| Review | Colorescience Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35

| Review | Colorescience Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35

With spring and summer approaching, sun protection is becoming increasingly important. I usually always use some level of sun protection daily but I have never thought too much about sun protection specifically for the eyes. Also, I have never seen sun protection specifically for the eyes, until now! I couldn't be more thrilled to be kindly sent this Total Eye Renewal Therapy from Colorescience! Learn more about Colorscience here. Read my review their All Calm Clinical Redness Corrector for full face sun protection, correcting, and priming! 

The Colorescience Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35 retails for $69.00 USD and is available at Colorescience. This unique skincare-makeup hybrid is innovatively packaged in a pump tube with metal tip applicator. I have seen this metal tip applicator for eye care products before but never with this pump tube for dispensing product! The packaging is very easy to use and control the amount of product being dispensed. It keeps it quite sanitary because it releases the amount of product needed but doesn't allow product to go back into the tube. It is a compact tube, perfect for on-the-go or travel!

This 3-in-1 product is intended to serve as skin treatment, sun protection, and a color corrector. First of all, if you didn't already know, I love skincare-makeup hybrids. I think I have said it in multiple reviews of these kinds of products but I also love multi-tasking products! Despite being a product junkie, I am a lazy girl through and through and anything I can use to make my life and routine easier is an instant essential in my collection. Often the problem with multi-purpose products is that they fail in some aspect that they claim to assist with, however this is not the case with this product! It really delivers a on all three aspects exceptionally well!

No Corrector, No Concealer



One eye with Total Eye vs. one without

Both with Total Eye Renewal Therapy


As a skincare product, this lightweight tinted cream treats puffiness, sagging skin, dark circles, and lines and wrinkles. I must agree with most of these claims that apply to my eye area because as you dot it onto the eye area, you instantly feel a cooling and depuffing sensation. As you spread the product a bit with the metal tip applicator, your skin will feel soothed. It really feels more like an eye treatment than a makeup product! After 5 minutes or so, my eye area looks much less puffy, it looks and feels smooth, and the darkness is covered up!


While many of us apply daily sunscreen, we often don't think about our eye area, which has the thinnest layer of skin! This is why this area is one of the first places people show signs of aging, on top of that, people often don't use sun protection on this area. The problem with using traditional sunscreens near the eye area is that it often causes irritation, watery eyes, or even burning from the chemicals. Colorscience uses physical sunscreen ingredients that don't irritate the eye area but still protect it incredibly well! I love that someone has finally come out with a sun protection for the eye area and the best part is that it isn't an extra step in my daily routine because it is incorporated into my concealer/corrector!


This cream comes in a universal light peach shade that helps correct for darkness and discoloration. Peach tones help correct shadowing and darkness without causing an ashy look in those darker areas. Instead, it corrects and brightens the dark areas very well! The color is very brightening but not too light, for my medium skin tone, however I expect this will be too light for deep skin tones. The texture is very lightweight and a gel-cream texture. It reminds me a lot of the texture of the YSL Touch Eclat but more gel-like. It spreads and blends into the skin very easily and provides a really good coverage. I find I don't need any additional concealer when I use this product. The product is quite hydrating and for those who are crease-prone, I recommend setting the product immediately. I find after I set the product, it stays put and it doesn't crease throughout the day. Another tip for preventing under eye products from creasing is making sure you really push the product into the skin, using a beauty sponge really helps with this. The product is very brightening and gives my under eyes a healthy glow and freshness which I can always appreciate when I'm plagued with insomnia.

I can't recommend this product enough! Seriously, this is one of the BEST product to hit my vanity in a long time! I haven't really changed my under eye concealer in a long time and I don't often experiment with mew products for that area but after trying this Renewal Eye Therapy, I think I have found my new favorite under eye product! The light texture and finish covers and corrects my darkness with looking or feeling heavy. It brightens and brings a much needed freshness to my tired eyes in the morning. Plus you really feel the treatment depuffing and hydrating the eye area! I love the inclusion of the high SPF to protect and prevent damage to my eye area! With the warmer months quickly approaching, I think this product is an essential for everyone. It makes it easy to protect your eye area while you treat and correct it!


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    1. id like to know this well...the shade your using t hat would be helpful

    2. When I was sent this product there was only one shade and I believe that shade is Medium Original.