| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Glow Drops

| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Glow Drops

The two things I can't resist, Tom Ford and Highlighters. For winter, releasing liquid illuminators is the way to go because there is nothing we all need more in the winter time than hydration and a glow. Historically, Tom Ford has released liquid highlighters before, you can see my Shimmer Shots Review here, these were released several winters ago and they are now no longer available. I believe that these liquid highlighters are often limited edition because they're not as popular as powder highlighters. These highlighters are typically not as popular because they don't often work for most skin types however, Tom Ford has created a new formula that will impress all skin types!

The Tom Ford Soleil Glow Drops retails for $50.00 USD and are available at Saks and other retailers. These new liquid illuminators are housed in a beautiful frosted glass dropper bottle with a twist up dropper. This packaging is so insanely luxurious looking and feeling, especially with the addition of the twist up dropper top. when you twist the cap, it releases the button to press for the dropper and when you aren't using it, you can lock it and it tuck the button in! I love this feature and while glass isn't travel friendly, this twist up feature is really nice for travel or if you want to toss it in a makeup bag. 


These liquid highlighters come in 2 shades, which appear to be incorrectly labeled however, I have checked multiple websites including Tom Ford's and the golden shade is Liquid Sky and the white shade is Liquid Sun. I don't know if these got mixed up in production and Tom Ford is just rolling with it or the naming was intentional but their names really seem mixed up. Anyways, let's talk about these shades.

Liquid Sun - This shade is a true white pearl highlighter. While it looks stark in the pan, the white is quite sheer and wearable.

Liquid Sky - This shade is a golden soft shimmer, sound like it should be liquid sun, right? Well regardless of name, the highlighter is a slightly bronze toned gold.


These liquid highlighters have a very sheer finish but can be easily built up. However, the problem I find with building up liquid highlighters is that it can move and splits the foundation on the skin. This can occur with these liquid highlighters, depending on the type of base you use underneath. My recommendation is to wait for your base to set as much ass possible, I know not all foundations set but let the foundation sit on the skin a bit before applying this highlighter. Also, apply by using a tapping or stippling motion with your fingers or a brush, this minimizes the chances of foundation moving.

Dropped directly on the skin

Heavy Swatch

Blended Swatch

Blended Swatch 

This formula is also a little different from most liquid highlighters because it actually sets on the skin and leaves a softer glowing finish, almost like a liquid to powder finish. It's almost the finish of silk, where it has that shine but it isn't metallic. It is a more muted shine. So if you're expecting dewy, this isn't, but the benefit of this finish is that it can suit all skin types. Even oilier skin types can now use liquid highlighters without fear of looking greasy. The other benefit of this finish is that it doesn't emphasize textures or imperfections. Additionally, it photographs very well! It doesn't set too quickly, so you have a lot of time to work with the product.

When mixed into your foundation, it adds a subtle and soft glow. I mixed this with the Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation/Concealer, which is a more satin-matte finish foundation and it gave my skin a velvety and diffused glow all over. I tried mixing the Glow Drops in with a more dewy foundation to see how it will change the finish of my foundation. Instead if making it dewier, it also made my foundation a little more velvety with a soft glow. These liquid highlighters aren't something that will significantly change the texture of your foundation and it won't add significant glow. It just adds a soft and ethereal filter to the skin.

We often see glowing primers that offer a dewy glow but you often don't find primers or moisturizers that offer a soft (more matte) glow. This product is great for creating that effect, so you won't get dewier or oilier throughout the day but you'll still have a subtle glow. Additionally, the very fine particles reflects light gently an creates a light blurring and filter effect over the skin. I will say, you need to use a bit more than you would expect to get an obvious effect because the effect is so subtle. Especially if you choose to wear a foundation on top, you will not see an obvious glow but it will kind of work behind the scenes to offer a bit of a glow and filter.


These liquid highlighters really surprised me! While I love an extra dewy finish to my skin, these don't offer that kind of finish but I still love it! It is such a unique liquid to powder formula, which I have never seen before! We mostly see a cream to powder formula. The finish is soft and natural but still makes an impact. This is the first liquid highlighter that I truly believe will work well for all skin types, even oily skin types! This highlighter is beautiful for bridal makeup because it is soft and photographs very well. This is definitely considered a subtle highlighter, you're not going to get a metallic pop to the cheekbones but you're going to get a real skin natural glow. I think this will also work very well on mature skin types because the glow is so soft and refined, it doesn't catch the light in any lines and texture. If you like this kind of soft highlighter, this one is really worth looking into! 

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  1. Hmmm! I"m trying to decide between the Glow Drops in Liquid Sun or the Radiant Powder. OK, now i'm moving on to your review of the powder! I'm thinking the powder but not sure yet!


  2. Yep, ordering both glow drop shades! Thanks babe! This is exactly what I needed to make my decision!