| Review | Elemis Peptide⁴ Thousand Flower Mask

| Review | Elemis Peptide⁴ Thousand Flower Mask

It's called beauty sleep for a reason, your body repairs itself while you sleep including your skin! Elemis is the first skincare brand I have ever heard of creating technology specifically for your circadian cycle, or your sleep cycle. It works while you sleep! I'm always down for anything that will make me look better while I get my sleep in. I have previously reviewed their Peptide⁴ Night Recovery Cream-Oil here, it is a staple in my skincare routine especially in the colder months. To compliment this product, they have recently released this illuminating mask to pack in your peptides 24/7! 

The Elemis Peptide⁴ Thousand Flower Mask retails for $45.00 USD for 2.5 oz and is available at Elemis. The mask comes in a large tube that makes it very easy to control the amount of product being dispensed. I much prefer this kind of packaging because it doesn't get as mess as jars do, also it keeps the product from getting easily contaminated and sanitary. The mask also comes with a soft grey towel to gently remove the product.

The mask is quite an unusual texture that I haven't encountered before. While it contains Brazilian Black Clay, it has a almost mousse-like texture and it doesn't dry down like traditional clay masks, it stays creamy. The clay helps purify and smooth the texture of this skin. Which has definitely been proven with use of this mask. Clay also often helps with controlling oil on skin, which is excellent for oily skin types.

You can see the consistency of this mask below:

As you're applying the mask, you can smell the beautiful flowers used in the product. The scent is subtle but it is luxurious and so beautiful. It kind of reminds me of Jasmine Flowers, it's really beautiful. It is a very lovely calming scent, perfect for a pre-bedtime routine! The flowers featured in this mask are the Star Arvensis, which is a variety that is exclusively grown for cosmetics. This flower is selected and developed to be the riches vegetable sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. The other flower featured in this formula is the Matthiola Bicornis, which is very rich in Omega-3 Linolenic Acid, a key essential fatty acid for reducing redness and increasing the skin's firmness and elasticity.

After applying the mask, you will instantly feel a really nice cooling sensation. It is not as intense of a cooling feeling as with the Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Mask (full review here) but it is a very gentle and soothing cool feeling all over. Other than the cooling sensation, you will not feel much because the mask doesn't dry or change states in any way. I love this cooling sensation because it feels really relaxing and it really helps my skin feel less irritated. To remove the mask, it is recommended you take the included cloth and use warm water to wipe the mask off. You will immediately notice your complexion looks brighter and has a very fresh glow to it. You also feel your skin is much softer, smoother, and feels quite hydrated.

The key ingredient that makes this mask unique is the Peptide⁴, which is their proprietary peptide blend that is designed to synchronize with your internal clock, releasing the essential ingredients to repair your skin when your body is most receptive to skincare. Meaning that instead of wasting those expensive nourishing ingredients, your skin will take in all the ingredients and use them to repair and replenish your skin. Obviously, you wouldn't wear this mask to bed but it is a supplement to the other products in the range to help nourish and treat your skin around the clock.

I find this mask to be one of those most luxurious masks I have ever tried. The fragrance is a beautiful and luxurious floral fragrance. It really is a calming and relaxing scent, definitely a great mask for before bed. The cooling sensation while the mask is on is very relaxing and helps soothe my skin and the results after using this mask are incredible! My skin really feels so soft, supple, and looks very fresh! I love how brightening this mask is and how nourishing it feels on the skin. The texture of this mask is very unique and I find it to be a unique mask in general because I have not experienced similar results with other masks before. This mask really brightens and revitalizes the skin like it claims! It is a beautiful skin treat and combined with the rest of the Peptide range, it is a potent skincare routine!

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