| Review | Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Blonde Mink Cheek Creme

| Review | Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Blonde Mink Cheek Creme

Cream blushes are always a challenge because you don't want a formula that is too emollient or it will just slip off the face or even worse, make you look greasy. Also, you don't want a formula that is too dry, or it will be difficult to blend and it will disrupt your base. I am always searching for a good cream formula, the "just right" or "Goldilock's" of cream blushes, and I must say, I think this one comes pretty darn close!

The Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Blonde Mink Cheek Creme retails for $60.00 USD for .14oz and is available at Sephora and other retailers. It doesn't look like the pan actually has a lot of product but it does! .14oz is quite a lot for product for the price and is close to Tom Ford's Cream Cheek Color which contains .17oz for $68.00 ( I swear it keeps getting more expensive, at one point it was $60.00). Anyways, for a luxury cream blush, it seems to contain the right amount for product for the price, which makes sense since Estee Lauder owns Tom Ford.  

The packaging is stunning, like all of the collection. It has the gold trim, clutch-like clasp, and the pebbled leather exterior. The mirror inside is nice and adds to the luxurious packaging. If anything, this collection has much more luxurious packaging than Tom Ford and for about the same price. Even this little compact has some significant weight to it and feels luxurious. I notice that the clasp is very tight, which is excellent because the last thing you would want it the product to dry out or open up inside your bag. 

The formula of this product is phenomenal! It is easily one of the best products from this collection. While this collection is expensive, it hasn't quite hit the marks on the exceptional quality I would expect out of a luxury collection, with exception of this product. The eye shadows seem to have received very poor reviews and the face products were very nice quality but many products did not meet my expectations for its luxury price tag.  

The best description of this blush is a burnt neutral peach. It has a very bronze base and has a real warmth to it. It gives you a "sun-flushed" look, like you have been out at the beach all day. The cream blush has a balmy texture but isn't too emollient or glossy. It is described as a satin finish, which I very much agree with, it really looks like a natural "from-the-skin" flush. The blush is incredibly pigmented! Just a light touch into the product with my finger is enough for one cheek. The product blends seamlessly into the skin and can even work over a very light powder, like the Skin Perfecting Powder (also part of this collection, read the full review here) without disrupting the base underneath! I use my fingers in a light patting motion to apply and blend the product. The cream blush seems to last from 4 to 8 hours, depending on your skin type and the climate conditions you're wearing it in. I have seen mine fade quickly because of hot weather and I have seen it last all day (8 hours) with a little bit of breakdown! I usually carry the compact with me for touch ups because it is small, convenient, and so pretty! 

I have found a color dupe (in my opinion) in my collection. This Blonde Mink is identical in shade to Colourpop's Aphrodisiac, which retails for $5.00 USD for .15oz and available at Colourpop and soon Sephora. They are both cream formulas however, the Colourpop one has more of a matte finish and less glow to it but if you are looking for an affordable alternative, this one is pretty spot on! It is also slightly more brown and neutral in tone, so it should work for many skin tones. I still recommend the Estee Lauder version because the fantastic formula but both are fantastic!

I love this this cream blush and its formula! It is unlike many cream blushes I have ever tried and it is as nice as Tom Ford's but with a very different finish and texture. I love the shade so much and I feel it will be very flattering on most skin tones because it is so neutral and natural. Although it doesn't take much product to get a flush and I haven't even come close to making a dent on the one I have, I'm very tempted to get a back-up because it is soooo.... good! I think if you have a medium-tan skin tone like mine, you will love this product! When you use this blush in conjunction with the rest of the collection, the result is stunning! As expensive as this collection is, I can't deny that all the products work beautifully together. If I could recommend one thing from this collection, it would be this beautiful cream blush!

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