| Review | Velvet 59 Rose Metals Palette

| Review | Velvet 59 Rose Metals Palette 

As soon as I saw this product on Octoly, I had heart palpitations! Seriously, I could not be more excited to be sent this product from Velevt 59 because the colors in this palette are just STUNNING! I mean everything about it is so stunning!

Velvet 59 is not a frequently spoken about brand for how gorgeous all their products look! Velvet 59 was created by 24 year-old, Paris Manning. Growing up in the beauty industry, she wanted to create a line of vegan cosmetics inspired the beautiful and empowering women that are icons for vintage glamour, like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Her passion to strive toward a vegan beauty line is born for her love of animals from spending lots of time as a child on a farm in upstate New York. Velvet 59 not only keeps their products vegan but the believe in resourcing sustainable ingredients and reducing environmental impact.

The mission of this brand is something to be truly inspired by and admired. Striving for an animal and environmentally friendly brand is not an easy task because high quality, vegan, sustainable ingredients are usually more costly and harder to procure.

Velvet 59's aesthetic is just stunning and classic! I love the modern take on vintage glamour! The branding and packaging is so beautiful and feels so special. You can tell there was a lot of detail and passion put into the branding and packaging. I hope to see more talk about this amazing brand online as they begin to grow their product line.

The Velvet 59 Rose Metals Eyeshadow Palette retails for $45.00 USD and is available at Velvet 59. The palette is stunning packaged in a metal foil exterior (same foil as the eyeshadow pans), which is covered in their decorative paper design. It feels very sturdy and sleek. The design on the palette is absolutely beautiful and represents the brand's style and aesthetic so well! The design is classic yet modern which is so perfect for this palette. The shadows can be removed and replaced in the palette which is really nice, especially as you finish certain shades, you can replace them. The names are written above the shades in beautiful rose gold lettering. 

The palette contains 8 shades which is intended to be used as eyeshadow, blush, and face highlighter! This is the first of its kind for the brand, a multi-purpose palette that can create a huge variety of looks! The 8 pigments included are:

TOP ROW (left to right):

Rose Silver - This is a matte pale pink shadow with little flecks of silver glitter in it. On my medium skin tone, it doesn't show up very strong but still works well as a crease/transition shade. The silver flecks are quite small and seem to dust away as you blend the shadow. This is the only "matte" shade in the palette however it is not a true matte because of the tiny flecks of silver glitter. While I love having a matte shadow in my palettes, I would have liked one a bit deeper than this shade but I find the shade does really compliment the other pigments in the palette. It really makes an excellent "blending shade" that helps create a smooth transition to the brow bone.

22k Gold - This shade is a pretty true metallic rose gold pigment! The golden tone is there but it isn't too copper or too pink! It looks very much like the metallic lettering on the palette. The finish is like molten metal and the texture is buttery and smooth! It is highly pigmented and a small dip into the shade is enough for the entire lid! The color is so rich and looks beautiful with so many of the shades in the palette. This one can definitely be used as a highlighter for medium to deep skin tones or a bronze blush for fair to medium skin tones! 

Persian Pink - The name of this light purple/lavender shade may seem misleading but after applying it to the face, you will see the pink tones shine through. This lavender shade has some silver pearl throughout it and the pink tone compliments the other "rose" shades in the palette. It is a shimmer shadow but it can be used as a crease blending shade and it looks absolutely stunning! It makes a pretty blush too but be careful because it is very pigmented! The pink tones actually make the lavender a lovely blush without looking too obscure or cool-toned.

Metallic Rose - This is a shimmering satin purple-toned burgundy shade. It is insanely pigmented and creamy! You literally need a tiny tap and the pigment blends out beautifully but still maintains its intensity. This shade adds so much depth and complexity to the palette and compliments so many shades. I think this is one of my favorite shades in the palette because it works well for a warm toned look or a cool tones look, due to its complexity. 

