| Fragrance Overview | Tom Ford Lost Cherry

| Fragrance Overview | Tom Ford Lost Cherry 

For Fall 2018, Tom Ford pushed the envelope once again with his newest and should I say, most scandalously named fragrance yet? What I always love about Tom Ford is his I-don't-give-a -fuck attitude. He does what he wants and it refreshing to see a brand that doesn't really care what the general public thinks.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry Private Blend Fragrance retails for $320.00 USD and is available at Tom Ford and other retailers. This fragrance, as of now, is a limited edition fragrance and is currently sold out at many locations and retailers. The cost of this fragrance is higher than Tom Ford's traditional Private Blend range, which currently cost $235.00 and additionally, the cost in general is $10.00 higher than last years, Fucking Fabulous release cost. I am unsure of why there is such a significant price hike for these limited edition fragrances, perhaps it is because of the ingredients? Traditionally, Tom Ford uses very rare and difficult to obtain ingredients, which is why the costs are quite high for a fragrance. You can learn more about how he creates his fragrances in my fragrance event posts here and here.


This fragrance only comes in one size, the standard 1.7oz/50ml glass bottle with a very rectangular shape. The bottle is very simple, clean, and polished with a red interior lining under the clear thick glass. It's a very classic cherry red shade and looks very striking on your vanity table. What I appreciate about Tom Ford fragrance packaging is not only the luxurious style but the practical nature of the packaging because for the majority of his fragrance (not all but majority) he creates a completely opaque bottle for them. This is important for preserving the fragrance long-term because it prevents light from breaking down the fragrance. If you didn't know, the best way to make your fragrance last and prevent early expiration is to store in in a dark and cool place because heat and light can breakdown the ingredient of your fragrance and change the scent.


The cost of a Tom Ford fragrance often trigger sticker shock to most people but when it comes to Tom Ford fragrances, the ingredients that are used are often very rare, expensive, and hard to obtain. This is why his Private Blend Fragrances are so special and unique but of course, that comes with a high price. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a fragrance event hosted by Tom Ford, they will go into depth about the procurement of the ingredients and how rare the ingredients included are, some of which take years to grow. I will attempt to go into depth on each of the ingredients and notes to the best of my ability through research. However, I am not a fragrance expert and advise you all to try and some research of your own on these ingredients and notes. Also, keep in mind that the fragrance industry is a high secretive trade, so actually finding ingredients and a  full break down of notes is pretty much impossible.

This fragrance is described as:
Tom Ford Lost Cherry is a full-bodied journey into the once-forbidden, a contrasting scent that reveals a tempting dichotomy of playful, candy-like gleam on the outside and luscious flesh on the inside.
Innocence intersects indulgence with an opening that captures the classic perfection of the exotic cherry fruit—black cherry’s ripe flesh dripping in cherry liqueur glistens with a teasing touch of bitter almond. The heart bursts forth in cherry waves of sweet and tart. Griotte syrup expresses the textured maceration of voluptuous fruits while breathtaking florals Turkish rose and jasmine sambac penetrate the senses and soul. Peru balsam and roasted tonka at the drydown suggest a new portrait of an iconic symbol. When blended with an unexpected m√©lange of sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar, the finish reaches fantasy-inspiring levels of insatiability.

Top Notes 

Black Cherry - After the initial spray, you instantly get a very cherry fragrance. It is the deep Black Cherry note that fresh, juicy, and tart fruity fragrance but the tartness is balanced out significantly by the sweet notes in this fragrance. This fruit forward note comes off very strong initially but fades within the first hour or two of wear.

Cherry Liquer - The Liquer fragrance is also very strong initially, this is a cherry fragrance with a punch of the liquor note but this slightly alcoholic scent fades fast, leaving a very cherry fragrance. It has a very intense, almost synthetic, wild cherry burst with a sweet almond and liquor undertone. 

Bitter Almonds - This note is probably one of the most prominent notes in the fragrance because it smells of maraschino cherries, almond extract, and cherry candy mixed together. This candied sweet scent that hits you as soon as you spray the fragrance and gives you a nostalgic feeling. This is the note that lingers into the heart notes and dry down. 

Heart Notes 

Griotte Syrup - This is inspired by a cherry syrup made of blended sugars and cherry extract, often mixed into a alcoholic drink. This syrupy sweet fragrance is very fruit forward with notes of macerated berries, which is a rich, sweet, and decadant note. This note lingers deep into the third to fourth hour of wear. 

Turkish Rose - This note is of rose adds a powdery, woody, and fruity feminine element to the overall fragrance. You will not pick out the rose note individually bit it adds an additional feminine aspect and soft freshness from the floral note. 

Jasmine Sambac - This Arabian jasmine flower is native to the Eastern Himalayas adds a rich, sweet, and warm fragrance. This is a slightly more masculine floral note, which helps balance out all the sweetness and feminine notes from the Turkish Rose. This particular jasmine has more of a musky and spicier notes, which is what lingers on the skin as the fragrance moves into a full dry down and long term wear. This note lingers deeper into the wear time within the third to fourth hour of wear.

