| Review | Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash

| Review | Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash

Don't have time for treatments and acid peels? Don't worry, Elemis understands and that's why they created a gentle daily cleanser that will help improve your skin's texture over time. I am very thankful to Elemis for sending this product my way. Everyone has texture on their skin, regardless of skin type, we all suffer with some degree of texture. If only we could have baby soft skin forever... but you  really can, with the right regimen!

The Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash retails for $49.00 USD and is available at Elemis and other retailers. The face cleanser is packaged in a large plastic bottle with a pump dispenser, which I love for easy and convenient use. I find one pump is the perfect amount for the entire face and it doesn't waste any product. 

I like using this product with a cleansing device because I feel it really helps work the product into the skin and also helps with some additional light exfoliating. I find the more you work this product into the skin, the more it brightens and creates a radiant glow to your skin. I recommend massaging the cleanser into your skin with circular motions for at least a minute. After you rinse the product away, you will notice a significant difference in your complexion! Not only will it look extremely glowing and radiant, it will feel baby-soft! I LOVE the way this product makes my skin feel and look! It completely resurfaces the skin  and renews the complexion! 

Using a patented Tri-Enzyme Technology, it gently exfoliates and while maintaining moisture from the Brazilian Babassu Oil. This oil is rich in fatty acids and replenishes the skin making it feel so soft! Also contained in this cleanser is White Truffle, which helps soothe and promote healthy skin! Plus it's incredibly luxurious! I am really shocked at the immediate results from this cleanser! It works so quickly to give you an instantly fresh and smooth complexion! It helps your skincare products absorb faster and work more efficiently. It really gives your skin an amazing natural radiance! This product gives results beyond what you would expect from a cleanser or even exfoliator! While it is a chemical exfoliant, it is really gentle for everyday use. If you intend to use one of their other cleansing and resurfacing products, I would maybe skip this cleanser, especially if you have sensitive skin because you don't want over exfoliate your skin. 

I am OBSESSED with the way things cleanser makes my skin feel and look! It looks so incredibly radiant and fresh! It really helps your skin glow and look more youthful. It has completely changed the texture of my skin, more than any other product I have tried before! The resurfacing range is incredible! I really think it is my new favorite range from Elemis. I have seen such dramatic results in the shortest amount of use and my skin really never looked better. I think because the regular exfoliation allows my skincare products to penetrate deeper and work more efficiently than before. Plus, there is always a fresh new layer of skin, which is glowing and youthful. I cannot recommend this range enough! If you aren't using a chemical exfoliant, you need to get on board and try it. It really is a skincare game-changer! This cleanser is a great daily treatment that is really gentle for beginners at chemical exfoliating and because it is also a cleanser, you can reduce the amount of products you're using in your daily routine. 

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