| Review | Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Eyeshadow Palette


| Review | Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

Finally, we can all get a little taste of the beautifully and artfully crafted range from the creative mind of Pat McGrath, without breaking the bank and over committing to a large palette! She has come out with mini versions of her famous Mothership Palettes, which I have had in and out of my cart for past few months. 

If you don't know who Pat McGrath is, you may have been living under a rock the past few years or more, because she is one of the most famous makeup artist out there! Path McGrath is famous for her creative and adventurous editorial makeup style. She has published many looks in some of the biggest Magazines in the world, like Vogue and even designed the Armani cosmetics line! Her avant garde style and innovative approach to beauty not only show in her work but also in her range. She has created a unique line of products with interesting textures, finishes, and formulas!

The Pat McGrath Labs MTHERSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Eyeshadow Palette retails for $55.00 USD and is available at Sephora. This is a great value for the six shades included in this limited edition palette. The palette is packaged very similarly to the the first three Mothership Palettes, with a cardboard exterior with beautiful artwork printed on the packaging. Unlike the Mothership palettes, the cardboard packaging is the palette, whereas the Mothership palettes can be removed and are all contained in a heavy black lacquered compact. The packaging is almost like a folder with a string that wraps around the circular tab that can be unwound to reveal the palette inside. Also included is a little plastic sheet with the color names on it, I would prefer the diagram with the color names on the back of the palette because I will most likely throw out this sheet. The palette opens like a book and is magnetized. It is heavy and also contains a massive mirror, which I always appreciate for travel or just for use at home because like to get very close up while I'm applying my eye makeup so I often use the mirrors included in palettes.

I think this Subliminal Platinum Bronze Eyeshadow Palette has the most neutral scheme of the three palettes that have been released and if you want to know why it is called "Platinum Bronze" well, obviously there is a platinum shade but the rest of the colors all have a very strong bronze base and undertone to them. The six shades included are:

ROW 1:

Platinize - Described as a "silky platinum", which it does remind me of a platinum shade however it has a fair amount of soft gold shimmer. It is a very bright and intense shade, perfect for the inner corner and it has quite a strong shine to it. It has a very shiny silk finish and it is very pigmented.

Smoke and Mirrors - Described as a "silky chocolate sheen", which is fairly accurate. It is more of a chocolaty taupe shade but it is indeed very silky in texture and finish! The bronze base/undertone in this shade is very strong and as you blend out the shadow, it looks more bronze than taupe. It is a great complex shade that when blended, it looks like you use two different shadows! It is very pigmented and with one dip into the pan, your brush picks up a lot of product and it applies very intense and smooth. The metallic sheen creates almost a glossy finish to the lids.

Telepathic Taupe - Described as a "glittering greige" but it is a bit more like a glittering kaki-greige.  It has is a very obvious kaki-green shade but it has a greige undertone. I was concerned about it being described as "glittering" but the glitters are ultra-fine! This shade has the finest glitters I have ever seen and they are actually glitters not shimmer. It gives a highly reflective glittering effect with the gold glitters but there is NO FALLOUT! Not one bit! It's such a beautiful glistening shade with so much complexity and glamorous glitter but it is still refined and sophisticated! Like the other shades, because of it's strong bronze base, I find that this shadow turns into a more golden bronze shade by the end of the day.

ROW 2:

Deep Velvet - Described as a "deep plum brown suede", which I think is very accurate. This matte eyeshadow (the only matte eyeshadow in the palette) is very pigmented and applies evenly. It blends beautifully and because of its complexity of the shade, it add a lot of depth as a outer corner shade but when blended out becomes a beautiful crease shade. It really looks like you used two different shades! This shade adds a lot of depth and dimension to an otherwise very reflective palette. It is a buildable shade and it has a very rich texture.

