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Review: Dior Dreamskin Cushion 

In the past couple years, I have become a huge fan of skincare-makeup hybrids. Not only because it has been the latest trend from Asia taking the western world be storm, but because as I have gotten older, I care more about nurturing and nourishing my skin than about covering it up. At the beginnings of this trend, we saw BB and CC creams all over the market, these products still hold their place in my collection although many western companies have now discontinued those products. Now cushions are all the rage! Literally every type of face product can be found in a cushion form now, from bronzers and blushes to foundation and primers, this new product delivery system is everywhere. I have wanted to try these cushion products for sometime now but I had no idea where to start, since every brand started releasing their version of this hot trend. I finally caved recently because I had been eyeing this product for some time and Nordstrom was offering 15% off, so why not?

What is a cushion? Well, its a product soaked "sponge" or "cushion" usually housed in a compact. These products tend to be very light in texture and are typically applied with a thin sponge or thin puff. Cushions have been very popular for their uniqueness and their portability.

The biggest concern I have with cushions is sanitation, which I believe many people have this same concern. The cushion is not a very sanitary means of holding product because essentially you are constantly dipping a sponge into another sponge, over and over. As you know, bacteria can easily fester on an applicator that isn't washed or cleaned regularly. This is more concerning when you are talking about sponges that tend to be porous, in combination with a very wet product. Considering this is my first ever cushion, I can't tell you if this is a problem or will cause problems in the future but I can tell you that I am trying to very careful. Instead of using the sponge included with the product on a daily basis, I use a dense buffing brush for daily application. I would say use a new brush every time you use this product but that is so excessive and annoying. I think the best thing to do, is to spot clean your brush with a brush cleaner or alcohol, after every use. I have tried using the sponge and washing it but I honestly just prefer applying this product with a brush and using the sponge for touch ups. 

The Dior DreamSkin Cushion retails for $82.00 USD and is available at Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and other retailers. This may sound very costly but this initial kit comes with 2 cushions and the compact. After you have used up the cushions you can continue to buy refills for $42.00 USD. This product comes in 4 shades, not a great shade range but this product is sheer and should work for up to tan skin tones I bought the shade 3 and I am a NC35-NC37 most of the time and in the summers I can get darker. 

Like I just mentioned, I like applying this product with a very dense buffing brush using stippling motion. This almost perfectly mimics the application of using the included sponge, if not even better than that application! I think using a dense brush will also give you more coverage, if that is what you are looking for. 

This formula, according to Dior, is 80% skincare/serum and 20% pigment/makeup. You can find this product on their skincare display, not their makeup display. The texture is incredibly light and feels completely weightless on the skin. It smells very fresh, like the rest of their skincare line, and it feels very refreshing when applied to the skin. It is undetectable on the skin and the coverage is sheer to light coverage. If you are looking for a foundation, this not it. This is more of a skin tint or skin perfector, providing a little coverage and just lightly correcting the skin. The finish is described as matte but I consider it a luminous but not a dewy finish, it sets to a very natural finish. After it sets. which it does quickly, the skin is not wet or dewy, it literally looks like your-skin-but-better!

I think this product would work best for someone with good skin and is also a normal to dry skin type (this is my skin). Since this product is mostly skincare, I find that on my dry days, I only need to apply serum and on other days, I can forego skincare all together. This prevents the product from breaking down on the skin throughout the day, lasting 8 hours. When I used a moisturizer underneath, I found that it only lasted 5 hours before starting to break down. I used it with a primer underneath and without skincare, and it lasted me 8 hours. I don't set this product, I only set where I have concealed, so around the nose and under the eyes and a little bit in the T-zone. You can also use this product as a base for foundation, especially since it contains SPF50, which is perfect, as the warmer months are approaching. 

Overall, I have to say, I LOVE this product! The finish is so natural and luminous! This product has actually made me fall back in love with my cream blushes because they apply and sit on top of this product so beautifully! I have also found that it seems to make my cream cheek products last longer! This has become my new favorite everyday foundation. I love that I am being protected with the SPF50 but my skin is still perfected with the tint in the product. It feels so good on my skin and since I've started using it daily, I feel my skin is softer! When I remove and cleanse my face, at the end of the day, my skin still feels so soft! If you love products like Le Metier Peau Vierge, than you will love this product! It initially comes with a pretty hefty price but remember you are getting two cushions, not just one! I am happy I took the plunge and tried this product, it will come in very handy when it gets much warmer and wearing makeup will feel more unbearable in the heat. I highly recommended it to anyone who is looking for a light coverage with sun protection, it even makes a great primer!

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  1. This cushion is so great ! Love it too and if you need more coverage with mat effect the last one Dior Forever is quite awesome too ;) Kisses and lovely review Liz !
    Kédidja ~ beautymoodboard.com