| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Lip Lacquer

| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Lip Lacquer 

This may look like familiar packaging but these new lip lacquers from Tom Ford aren't what you might expect if you're familiar with the brand and their products! Yes, they seem to look like their classic lip lacquers but in a white tube but these are a completely new and different formula! Let me explain...

The Tom Ford Soleil Lip Lacquers retail for $55.00 USD and is available at Tom Ford and other retailers. These were first released in Europe over the summer but here in the U.S., these are a winter collection release. These look identical to the existing lip lacquers but in a white tube! I love the white tube but the problem with it is the material easily gets marks on it from rubbing up against darker makeup packaging! So if you decide to carry this around in your makeup bad or handbag, just be aware that the packaging isn't going to stay pristine.

These new lip lacquers currently come in 6 shades, ranging from a very nude to a red. I purchased two lightest shades: 

Naked Elixir - This shade is a very light milky nude beige with a very slight pink tone. This shade while beautiful, can into lip lines terribly! It looks best on top of a lip liner or lip color.

Escapist - This is a soft neutral pink shade. Again, because it is a lighter shade, it does sink into lip lines but not nearly as much as Naked Elixir.

So now you've heard that these lighter shades sink into lip lines, you're probably feeling very confused about this formula. Don't worry, I was pretty confused at first too because I was expecting these to be identical to the existing Patent Lip Lacquer formula, which is rich and full color with an incredible lasting power and ability to stain the lips. You can read about these lip lacquers here, in my review. The original lip lacquers also set down to either a matte, metallic, or glossy finish. 

This formula is extremely sheer and balmy in texture. It is very reminiscent of the Sisley Paris Phyto-Lip Delight Sensorial Lip Oils (full review here). It is not quite a gloss because while having a glossy finish, the texture is a balmy gel that has a little more slip to it. It doesn't feel at all greasy or oily but it is very hydrating and fresh on the lips. These do not have a great wear-time as they are so light and hydrating. They will transfer easily and over time wear away. The nice thing is that they are sheer and easy to reapply even without a mirror. These are the kind of lip products I constantly keep in my handbag to touch up throughout the day because they're so hydrating and easy to apply.

Unlike the Sisley version of this product, these lip lacquers actually have significantly more pigmentation, which I love but the lighter shades really do sink into your lip lines. This is really unfortunate because it makes touching up harder. It's strange because some days, I find these to sink into y lip lines really badly and other days it doesn't. I think it depends on how hydrated your lips are to begin with. Also, I find layering the product and working it into the lips with the applicator does help reduce it sinking into lip lines. Even when my lips are in the most optimal condition, I find that as I wear the product it will sink into lip lines. It feels like because of the way the pigments are suspended in the Tom Ford formula, that it pools into lip lines. From a distance it isn't as noticeable, but as you get closer, you will see how the pigments pool into the lines.

I like to wear these over a lip liner because the lip liner fills in my lip lines and creates a nice long-wearing base for the lacquer to sit on top of. Also unlike the Sisley version, the Tom Ford doesn't do much to my lips but create glossy finish and hydration. I love the texture and feel of the Tom Ford lacquer on my lips but I find with the Sisley Lip Delight, it smooths out and plumps out my lip lines making my lips look ultra-plush and youthful. The Tom Ford lacquers does provide long lasting hydration and makes you lips feel very smooth. It is definitely a very nice tinted balm.

Sisley Lip Swatch for comparison purposes. 

Overall, these aren't a bad buy. I actually really like this product and formula! I just wish the color didn't sink into the lines of my lips. I think the brighter shades won't cause this effect but I just wanted these nude shades so much. I would say for the same exact price, I would buy the Sisley one over these. The Sisley ones, while being extremely sheer and borderline clear, actually do something very special to your lips and creates a plump, plush, and kissable look to your lips while providing lots of hydration. These Tom Ford have a great consistency and I love the feel on my lips but they take effort to make the work for me, particularly these colors that I chose. If you are interested in these, I recommend avoiding the nude shades completely and opt for the brighter ones, you can get a beautiful color payoff and that balmy hydrating texture. 

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