| Review | Sdara Skincare Vitamin C Serum & Demaroller

| Review | Sdara Skincare Vitamin C Serum & Dermaroller

Vitamin C serums are an essential for getting glowing skin. I hadn't used a Vitamin C Serum in a while and when Sdara offered to send me their serum. I couldn't be more excited to try it out and get my skin glowing and bright again! Especially since we are heading into spring from winter, when our skin is the most dull and lifeless looking. 

The Sdara Skincare Vitamin C Serum retails for $34.99 for 1fl.oz. and is available at Sdara Skincare. The serum is packaged in a very luxurious feeling metal pump bottle. Sdara Skincare strives to offer the highest quality products for a reasonable price! That's a mission we can all support because as many of us know, skincare can get very costly. 

What does Vitamin C do for the skin? 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which we all know as an essential for anti-aging but what do antioxidants actually do? Oxidization is basically aging or deterioration of your cells due to exposure to oxygen. That's right, oxygen ages you but it's also our source for living! Ugh... Life is complicated. Anyways, antioxidants SLOWS DOWN that aging process, which is why we often consume fruits and vegetables because many have antioxidants that slow down this deterioration process. The best way to explain it is, if you open and leave banana out, it will quickly brown because it has very little antioxidants and the exposure to the oxygen is essentially "aging " the banana. If you look at other fruits like berries and citrus, even when you leave them out they do not brown because they are high in antioxidants, which slows down that aging process. 

When we apply products with antioxidants in it, our skin absorbs it and it helps with the production of collagen. Over time this results in more supple and elastic skin. Additionally, this should help plump the skin and prevent early signs of aging. It also helps with the prevention and treatment of sun damage by brightening pigmentation and the overall complexion. There is still many more studies than need to be done regarding Vitamin C and the benefits for the skin but after using products with a high concentration of Vitamin C, you will see a difference in your skin! 

This Vitamin C Serum is potent, containing 20% Vitamin C, which is pretty high for a serum. You will notice results immediately after one night of use! After properly cleansing my skin, I apply one pump of this Vitamin C Serum all over my skin. The consistency is quite a runny clear liquid and it absorbs into the skin quite well alone but to really get the most out of your serum and skincare in general, you NEED to use a dermaroller. Trust me this device will change your skin routine forever!

The Sdara Dermaroller retails for $19.99 USD, which is pretty standard and a very reasonable price for this kind of device. Many of of you may be skeptical or scared to use a dermaroller because it is essentially a wheel of tiny needles but DON'T FEAR! It is an INCREDIBLE product and it will change your skincare routine forever! This dermaroller also has much shorter needles (.25mm), which is great for someone starting out with micro-needling for the first time because it is more gentle but still highly effective! I have been using a dermaroller for about 6 months now and it is truly life-changing! A dermaroller helps your products absorb better into your skin and therefore, they are more efficient! Not only does it help with absorption but it helps increase collagen production! Seriously! After a month of consistent use you will see your skin look more plump, smooth, and feel the increase in elasticity!

You don't need to use it daily, I use mine about 3 to 4 times a week. My favorite method for getting the most out of my skincare routine is applying my Vitamin C serum the using my dermaroller all over. The best technique is to gently roll the device vertically all over, in sections, then horizontally, and then finally diagonally! Rolling it in those various directions will ensure that the product goes deep into your skin and you are stimulating your skin evenly all over. I like to then go in with a second serum for an intense treatment!

In the morning, my skin is GLOWING! I mean really BEAMING! The Vitamin C Serum made my skin radiant and so fresh! Also, because the the serum contains 5% hyaluronic acid it really keeps mu skin hydrated and makes it look plump! This was after one night of use! The dermaroller is a huge help in helping with the absorption and the effectiveness of the products, which is why I had experienced immediate results. Over prolonged use, my skin consistently looks fresh adn has a beautiful glow to it. My sun spots have minimized, which has always been a skin concern of mine. My skin always feel so plump and hydrated, even when I don't have the product on because it retains moisture so well!

I highly recommend both the serum and dermaroller! From my experience with dermarollers, they have completely changed my skin and have become an essential in my routine! I will never go back to the days without it because my skin has never looked or felt this good! The Vitamin C serum is probably the most potent vitamin c serum I have ever used, giving me result in one night of use. Over time, with these two incorporated into my routine, my skin has looked better and better! I love waking up and seeing my skin just GLOWING without anything on it! It's just my skin looking radiant and beautiful!