| Review | Kaplan MD Skin Fit Superset

| Review | Kaplan MD Skin Fit Superset 

While I am not a fan of gym, it is something I am learning to love, but getting your body fit isn't the only thing that is important, getting your skin fit is essential too! Kaplan MD has come out with a simple and easy routine to get your skin fit and fresh for the new year! Since I have been begrudgingly started going back to the gym, I found that cleansing my skin very well before and afterwards is incredibly important to prevent bacteria buildup and acne. This kit is the perfect size to throw into your gym bag or even handbag. I was very kindly sent this kit from Kaplan MD.

The Kaplan MD Skin Fit Superset retails for $25.00 USD and is available st Kaplan MD. This compact and travel-friendly kit is intended to be the perfect pre and post-gym skincare regimen to get your skin clean and feeling fresh before or after an intense workout. When you workout and sweat, it opens up your pores, allowing dirt and bacteria to enter. Not only that, but bacteria often thrive in wet and humid conditions so it is important to properly cleanse your whole body afterwards to prevent breakouts and bacteria from festering on the skin. Included in this kit are some essentials to give your skin a quick pick-me-up: 

Radiant Glow Microfoliant (1.3oz)

This clay-based cleanser and exfoliator is so effective and gentle. The clay-based formula is something quite new to me but I really love it! It is intended to be used almost as a cleanser/flash mask. On damp skin, you work the product all over the face and then let it sit for about 3 minutes for the fruit enzymes to take into effect. Then taking the Glow Giving Sponge you remove the product and massage the skin, promoting blood circulation and giving you a glow. You need to soak the sponge in water first to soften it, it very gentle and is a nice addition to the cleansing experience. It feels like a detoxifying mask and it very thoroughly cleanses my skin. The clay also helps to control oil the skin and help retain moisture. The fruit enzymes mixed with the bamboo beads, helps exfoliate and brighten the skin gently but effectively. I see a HUGE difference in my skin after I use this cleanser. My skin is glowing and looks so fresh afterwards! I recently had some breakout on my face and this really help clear up my complexion but also really add a healthy glow to my skin.

Clarifying Facial Mist (1.3oz)

After a thorough cleansing, I spritz my face with the Clarifying Facial Mist. This refreshing mist helps, tone, hydrate, and brighten my complexion. It is very refreshing and cooling on the skin to help with any irritation or inflammation. The spritz is not very fine, it does spritz a fairly heavy amount of product but it does seem to distribute quite evenly. I like to apply my serum while my face is still wet from the mist. I find it helps with absorption and distribution of product. Then I follow up with my moisturizer.

For the reasonable price, this is a great little post-workout kit! The size of everything is perfect to travel with and it has all the essentials for a quick pre and post cleanse. I really love everything contained in the kit. I love the noticeable glow that the cleanser it gives to my skin and it really helps my products absorb better, making them more efficient! I usually workout in the evenings, so I always follow up this kit with my evening routine and in the morning my skin is glowing! I can't recommend this product enough. It is my first time trying Kaplan MD's skincare and I am very impressed! I hope to explore their skincare line even further in the future.