| Review | Smashbox x Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter in Gilded Rose and Rosemantic

| Review | Smashbox x Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter in Gilded Rose and Rosemantic

Known on the internet as the Queen of Lip Art and Rose Gold, Valda Haggerty or vladamua, has collaborated with Smashbox to create a collection so full of rose gold goodness your heart will melt into molten rose gold. Your rose gold goals won't go any higher after getting something from this collection! Everything is a variation of rose gold and drenched in rose gold packaging! The most coveted pieces of this collection have to be the beautifully embossed rose highlighters. Every beauty enthusiast was dying to get their hands on these opulently packaged and divine rose gold highlighters.  

The Smashbox x Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter in Gilded Rose and Rosemantic retail for $39.00 USD and is available at Smashbox, Ulta, and other retailers. These highlighters are divinely packaged in a metallic molten rose gold rose compact! That's right it look like rose made of liquid rose gold. Inside the highlighter itself is also shaped as a rose, this product was so well thought out and just stunning to behold. The compact has some pretty heft weight to it and makes it feel very luxurious. The compact is magnetic, which is not only luxurious, but a much better closure than snapping close. There are actually three highlighters in this collection but one of them is exclusive to Sephora and comes in different packaging.

Gilded Rose - This pale golden highlighter has a subtle pink sheen. Not quite "rose gold" in the traditional sense but the name is very apt. It is a gilded or golden rosy shade, quite unique and unlike any golden or rose gold highlighter I have ever come across. It is much more subtle than I expected when applied to my medium skin tone, so expect this will look very subtle on most skin tones, except for maybe a deep skin tone. Though it is subtle and soft, it still offers a beautiful sheen to the skin! The most beautiful part of this highlighter is it's incredibly smooth texture that just sits so naturally on the skin and fuses so perfectly with the skin! I have very rarely come across a highlighter that has such a smooth texture and sits on the skin this flawlessly!

Rosemantic - This highlighter is a warm intense rose shade with a rose gold reflect. It's the opposite of Gilded Rose in that the base is rose and the reflect is gold, whereas the base of Gilded Rose is gold but the reflect is rose. It looks quite coppery on the skin, the rose gold really comes through very strong when applied to the skin. This shade on light to medium skin tones will be used best as a blush because it is so pigmented and clearly rose colored. On a deeper skin tone this would make an amazing highlighter! I love this shade as a blush because like the Gilded Rose, it has an ultra-smooth texture! When applied to the skin, it isn't overly shiny or shimmery but just fuses with the skin creating a very healthy glow! I have use blushes that are much more shimmery than this highlighter. That isn't to say it doesn't provide a good glow but it is more subtle than you'd expect. It can be built up to be quite opaque, I used this shade an eyeshadow and it looked stunning! It lasted all day without a primer!

The thing about this baked formula is that it can be used wet or dry, so if you want more intensity, you either layer on more product dry or you can spray your brush with a little setting spray before you apply the product. The formula is very impressive in that it doesn't emphasize texture at all! It has such a beautifully smooth formula and it just adds a glow without every looking heavy or tacky!

I highly recommend getting one of these highlighters! You won't regret it! Everything from the luxurious and beautiful packaging, to the beautifully embossed and formulated product is worth the cost! The formula is really unlike many highlighters on the market! I love the way it naturally illuminates and brightens the face without looking obvious or emphasizing texture! I think the shades are quite unique and stand out in my very extensive collection! I can't get enough of these highlighters, they really impressed me! I honestly was drawn in by the packaging and design of the product but I am so happy that the product is exceptional as well! Any rose gold lover needs something from this collection, so let it be one of these highlighters!

This is a monochromatic rose gold look I did using the highlighters on the eyes and cheeks. The lip color is Rouge Dior Liquid in Vibrant Metal, check out my full review and swatches here.

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