| Review | MAKE Beauty Soft Focus Foundation

| Review | MAKE Beauty Soft Focus Foundation 

I had been curious about this brand for many years, since I received one of their pressed shadows in a Barney's GWP bag. Their simple aesthetic and luxury vibe had me lusting for some more of their products. I happen to have an Amazon gift card to spend and they seemed to have many reduced prices for several shades and products. I thought it would be a good time to grab many of their products and put them to the test. 

The MAKE Beauty Soft Focus Foundation retails for $45.00 USD and is available at Amazon and other retailers. The foundation currently comes in 16 different shades with a warm or a cool tone. I personally try to go for a neutral tone as often as I can because I often find that brands make their warm shades too warm with too much yellow or orange tones. I bought the shade Warm 03, which suited my skin pretty perfectly! Initially, it looks quite yellow but after you give it a minute or two, it adjust to your skin and blends into your skin. I have a yellow tone but it isn't too strong and this foundation blends into my skin tone very well. I am about NC30 in MAC foundations at the moment and this color really works very well.

The product comes in a large clear plastic bottle with a pump for easy dispensing of product. It's simple and effective. Not as luxurious as I would expect from a luxury line but I do find this range to be in the mid-tier of luxury brands and many of those brands and even higher-end brands use plastic bottles. They are just convenient and easy to travel with.

This MAKE Beauty website describes the foundation as:

Correct uneven skin tone and smooth fine lines with our flawless coverage liquid makeup. Lightweight formula allows skin to breathe.  Delivering flawless coverage and a velvety finish our Soft Focus Foundation helps to correct uneven skin tones and smooth fine lines through revolutionary light-diffusing micro-spheres. Lightweight polymers allow skin to breathe while natural bark extract helps control shine. Ginseng green tea extract and squalane help to provide anti-oxidant protection and hydration.

I do agree with most of the claims here. The formula is very lightweight when you pump the product out it is on the runnier side of traditional liquid foundations. It blends into the skin very easily and quite quickly because it is so light. As far as the claim of a "velvety finish", I find the finish to be more natural than velvet. You skin still has some very subtle sheen and glow but it isn't dewy, it just looks natural like real skin. I guess that's where the "light-diffusing-micro-spheres" come in and work their magic. There does seem to be a significant light-diffusing and blurring effect, at first I hadn't noticed it, I thought it was just the coverage but took a couple picture with the product and my skin actually looked soft focused! Also, when I looked in the mirror at work, I was very surprised to see how smooth and flawless my skin looked. This really does have a soft focus filtered effect on the complexion! This product also claims to be oil controlling, which I very much agree with! My nose tends to produce a fair amount of oil throughout the day and usually ends up breaking down the makeup around my nose but with this foundation on, I didn't see a break down of the makeup and significant reduction in shine around my nose by the end of the day!

 No Foundation
 After initial application of foundation 
After with time for foundation to settle

The coverage is a medium to full coverage foundation. I use about one pump to one and a half pumps, depending on how high of coverage I want that day. It builds very well without looking to heavy or cakey. I like to apply it with a beauty sponge to sheer it out a bit and it gives me more glow and lets my natural glow shine through. It can really be built up to full coverage easily, yet it remains very light and barely-there on the skin. It doesn't feel like you have foundation on but it really helps perfect the skin! After using it for several weeks, I am very impressed! Every time I wear it and look in the mirror throughout the day, I am so pleased with how my skin looks and the soft natural finish of the foundation. It really does just look like real skin but with a beautiful filter. Even when I chose not to set the foundation, it still last all day long and looks very flawless! I highly recommend this foundation for all skin types! It really is versatile and looks so beautiful from the initial application to when it is worn for many hours. I think MAKE Beauty is a highly underrated brand that needs to talked about much more, plus you can get their products conveniently on Amazon!

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