BOTTOM ROW (left to right): 

Sun Stone - This super warm coppery amber shade is a shimmering satin shade that is extremely pigmented! Just one very light tap into the product is enough for my lid area! This very warm copper shade is quite unique to anything in my collection and it pairs so beautifully with the rose and burgundy tones of this palette. It gives a very molten golden look to the eyelids and the shadow is very blendable! 

Moon Landing - This metallic steel teal, almost peacock blue shade is the most difficult of the pigments to work with. The shade has medium pigment and requires more layering to be more opaque. It appears to have a drier texture and takes more effort to pick up with a brush however it is still a beautiful shade! After using it a second time, it appears this shade just has a harder film on top and after you get through that layer, it is actually as creamy and rich as the other shades! Once it is applied, it has a very cool and intense metallic finish and the color is so stunning! It goes so well with the other rose and purple tones in the palette. I love the complexity of this shade because it seems to shift between green-blue and purple. It has quite a purple undertone. It really is a very unique shade!

Shakudo - This shade is a duo-chrome peach-pink with gold shimmer. This pigment makes a beautiful transition/crease color when you want to do a warm look or as a soft lid color, but also as a fresh blush color! Placing this shade on your eyes and cheeks really pulls the whole look together and making it appear very cohesive! This shade is slightly reminiscent of  NARS orgasm blush however, it is not as pink, just very peach. It is a beautiful blush shade that can be built to be more pigmented. The shimmer is fine and gives a very fresh and natural glow to the cheeks!  

Passion Flower - This pale silvery-purple shade is somewhere between a frost and metallic finish. It is VERY intense and pigmented. It makes a stunning inner corner highlighter because it is so brightening and offers so much glow! Although it has a purple tone, it compliments even the warm shades in the palette. It makes a BEAUTIFUL highlighter! I use a fan brush and very very lightly tap into the product and apply it to my cheekbones. It can be built up but the initial application can be quite strong because it is so pigmented. It blends out beautifully and isn't too frosty or texture-emphasizing. It just offers an amazing glow to the skin! 

I think this palette is so well balanced making it so versatile! The mixture of cool and warm shades really compliment and work well with each other. I do wish there were a bigger variety of textures, however this isn't a deal-breaker for me because the quality of these pigments are so incredible! The pigmentation is so intense and rich! The pigments blend into the skin beautifully, whether you use it as a shadow or  as a cheek product. I find the shade selections so inspirational and unique. I can create so many different looks with this palette, plus the pigments can be used on the cheeks, creating a cohesive and complimenting overall look! I can't recommend this palette enough and the price is so reasonable for the quality! I haven't used shadows as buttery, rich, and pigmented in a long time! It has re-inspired me to create fun, colorful, and creative looks but can also be used daily for more subtle looks too! The thing love most about these pigments is that they stay vibrant and rich from the time you apply them to the time when you remove them! I have gone to remove my makeup over 12 hours later and they shades are still as bright and rich as when I applied them! I love everything about the brand, branding, and the quality of the products!


(Check out that GLOW from the Shakudo pigment as a blush and Passion Flower as a highlight)



Using a blending brush lightly blend Persian Pink into the crease and upwards toward the brow.

Next, using a crease brush, place Metallic Rose into the deep crease and blend into the Persian Pink.

Blend out the edges of Persian Pink with Rose Silver for a seamless finish toward the brow bone.


Using a dense eyeshadow brush or dense crease brush, place Mood Landing on the out corner blending toward the middle, stop 1/3rd of the way into the lid.

LID - 

Take a flat eyeshadow brush and take 22k on the lid, blending into Moon Landing. Leave inner corner untouched.


Take Passion Flower on a small detail or crease brush and plcae it in the inner corner, blending into 22k.

LOWER LASHLINE (optional) -

Place Persian Pink on 2/3rds of the lower lashine, blend a bit father down. Take Moon Landing and place it on the out 1/3rd and 22k on the inner 1/3rd.

LINER - Optional but recommend


Using Shakudo on a blush brush, blend the color all over the cheeks. Take Passion Flower on a fan brush and use as a highlighter.

LIPS - Nude Shade Recommended