Ritualistic - Describes as a "metallic mauve brown", which is pretty accurate. To me, it is a metallic lavender taupe shade similar to "Smoke and Mirrors" but lighter and more purple. It has a beautiful pigmented formula that is rich and intense. A small dip into the pan, picks up a lot of product and it applies with full-pigment and very smooth. This shade is quite unique and has a beautiful finish! Again, there is a strong bronze base and as it wears throughout the day, seems to turn more bronze.

Sextrovert - Described as a "metallic bronze" but it is actually a antique gold shade. It is very intense and metallic, like molten gold. Like the other shades, it has a bronze base and it play well with all the other shades in the palette however, by the end of the day this tarnished gold turns into a true bronze. This shade is very rich, pigmented, and creamy. It is a very bright shade compare to the other's in the palette and adds a nice brightness to the overall palette.

As my first and only experience so far with Pat McGrath eyeshadows and products, I am impressed! The shadows are as silky and pigmented as they claim to be and I extremely impressed with the metallic and silk finishes! They offer such a big punch of color while having no fallout! They adhere to the eyes very well and they stay vibrant and intense from first application to removal!

This is the perfect "Beginner's Palette" because it creates the perfect 3-Shadow look every time! I mean every time! It's kind of weird because if you use more than three shades from this palette, your look can get muddled because the shades all have a very strong bronze base and similar finishes. For example, when I used Ritualistic, Smoke and Mirrors, and Deep Velvet together in one look, the colors and finishes were so similar that the look kind of got muddy and muddled together. The end result was the colors kind of just created a almost monotone bronze taupe smokey look. Many of these shadows seem to transform throughout the day and turn more bronze (it isn't oxidization due to my skin because I don't have oil lids and I always use a primer), which can be perceived as bad or a good thing. If you really love a bronze look, this may not bother you however, if you were expecting the colors that you applied that morning to look identical at the end of the day, you may find this news disappointing.

When I use this palette, I use 3 shadows, max because like I said, it creates the PERFECT 3-Shadow Look! I use Deep Velvet or Smoke and Mirrors as my outer corner and crease shade, Platinize as my inner corner highlight, and any of the the other shadows as my lid shade, my look is flawless! The complexity of the Deep Velvet and Smoke and Mirrors really anchors this perfect 3-shadow look because it really gives the impression that you have used more than one shade to create depth and definition in the crease and outer corner. They both blend so well with all the other shades and the Platinize is the perfect inner corner highlighter for any combination of colors. I feel like this palette was very well thought out for the everyday consumer and user. It is a great place to start with Pat McGrath eyeshadows because it is a wearable and neutral palette. The formula and shades allow you to create a very complex-looking eye but is actually very minimal effort!

I think the quality of the shadows is exceptional and I now understand the hype over these eyeshadows. Their formulation is one-of-a-kind and so easy to work with. The metallic, silk, and glitter finish eyeshadows are really unlike any eyeshadows I have used before. The pigmentation and intensity is truly beautiful, rich, and decadent. Everything you would expect from a luxury eyeshadow palette this product delivers! I wanted to believe that the brand and products were just hyped up but after trying them for myself, I now understand the OBSESSION! Never have encountered a eyeshadow packed full of glitter, yet gives NO FALLOUT! These eyeshadows stay so intense and vibrant for a full day of wear but do turn more bronze as it wears throughout the day. Some days I don't mind this but other days I just want the shade that I applied to my lid to be the same shade all day. This change in color is a bit strange but not a deal breaker for me. I have had my eye on a couple palettes for some time now and I will definitely be getting some more after this fantastic experience. I recommend picking up one of these new palettes since they are limited edition.

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  1. I bought this same palette over the weekend and can't wait to play with it! Pigmentation is insane and these shades are perfect for everyday looks. Great post, Liz!

    Naya // www.partyparrotblog.com

    1. Thanks, Naya! I hope you love the palette as much as I do! It really does create the most beautiful everyday looks! The formula is so impressive I may need to get some more!

  2. where do you get your crystal makeup brush?

    1. Hi Ariel! Unfortunately,t this brush was a limited edition that was sold at Sephora. It's no longer available.