| Review | Givenchy Gloss Interdit Vinyl

| Review | Givenchy Gloss Interdit Vinyl 

Give me glossy, smooth, and hydrated lips without a sticky texture! If you feel the same way, don't worry Givenchy has answered our cries for help! This new gloss formula will have you falling in love with lip gloss all over again! I was very fortunate to receive these beautiful lip glosses from Givenchy Beauty. 

The Givenchy Gloss Interdit Vinyls retail for $30.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. These glosses are packaged in a clear plastic tube with the Givenchy Interdit design adorned with what looks like a black and silver ribbon with the brand written across. These glosses come in a large range of shades, 10 total! Three are considered the "naturally enhancing" glosses, that react with your body's PH to create a unique shade to you, these are N1 Rose Revelateur, Electric Pink Revelateur, and a Givenchy classic, N16 Noir Revelatuer. 

The shades I have are: 

N9 Crazy in Rose - This milky pink shade provides a very fresh and brightening touch of color to your complexion. It has a slightly milky finish that makes it a soft nude pink. It has medium pigment and still allows your natural lip color to slightly shine through. This shade has ultra-fine pink shimmers in it but they aren't very noticeable on the lips. They just add a subtle luminosity and glow to your lip color. 

N12 Rouge Thriller - This classic red shade is very pigmented! I was very shocked when I first applied it because it was so opaque! This particular shade borders on a lip lacquer because of it's glossy texture and pigmented finish. The shine from the gloss makes this color very candy-apple red and it doesn't lean too cool or too warm. This red should compliment all skin tones. 

N16 Noir Revelatuer - This iconic Givenchy shade appears black in the tube which is often intimidating for many people but it is actually a sheer black that turns into a natural plum shade on the lips. It is the sheerest formula of this gloss but it adds a beautiful hint to color. It is, as described, a "naturally-enhancing" shade and it really looks like a healthy flush of color for your lips without being too pink or red. This shade will compliment all skin tones and is often my go-to when I want a "my lips but better" shade. 

The applicator on these glosses is very unique. They almost have the shape of a rose bud, tapering from the wand and becoming wider at the tip. The tip of the applicator is flat and round with a G carved into it. The "G" is for Givenchy but also for creating a "well" of color and product, so you have just the right amount of product and it doesn't require you to continue to dip your wand in for more product. I think the amount of product on the applicator is the perfect amount because with the pigmented shades like Rouge Thriller, you get a full opaque color but of course you can apply less for a sheer finish. With the sheerer shades it gives you a punch of color but you can also build it up for more opacity by dipping in for a second layer. I recommend slowly pulling the wand out of the tube because the tip does collect a lot product and some it tends to "spill over" out of the tube if the wand is removed quickly. I take the applicator and apply the product to the center of my lips, working outward and then using the side of the applicator to get more precision and less product around the edges. 

The formula is very balmy in texture and provides a generous amount of hydration to the lips! It smooths out lines and texture very well making my lips look very plump and hydrated. I find the gloss lasts a an average amount of time, about 2-4 hours, because of its thicker texture, it adheres to the lips much better and other glosses. I find that if I'm only drinking something, the gloss will last longer. Long after the lip gloss has worn off, my lips still feel very soft and hydrated! It feels like you are wearing a hydrating tinted balm. I usually always keep one in my bag for when I need color and hydration. I always appreciate a lip color that feels like a treatment because it makes it enjoyable to wear for a long time. The Crazy in Rose shade is one of my everyday go-to shades because it's a beautiful nude without being too light! Overall, I really love the texture and finishes of these glosses! I highly recommend them because they have something for everyone, from sheer to opaque! 

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