| Review | Winky Lux Kiss Kiss Proof Kit in Candy

| Review | Winky Lux Kiss Kiss Proof Kit in Candy

I had seen this brand around a lot on social media and have long admired their adorable packaging and unique product line. They have recently launched at Ulta and were very kind to send these product to try! 

Lip kits are the hottest new trend lately but you don't need to pay a fortune for one, the Winky Lux Kiss Kiss Proof Kit in Candy retails for $17.00 USD and is available at Ulta. These kits come with a waterproof. smudge-proof, and kiss-proof matte liquid lipstick and a matching lipliner. There are currently three different shades: Sugar (a brown nude), Candy (a medium pink), and Cherry (a classic red).

I am always hesitant to try matte liquid lipsticks because in experience, I either love them or I hate them. I know that in past few years, formulas have vastly improved from being moisture-depleting monsters to a much more comfortable velvety matte but it still makes me nervous.


Candy (liquid lipstick) is a beautiful universal slightly warm medium pink that would work on most skin tones. I was actually surprised about the bit of warmth the pink has but it is actually brightens and freshens up the complexion very well! It is the perfect spring lip color and great for everyday. It is very work-appropriate without being too boring or neutral.

The lip liner in Candy, is a bit cooler and more of a softer pink but makes for a beautiful complimenting liner. I don't believe that the lip liner and lip color need to match exactly. I like that this lip liner is a bit lighter and softer in shade. It helps define and diffuse the look of a normally harsh line of liquid lipstick! Normally when you wear a liquid lipstick, you would just trace the liquid lipstick around the edges of the lips, which can look harsh and unnatural. With this included lip liner, I trace the edges of my lips and fill in my lips with liquid lipstick. I do go over the edges of the lips with the liquid lipstick but the liner helps get a clean edge that is still soft and natural.


The formulation of both products is incredible! The lip liner is very pigmented and smooth. It glides on to the lips easily but still has the resilient texture of a lip liner. It layers very well with the liquid lipstick. The liquid lipstick is very pigmented and applies very smooth and evenly! I often notice that with liquid lipsticks they vary in consistency, especially when it comes to certain shades. They can apply pigmented but uneven. This lipstick applies opaque in one coat and completely even! The lasting power is beyond exceptional! I applied my lipstick at 7:00 am, I drank my cup of coffee, drank a bunch of water from a water bottle, and had lunch at 12:00 pm and while it is faded, my lips still have a lot of color and it faded very evenly! My lip color almost looks like it may be intentionally blotted! There is very little transfer with this product, I only saw very little on my mug and water bottle. I think it mostly wore off because I was blotting my lips on a napkin during lunch but even then, my lipstick still looks really good!


I LOVE this matte liquid lipstick! I typically don't like the liquid lipsticks that set to my lips because they tend to become very uncomfortable throughout the day. This formula stays soft and plush all day long. It feels so comfortable and the lasting power is absolutely incredible! I love that I don't have to touch up this lipstick and the color is smooth and opaque in one coat! The applicator is narrow and has a precise tip for achieving very clean and even lines around the contours of the lip. The product doesn't sink into lip lines or emphasize texture. It actually makes my lips look and feel very soft. I think this is the ideal product for an event or wedding because it lasts so long and is very resilient to eating and drinking but still remains super comfortable! The color is also perfect for bridal wear because it is neutral but still colorful enough to brighten the complexion. I highly recommend this product for anyone who loves or hates matte liquid lipsticks because if you hate them, you will love this one! I hope you see them release more shades in these lip kits because they are so good!

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