Base Notes 

Peru Balsam - This ingredient derives from a Myroxylon tree, primarily found in South America. It is quite a process to retrieve this exotic ingredient from the tree that includes stripping the bark, extracting the resin, and boiling it in water. This thick resin has facets of vanilla and cinnamon with a little bit of bitterness and earthiness from a hint of green olive. This note comes out after the fragrance wears for about an hour or so, it is a sweet and earth dry down. This vanilla note lingers for the remaining wear of this fragrance. 

Roasted Tonka Beans - This little bean is rich in depth and complexity, which is why it is often a favorite base note in many fragrances. Again, often procured from South America, this note comes from the oriental fragrance family. To extract the fragrance they often soak the beans in rum, then dried. and the white crystals that form on top are collected. A pretty tedious process if you ask me. This note offers a sweet aroma with a vanilla or almond likeness and deeper undertones of tobacco and it has a creaminess to the overall fragrance. 

Sandalwood -This note is a very woody, oriental note with milky undertone and a subtle green top note. This note adds a lot of depth to the overall fragrance and give it that deep warm feeling. 

Vetiver - This tropical grass is native to India and is often used to add a smokey depth to fragrances. The notes from this ingredient that are prominent in this fragrance are the earthy and woody notes that ground the fragrance and add a lot of depth. The grassiness often associated with thus note are masked by the overwhelming notes of spice and sweetness in this fragrance. 

Cedar - This note adds a woody floral musk to the overall fragrance, complimenting the floral notes from the Turkish Rose and Jasmine but also adding a lot of depth. This woody depth is very strong in the dry down of this fragrance and lives on the skin for the remaining of the fragrance's wear time. 


This fragrance gives me nostalgic feeling, which is delightful and oddly disturbing, considering the name of the fragrance. When I first had a wiff of the fragrance, I couldn't really put my finger on why it was so nostalgic but after speaking to some people, many said it reminded them of maraschino cherries, which I think may be that familiar fragrance. This fragrance is a very playful yet sophisticated fragrance, hence the name. This take on a fruit fragrance is very complex and unique. This isn't your sweet candied fruit fragrance from your youth, it's matured and experienced life, now it's back at it's 10 year high school reunion looking sexy as fuck and is a total boss!

This fragrance starts out as a very fruit-forward fragrance, coming off very much like a jar of maraschino cherries and a sweet liqueur but dries down and is a very warm and cozy fragrance that makes you want to curl up in your favorite sweater and fuzzy socks, light the fireplace, and throw on a movie. As it wears, it becomes so much warmer, spicier, and cozier. The fruitiness dissipates and you're left with a sweet, spiced-vanilla aroma. It isn't an overly sugary fragrance but just has that warm and mild sweetness. 

This fragrance is a very appealing to most people, in fact, when I first received a sample of the fragrance, my best friend and I both put the fragrance on and we both thought it smelled better on the other person. It's nice to know that others find this fragrance flattering, considering how expensive it is.


This fragrance doesn't last very long on the skin. I found that after 4 hours that I have to press my nose up against my skin to smell it but the base notes are still fairly strong. After 4 hours, you won't detect any of the cherry notes, you mostly get the earthy, warm, and sweet notes from the base notes with maybe a barely-there fruit note. I have to say this fragrance transforms pretty rapidly throughout the day from a very fruit forward fragrance to a very warm, spicy, and sweet fragrance. However, the fragrance is enhanced when worn under very cozy clothing, like sweaters and scarves. These articles of clothing seem to warm up the fragrance, trapping the fragrance and adhering it to the skin for a longer wear. If you're going to wear this fragrance, it should be during fall and winter when you can bundle up in your coziest clothes and this cozy fragrance. With my sweater on, I smelled the fragrance throughout the day, beyond 8 hours but when it is applied to exposed skin, it can disappear in a matter of hours, approximately 3-4 hours.


While I know the price is a steep one, it is a very bespoke and unique fragrance. I often find it very difficult to find a good fruit-forward fragrance that doesn't make you smell like a bag of Skittles. This one is very sophisticated and special. I think the most disappointing part of this fragrance is that the cherry note disappears so quickly! I guess the name really is apt, the cherry gets lost and it doesn't come back. The parallels to the dirty connotation is very real! I really wish the cherry notes would go deeper and last until the dry down but the truth is you won't be able to detect that this was a cherry fragrance after a couple hours of wear. The lasting notes are the sweet, warm vanilla and the spicy woody notes, which is comforting and warming throughout the day, making this a very good fragrance for the fall and winter. Especially because the fragrance lasts best when it is wrapped up in warm layers of clothing. This fragrance is very different from any of the existing Tom Ford Private Blend range but it is hard to recommend it because the price is so high and the fragrance isn't exactly true to it's name however, it is true to it's intentions of being a very sensual fragrance. 

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