| Review | BonAir Premier Aloe Real Squeeze Toner

| Review | BonAir Premier Aloe Real Squeeze Toner

My experience with K-Beauty products is very limited but its definitely an area I have been itching to explore however, the issue is often accessibility to the products is very limited in the United States. Bemused Korea is an online boutique that offers a range of real K-Beauty products from Korea ships to the U.S. and all over the world. They very kindly sent me this product to test and review, as always, these are my honest thoughts and opinions. 

The BonAir Premier Aloe Real Squeeze Toner retails for $32.00 USD and is available on Bemused Korea. This toner is stunningly packaged in a green and aqua ombre bottle! It perfect represent the refreshing and toning tonic contained inside. 

This toner is aloe based, containing 75.16% aloe vera juice and extract to tighten and tone the skin. It also offers hydration, nourishment, and reduces irritation. Most importantly, this toner smooths the texture and density of the skin. 

What makes this aloe special? 

The aloe is grown by the southern sea of Korea and only the thick and fresh leaves that are 1.2kg are handpicked! The aloe peel is stripped, exactly 0.4kg. So only the remaining nutrient dense 0.8kg of pure aloe is actually processed! After processing to remove all impurities, only 0.5kg is left and used to create this toner! What a process but this ensures that the aloe used in this toner is truly exceptional and effective!

Additionally, the fragrance is from 100% natural ingredients (no synthetic fragrances), which is great for all skin types but especially for those with sensitive skin types that often react to fragrance. The toner also contains avocado oil, which is incredibly nourishing and rich in vitamins and coconut oil, which contains essential fatty acids to strengthen the skin and retain moisture. 

The first night I used this product, it instantly soothed and hydrated my skin! I had developed these dry patches on my face from most likely a mixture of weather changes and some peel I had been using. My dry skin can easily be thrown off of it's normal cycle, so when I applied this this toner it instantly soothed the irritation and hydrated my skin! I was stunned! I use this product like an essence and I apply a couple drops into my hand and press it into my face. The packaging allows for the product to be dispensed in controlled drops, so it eliminates waste. I recommend shaking the product a bit because there are oils in the the toner and you will want it to be fully incorporated into the tonic. It has a very fresh and light herbal fragrance, which is all natural and doesn't linger. The product absorbs very quickly, leaving no residue on the skin but makes my skin feel plump and hydrated, like it claims. It really does transform the texture of my skin, especially when paired with the Bonair Blue Smoother Facial Oil (review here) and the Bonair Blue Smoother Velvet Cream (review here)! While I'm not typically much of a toner person, this product is more of a nourishing essence and it is a very easy inclusion into my routine. It is highly effective means of delivering a ton of nutrients and nourishment to the skin without feeling heavy or overwhelming. 


  1. I'm interested in that toner because it's aloe based and my skin tends to get red. Aloe, green tea, and blueberry based products seem to help soothe me. =)

    Lovely post and I'm wondering what Tom Ford shades you have there! OoOOHHHH!!

    I have you in my reader now! I've been updating it all week!


    1. Yes, you would love this toner! My dry skin often get irritated very easily and this calms it down so much and really hydrates!

      I can't remember but they are Lips&girls shades! They are pretty but for some reason prone to breaking... eek.. luckily, I've only had one shade break on me!

      Thanks for visiting and reading! I always appreciate your support, babe!