| Review | Lululun Deep Moisturizing Sheet Mask

| Review | Lululun Deep Moisturizing Sheet Mask 

I have developed a dangerous addiction of sheet masks. It something that I have been limiting myself to twice a week but to be honest, I'd love to do them everyday but the cost for a one time use single sheet mask is insane! Which is why they've always been such a treat but the past two months I have incorporated them into my weekly skincare regimen twice a week and not only has it vastly improved my skin's condition, I love the way it feels! So I went on a search for an affordable masking option and I cam across these sheet mask packs, intended for daily use! Does a mask a day keep the dermatologist away? 

The Lululun Deep Moisturizing Mask retails for $23.00 USD for 32 sheets and is available on Amazon and other retailers. These sheet masks come packaged in a large square plastic pouch with a resealable top. It remind me a lot of makeup removing wipe packaging. The sheet masks are neatly folded in the pouch and you pull one out as you need it. The great thing about this packaging is that it isn't as wasteful as individually wrapped sheet masks. I looked into many other sheet mask sets on Amazon, many of them were individually wrapped and came with significantly less masks for the price. I also really wanted a Japanese sheet mask, as opposed to Korean sheet mask, because I had been using quite a few Japanese ones recently and I really enjoyed them. Lululun is not a new brand to me, prior to this, I was using their Yuzu Sheet Masks and I loved the results I had. The packaging reseals very well and stays well sealed until you finish the package.

These mask packs actually come in many different styles for your different skin concerns. I chose this blue pack because it was highly rated and recommended, so I thought I would start with the most popular and get into the other types later. This mask is obviously for deep hydration, which is what you typically use a sheet mask for anyways. If you want something clarifying than you would probably go for a clay mask or something. The main ingredient in all Lululun masks is hyaluroinc acid to seal and maintain moisture in your skin, which makes it deeply hydrating. It is supposed to contain royal jelly, for softening the skin and making it very supple. It is also incredibly soothing for inflammation and irritation. It also contains rice ceramides, which help the maintain the moisture and health of your skin barrier. This prevents the skin from cracking, loosing elasticity, and prevents bacteria from getting deep into your skin because your skin's barrier is strong. This mask also contains some citrus extracts, which help brighten the skin and lightly tones and exfoliates the skin. This allows for the other ingredients to penetrate deeper and work more efficiently. There is also seaweed extract that helps contains essential fatty acids to repair and nourish the skin. 

One thing to keep in mind with these daily masks are that these masks are smaller in size than standard face masks, I think this may be because they are daily masks and partly because they are made to suit a smaller Asian face shape. However, I have found that they can be stretched a bit but I find they fit my face quite well. The texture of the sheet is also a little different from traditional single sheet masks, it seems to be a bit thicker woven cotton. While it isn't at all abrasive, it is not as soft as the single sheets. However, I really don't think these lack in quality at all. In fact, the sturdier fabric and size makes it adhere to the face much easier!

These masks are well saturated but not as much as an individual packaged sheet mask. I find this to be very reasonable and sensible because most people don't keep a sheet mask on for more than hour or so. In fact, I always felt guilty not wearing my sheet masks for more than an hour because it feels like such a waste of product! This pack of sheet masks really has very minimal waste. I actually like that they aren't too saturated because they don't feel like they're moving and slipping off your face and you don't have serum dripping from your face. Although it isn't as saturated, it still has a ton of product and will last you more than hour of wear time. I find it starts drying up a bit, just after the hour. This is fine with me because I usually get sick of wearing my sheet mask by then. 

Even after I remove the mask, the serum is still doing a lot of work. After an hour of masking, I immediately feel my skin is tighter and much more plump. It is also extremely hydrated and feels very fresh. I usually mask right before bed, so after removing the mask, I apply a light oil to my face and go to sleep. In the morning, my skin is GLOWING, it feels so plump, and actually feels tighter! I have never had that feeling before with other sheet masks. My skin has a beautiful youthful elasticity and bounce to it. My skin just feel super soft and smooth after using and going to bed. I feel like my body has soaked up all the nutrients and really used it to repair and refresh my skin! I am so pleased with the results especially for such a cheap and inexpensive face mask! I wasn't expecting such a high level of quality! I wish I had discovered these before! Speaking of inexpensive, I honestly feel like spending money on super pricey sheet masks is kind of a waste. Your skin can only absorb so much product at one time, even if you leave the mask on for two or more hours, you won't be able to take in that much more product. So I feel your money is better spent on a bottle of expensive serum than an expensive sheet mask. Also, I have not found a huge difference in results when I use a relatively inexpensive sheet mask, like this one, compared to when I use an expensive sheet mask that may cost over $20.00 for one sheet mask. 

The past few months, I kept saying I was really into sheet mask but haven't really found one I really wanted to talk about. Well, now I found one that is really worth of talking about! For the affordable price, you get a lot of masks and they're great quality! I have been using them twice a week and I have seen a vast improvement in my skin. My skin is plumper, smoother, and has a fresher complexion than it did before! These masks have really made it cheap and convenient for me to maintain my plush and fresh complexion. I can't recommend these enough! They are really beautiful and hydrating masks! I am looking forward to trying some of the other formulas because this one has really blown me away!