| Review | BonAir Blue Smoother Face Oil

| Review | BonAir Blue Smoother Face Oil

My experience with K-Beauty products is very limited but its definitely an area I have been itching to explore however, the issue is often accessibility to the products is very limited in the United States. Bemused Korea is an online boutique that offers a range of real K-Beauty products from Korea ships to the U.S. and all over the world. They very kindly sent me this product to test and review, as always, these are my honest thoughts and opinions.

The BonAir Blue Smoother Face Oil retails for $53.00 USD and is available at Bemused Korea. This face oil is packaged in a clear glass bottle with a very simple and classy label. It looks as luxurious as the brand intended it to be. 

This Blue Smoother Face Oil is a true deep blue shade, which derives from the blue tansy flower from which the oil is extracted. The blue tansy oil is rich in azulene, which provides intense moisture and soothes irritation. Azulene is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as, preventing skin damage and signs of aging. This oil is designed for dry and sensitive skin types and contains fermented Morrocan Bluetanzi Flower oil to nourish the skin while absorbing quickly. Like with all their products, the fragrance contained in this product is 100% natural and contains no synthetic fragrances. The oil is also, 99.98% natural, containing a blend of blue tansy and marula oil! Marula oil derives from a tree in Africa and contains high levels of antioxidants and oleic acid to strengthen the skin. 

This light blue oil has a rich texture but absorbs quite quickly into the skin. I find I only need about 3-5 drops to cover my face and neck, depending on how dry I'm feeling. I always apply this product after I apply the Bonair Premier Aloe Real Squeeze Toner. I rub the oil between my hands and press the oil into my skin. It instantly hydrates and soothes my dry skin and alleviates any dry patches. After consistent use, my skin looks smoother, plump, and more youthful! I have definitely seen my lines diminish and my skin look renewed. One thing to note is that this oil is incredibly rich, despite it's light texture, so I would recommend using it sparingly. In the morning, my skin feels very soft, fresh, and hydrated! I often notice my skin is highly saturated with product, which means skin has absorbed all the nutrients and hydration it can and there is bit of excess on the surface of my skin in the morning. 

Since I have been suffering with some fairly severe dryness due to the erratic weather we have been experiencing with the transition between winter and spring, this product has significantly reduced and repaired my skin irritation and dryness. I find the rich formula to be very gentle and nourishing. It has also significantly reduced my need to use a rich moisturizer during the day because my skin is so well hydrated in the evening! I love the natural ingredients because they are non-irritating and nourishing.  I also love the hydration and plumpness it gives my skin. People often rave about products containing blue tansy and now I can finally understand why. It really is a miracle ingredient for dry, sensitive, and aging skin. I highly recommend trying this product if you have dry skin and have always been curious about blue tansy products. This oil is not only a great introduction into Korean skincare and Bonair but a great introduction into the world of blue tansy skincare! 


  1. Love this great informative review! Blue Tansy Flower oil in this really is a huge plus for gently nourishing sensitive dry skin^^