| Behind the Blog | Tom Ford, This Manufacturer Defect Needs To Stop

| Behind the Blog | Tom Ford, This Manufacturer Defect Needs To Stop 

I felt compelled to write this post because on more than one occasion this manufacturer defect has happened to me and most recently with the Tom Ford Soleil Eye & Cheek Palette Winter 2018. That's why I'm calling out Tom Ford! Not only are their products incredibly expensive but they are supposed to be one of the most luxurious brands on the market, so why does THIS keep happening?

Like I stated previously, this is not my first encounter with this wet/dry formula just falling out the pan. I have had this happen once before with the Tom Ford Quads and I have also seen videos of people reviewing the Tom Ford wet/dry shadows and as they're opening the palette and they tilt the palette towards the camera, the shadows just plops out! 

For the cost, customers expect flawless execution of these palettes! Currently, Tom Ford Eye Quads retail for $88.00 USD and the Tom Ford Soleil Eye & Cheek Palettes retail for $155.00 USD! You can't tell me that the prices that customers are paying doesn't cover Quality Assurance (QA)! Tom Ford, who is owned by Estee Lauder, is a HUGE company and you would think they wouldn't send out product that is not up to standard.

You may want to believe that this is a shipping issue however, with the current Tom Ford Soleil Eye & Cheek Palette Winter 2018, four out of the six pans came out when it arrived and it was well packaged! I could understand if one or two got loose but the majority of the palette? That is a manufacturer issue! Additionally, I have traveled with both my Honeymoon and Nude Dip palettes and have yet to have any of the shadows pop out!

Looking at the pan that the Tom Ford shadows and the blushes sit in, you can see there is so kind of plastic mesh beneath the product. It's hard to tell how the product is supposed to bind to this plastic mesh base. Many brands have come out with these wet-dry formulas, which are often baked into a pan, however I'm not sure about how the Tom Ford shadows and blushes are made but they don't seemed to be baked because of the plastic base. Often baked products are on some kind of terracotta-like plate for the base or pan of the product. I have a hard time believing that the Tom Ford ones are baked because of the plastic base because the plastic would melt. It is possible that the Tom Ford shadows are baked and then attempted to be pressed into this plastic mesh. In that case, this process doesn't work because they are very obviously easily dislodged from their base.

Whatever the case may be, it is extremely frustrating receiving a defective product that you paid so much for! Tom Ford, you need to fix this A.S.A.P.!

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