| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Latex Love Long-Lasting Lip Gloss

| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Latex Love Long-Lasting Lip Gloss 

Umm... Ok, is it just me or does the name totally gross you out? I mean "Latex Love" is way beyond cheeky for me and borders on kind of nasty and dare I say... trashy? Please don't come at me with the burning torches and pitchforks but you don't need to "read into" the name to know what the sexual connotation is here and it's definitely not appealing. It's pretty tasteless for such a prestigious brand. I understand that she's trying to describe the glossy finish with some fun alliteration but... I feel like this is very poorly done. Name aside, these lip lacquer-like products look very promising and I couldn't resist picking them up, despite the name.

The Charlotte Tilbury Latex Love Long-Lasting Lip Gloss is limited edition and retails for $34.00 USD. It is available at Sephora and other retailers. These glosses are packaged in clear plastic tube with a rose gold cap and printed logo details from their Icons Collection. The applicator is a traditional sponge doe-foot applicator, which is typically the best kind of applicator for this type of product. 


These lip glosses come in 6 different shades half of which are neutral and very wearable. I chose two of the most neutral shades: 

Swatches from left to right: Belle Du Soir & Cannes Tropez

Belle Du Soir - This warm peachy beige nude is very universally flattering and great for a bold or smokey eye.

Cannes Tropez - This shade is a warm medium rose pink is a very fresh spring shade. 


What initially peaked my curiosity was that this formula reminds me a lot of the recently released Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Luxe in the Vinyl formula (full review here). This formula is more of a gloss than a lip lacquer. While it is quite pigmented, it doesn't have that lacquer-like texture that feels like a layer that seals or envelopes the lips. It has a very typical lip gloss texture and the color isn't as long-lasting. The pigment seems to be suspended into the gloss, as opposed to being the main component of the formula.

I need to to note the most horrendous thing about this formula is that it SMELLS BAD! Ughh... when I first opened it and gave it a wiff, I was very surprised. It smells like someone took a permanent marker and dipped it into a tub of black pepper! I know it sounds crazy and I really couldn't believe it myself but the fragrance is extremely peppery and chemically. I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt that the actual product didn't smell like this but after applying it to my lips, sure enough the smell was still there. Fortunately, the fragrance somewhat dissipates for the most part but I still get wiffs and a taste of it sometimes! Yuck! Seriously, what is wrong with this formula that it already smells like its gone bad? For a luxury brand, I think this is a huge disappointment and will be a big reason these are being returned!

This "long-lasting" lip gloss lasts as long as a regular lip gloss, about 2-4 hours depending on how much you're eating and drinking. The formula is very smooth and not sticky. It is also a nice medium thickness. I'm really not a fan of overly thick glosses and lip formulas because they feel heavy and uncomfortable over time. This gloss does transfer, not nearly as much as the Tom Ford Luxe Vinyls but this formula is also not nearly as creamy as that formula. This lip gloss doesn't have any benefits to it, it's just a pigmented gloss, which is kind of disappointing considering it's a luxury lip product.


While the colors are beautiful, unfortunately because the formula isn't very special and the smell is horrendous, these are going back to the store. For the luxury price, there is really no reason for me to keep these or recommend these products, especially when there are so many similar and superior alternatives out there for a long-lasting gloss. I highly recommend the Tom Ford Patent Lip Lacquers, the Tom Ford Luxe Vinyl Lip Lacquers, and the Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lacquers as alternatives to this product. While these may cost more, their quality is significantly higher and they don't taste or smell disgusting. I am very sad to say that the name isn't the only thing that disgusted me about this product. I expect so much better and more from Charlotte Tilbury as a makeup artist and as a luxury brand. I have always been a big fan of her lipsticks and products in general but this one is really terrible and not worth the price. 

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  1. I broke down and bought one. Horrific. Smells and tastes like someone dumped a bottle of great great grandma’s perfume into the vat. I couldn’t leave it in more than 1 minute and had to wipe it off. Why in earth would anyone produce a lip gloss this ghastly?