| Review | Natasha Denona Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette

| Review | Natasha Denona Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette

This holiday inspired palette radiates merry and cheer with its combination of sparkling shades. It is such a striking combination of colors and finishes that it is incredibly hard to resist. I have to commend Natasha Denona for her launches this year. I think she really came out with some amazing products this year and closing out the year with this holiday palette is a fantastic way to wrap up an incredible year!

The Natasha Denona Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette retails for $48.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. This is a full-sized palette with a metallic rose gold base and a clear cover. I love having the clear cover because you can see the shades in the palette making it easy to identify the palette in your collection without having to open your palette every time.


Let's get into these beautiful shades in the palette...

Daisy - This shimmering lavender shade has a bit of a silvery shimmer. This shade glistens and has little fine bits of green and other colored shimmers. It is a very striking glowing finish and it is a very unique eyeshadow. It seems a bit cool-toned for the palette but it really pairs gorgeously with all the other shades. It balances the palette very well, especially with the very intense red shade. 

Sakura - This matte red is a true and rich red shade. Don't be intimidated by it though because it actually blends out beautifully and very easily. This is an insanely pigmented shade, so I highly recommend taking the lightest possibly little dip that you can and building up the color, that way you can get the perfect transition and blend. It has a warm pink undertone that compliments all the other shades so beautifully. This is by far the best and most wearable red eyeshadow I have ever encountered!

Botanic - This shade is a peach-pink duochrome shimmer shadow that every brand has been releasing this year. Chantecaille had this shade in their summer La Sirena Collection and Bobbi Brown came out with this shade in their Camo Collection. This shadow has better consistency and texture than the ones I had seen before. The peach is quite strong in this shadow but you can still see the pink reflect throughout it. 

Blossom - This deep plum shade applies more of a raspberry color on the eyes. It isn't as deep as it appears in the pan and even when layered it will get deeper but not much. This shade is much less intimidating than the red in this palette and it adds a lot of depth to the overall look. It has a very magenta undertone, which just pairs so well with the red and adds a lot of complexity to the finished look. 

Nude - This shade's name describes it aptly, it is a shimmer warm nude shade. It is a true champagne shade, perfect for the holidays when paired with a red lip. It is a beautiful shimmering champagne shade that has a subtle warmth to it and works well with all the other shades. 


The shimmering shades in this palette is so unique they all have this glistening finish, like water in sunlight. This is quite different from their traditional shimmer formulas in their other palettes (at least the palettes I have tried). The shimmers aren't glittery but they have the glistening appearance and reflect of very fine glitter without the texture of glitter! This reminds me of the very popular glitter pots that are coming out from every brand this year, like the Hourglass Scattered Light Shadows (full review here) and the Marc Jacobs See-quins Glam Glitter Shadow but these shadows actually have a lot of pigment to them too! These are not just glitter top coats, which Natasha Denona has her own version, the Chroma Crystal Top Coats. These shimmers really glide and blend beautifully on the lids and it can cause fallout but it is extremely minimal.

The matte shades are both insanely rich and pigmented! These are the kind of shades you really want to build up and work with a small bit at a time, in order to control the placement of the shades. These blend out like a dream and they never look patchy!

With both textures, the formulas are so creamy and smooth, never causing fallout but providing the most beautiful payoff! All the shadows blend seamlessly into one another.


For my first look, I went with a more traditional shadow placement with the Sakura in the crease and outer corner. I added more depth and intensity with Blossom in the outer corner blending into the crease. In the center of the lid, I placed Daisy. For the inner corner, I used Botanic and finally to highlight the very inner corner I used Nude. I repeated this placement on the lower lashine to complete the look.

I can't resist a good halo eye, so for this look, I place Sakura in the inner and outer crease and lid. To add depth I placed Blossom on the inner and outer lid blending up to the crease. For the center, I used Daisy and blended gently into the two matte shades. For an extra pop, I added nude in the very center of the lid. Finally, I repeated this placement on the lower lashline.


This palette is so beautiful and all the shades have an incredible formula. The texture of all the shades is so soft, smooth, and blendable. They're all extremely pigmented and easy to use! I have several Natasha Denona palettes but this one is by far one of the best! All the shadows have a consistently high quality formula and they all perform exceptionally. The shimmers in this palette are so unique and have the most beautiful glistening finish. These berry tones ad shimmering finishes are so hot for the holidays this year, everyone is releasing a berry themed palette but I think this one is the best! I fins that this palette is so well balanced, the two matte shades really anchor this palette because they both go well with all the shimmer shades but they are also both extremely complex and add lots of depth. What is beautiful about this palette is it's versatility, you don't have to use all the shades together to create a complex look. In fact, I find that using all the shades is a bit excessive and doesn't allow each of the beautiful shimmering shades to shine and be the star, they compete a bit. Using just the two mattes and one of the shimmers allows for that shimmer shade to really be the star. I can't recommend this palette enough! It has the most incredible formula, pigmentation, and shade range! I really think it is the best release she has had all year and it worth every cent! Get it before it's gone!

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  1. I'm going to pick this one up asap. You sold me on it. I had a fail with the green brown palette last year and I haven't bought any additional palettes since that time. But since I trust your reviews, I'm going to give this one a go!! It looks gorgeous - and not really colors I have a lot of either. Happy holiday gorgeous!