| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Eye & Cheek Palette Winter 2018

| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Eye & Cheek Palette Winter 2018

Now that we are approaching the season where we are going to be spending an ocean of money, Tom Ford has decided to wipe us away with an avalanche of new launches. I think I may be overdosing on Tom Ford right now. I think I might need a Tom Ford break after this season but before we go on a little break, let's talk about how the Tom Ford Soleil Eye & Cheek Palette Winter 2018 measures up to the previously released versions. 

The Tom Ford Soleil Eye & Cheek Palette Winter 2018 retails for $155.00 USD and is available at Beautylish and other retailers. Like it's predecessors, this palette is housed in a beautiful white lacquered clutch-like case with gold detailing. This packaging is heavy and luxurious with a magnetic closure. This is by far, the best and most luxurious packaging they have every come out with. It actually has a weight that the traditional compacts don't have. 


This Winter 2018 version is very different from the previous Soleil Eye & Cheek Palettes because the formula of all the products is their wet/dry formula, which is definitely one of their best and most consistent formulas. I have yet to have one of the wet/dry products fail me in texture and formula, whereas the regular pressed powder formulas for both eyes and cheeks can be hit or miss. 

However, this formula is prone to falling out of the pan! Read my rant here.

I must say with this palette in particular, the formula and consistency of these powders is exceptional! More so than previously released wet/dry formula products. Swatching these products, you can feel how smooth and silky the texture of all the products are, even the ones considered more "gritty" because of additional sparkle. They are all incredibly pigmented and blend beautifully into the skin. The shadows have a beautiful reflect and luminosity, similar to water glistening in sunlight. This is a bit different from their other wet/dry shadows but it seems many brands are releasing this kind glistening finish eyeshadow for the holidays. I'm not complaining because this is very beautiful but a hard finish to accomplish. 



Here is where my concern is, the cheek products look identical to the shades released in the past. Honestly, most of the Sheer Cheek Duos are all very similar but just vary only slightly by tone. 

Blush - This shade is a fresh medium pink blush with a very subtle warmth to it. This blush is very pigmented.

Comparison swatches

Swatches from Left to Right: Winter Soleil 2018, Bicoastal, Lavender Lure, Exotica Flora

The Winter Soleil blush is very similar to the blush in Bicoastal and Exotic Flora. It looks like the baby between those two, the slightly cool tone of Bicoastal and the brighter and slightly warmer tone of Exotica Flora. The most different blush is Lavender Lure, which has a very clear cool lavender tone. Overall, the Winter Soleil blush isn't awfully different from previously released shades. 

Highlighter - This highlighter is GORGEOUS!!! This subtly pink-toned champagne shade has a very refined and smooth texture. w and glistening. There is something about this highlighter that makes your skin just look really good and really flawless. The intensity of this highlighter is somewhere in the middle, its not too shiny and not too subtle. I think this will work for so many skin tones and skin types because it is right in the middle with intensity and the color is fairly neutral. This will work very well mature skin because it isn't too shiny.

Comparison Swatches

Swatches from Left to Right: Winter Soleil 2018, Paradise Lust, Bicoastal, Lavender Lust 

I almost wasn't going to do the highlighter comparison but now I'm very glad I did, because the Winter Soleil Highlighter is IDENTICAL to the highlighter from the Paradise Lust Sheer Cheek Duo!  They both have a the fine gold shimmer and the exact same pink-toned champagne. I also included the other Sheer Cheek Duo highlighters but they are very pink compared to the Soleil Winter.  


Gold (Top Left) - This shimmering gold shade is lighter than what you would consider a true gold but it has these yellow reflects that is quite different for a gold shadow. 

Pink (Top Right) - This light pink shadow has a bit of gold shimmer throughout it. This shade is extremely soft and light. On my medium skin tone, it looks like a pink toned nude shade. This shadow is best as a very subtle all over the lid shade or used as the highlight shade in the quad. 

Bronze (Bottom Left) - This bronze shade has little bits of bronze sparkle but it's not easily detectable in the pan, you will only see it when you swatch or when you apply it. It is a very beautiful true bronze shade with a touch of warmth, not exactly what I think of for the holidays but I love it. 

Purple (Bottom Right) - This deep purple shade has some silvery flecks of shimmer throughout it and is one of the more gritter shades, like the bronze. When blended out, it appears a bit more gray and charcoal. This shade is a bit ambiguous because of its complexity, so it will change depending on what you pair it with.  

This is a very strange combination of eyeshadow colors. I feel that the four shades don't make a cohesive and easy to wear look at all. These shadows are best broken down into duos, like the Gold and Bronze and the Pink and Purple. For me, this is disappointing. I feel a quad should be cohesive and all the shades should work together effortlessly to create a look or multiple looks. Especially, when place into a larger all-in-one face palette like this one. I feel to get a more complex look, you need supplementing eyeshadow shades, which defeats the purpose of an all-in-one palette. When worn all together, the overall look isn't bad but it is a little weird. The shades are just so contrasting and don't work well together.


For the first time, Tom Ford has created full face palette with this gel-powder formula. This is one of their best formulas and I'm glad to see him bringing out more products in this formula. All the products have amazing pigmentation and a very smooth texture. It applies very evenly and blends very easily. I noticed barely any fallout with these shadows. There was the tiniest amount with the deepest shade but I did use a crease brush as opposed to a flat brush to apply it. These are impressively pigmented and so easy to use. 


This palette has an amazing formula and quality! For that, I would recommend it because all the products are so easy to apply and blend. However, if you're looking for a good travel palette, this is not it. The shadows are a bizarre combination of colors and if you're a simple eye makeup person, this will work for you because you can break this palette up into duos. As a person who prefers a more complex look, I need more than just duos. So if you like that concept, than it would make a good travel palette for you. I enjoy this palette a lot, the textures and finishes are divine and the way they look on the skin is stunning. With this gel-powder formula, you can really play up the intensity of the shadows and cheek colors, which makes it so versatile.  

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  1. OMG - If these shadows came out of the pan on me I would die! I was just looking at this palette compared to the one with the cranberry shade released in the spring. Sitting here with my Neiman Marcus cart full and I know I shouldn't buy anything!