains high levels of vitamins and minerals to promote healthy glowing skin. 

Kefir Ferment - This topical probiotic helps promote healthy skin by essentially feeding the healthy bacteria the surface of your skin. Kefir has been known to help significantly with inflammation from acne and eczema, soothing the skin and preventing these skin disorders. Along with treating these skin disorders, it helps significantly reduce redness from irritated or inflamed skin. Kefir also helps stregthen the skin's barrier to lessen redness over time. Additionally, it helps retain moisture in the skin and anti-oxidants to prevent lines and wrinkles. It also helps increase collagen production for a more supple and elastic skin. Probiotics also helps fight off free radicals and environmental damage. 

Coconut Water - If you're a big fan of drinking coconut water, you will know that it's extremely hydrating. When used on the skin it is just as hydrating and helps retain moisture in the skin. Coconut water is also packed with cytokines, which helps with cell turnover and helps reduce signs of aging. This vitamin c packed water will help reduce pigmentation and brighten your complexion. Based on many sources, it also significantly helps with acne and it helps brighten dull skin. 

Aloe Vera - Used in a lot of skincare, aloe vera is extremely great for hydrating, soothing irritated and inflamed skin, and healing the skin. This is a great refreshing ingredient to include in a facial mist that also help repair the skin. 

Carrot Seed Oil - This oils is high in anti-oxidants and antiseptic, making ti great for preventing signs of aging and preventing acne. It also helps improve moisture retention, keeping you hydrated all day long. Additionally, carrot seed oil is a great aromatherapy ingredient that not only helps clam but also rejuvenate. The mist has a very earthy, fresh, and grassy fragrance that is very refreshing. 

Glycerin - This ingredient is pretty essential in most setting sprays because it helps seal in your makeup but it is also a humectant that helps draw in moisture and retain moisture in the skin.


I am a HUGE advocate of facial mist! I have heard many people say that facial mists are a waste of money but I strongly disagree. If you believe this to be true, than you're not using the right kind of mist and you might not being using it right. As someone who has dry skin and often suffers with the occasional eczema bout, I love anything that will give me a boots of hydration. This product not only gives me the hydration I need throughout the day but it is packed with so many amazing nutrient-dense ingredients! This mist is my favorite for priming and toning my skin because it just infuses my skin with so much goodness at the same time. My skin is definitely softer, plumper, and glowier since I've incorporated this mist into my daily routine. Plus the scent is so refreshing and soothing in the morning when I need that little boost. It is also impressively a great fixing/setting spray for makeup. It really helps fuse and melt your makeup into your skin and create a really fresh finish. This mist can be used on all skin types, which is why I love this Superfood range! It's doesn't target specific skin types but more the bigger issue, which is that everyone wants healthy skin! If you you're new to the Elemis brand, I highly recommend this range because it work for your skin regardless of your skin type. If you're looking for a skin-loving facial mist, that isn't just glorified water, look no further! 

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  1. Ingredients in these sure looks great! I need to try that mist! Thanks for such an informative review~ xx Lisa