| Review | Lipsense Long-Wearing Lipcolor

Review: Lipsense Long-Wearing Lipcolor

I have seen Lipsense a lot all over Instagram but I never really thought to try the brand. Mostly because I'm afraid of long-wearing lip products. I know, that sounds crazy but long-wear lip products have a very bad reputation for being incredibly drying and horrible feeling on the lips! I was actually contacted by a lovely lady named Bella. She and her mother sell Lipsense together as a means to spend more time together and they sent me a shade to try out. Here is their Instagram and Facebook page, if you are interested in getting some:  

Also, Bella is kindly offering a LIMITED TIME (until May 5th, 2017) 10% OFF your ENTIRE purchase if you mention my blog!



Starter Kit $55.00 USD includes: 1 Color of your choice, 1 Gloss, and 1 Oops Remover

Additional colors: $25.00 USD each 

Lipsense is  gluten-free, led-free, cruelty-free, and contains all natural ingredients. There are 36 shades available from nudes to reds and everything in between. The crazy thing about this product is it supposed to be water-proof and last for hours! Usually products that claim to last for hours either don't or they're horribly uncomfortable! 

I received the shade in "Dark Pink" which is really a neutral medium pink shade that will flatter pretty much all skin tones. The formula is very thin and feels almost like water or a lip stain going on the lips.  It is best to apply this product is thin even layers and do one layer at a time. I usually apply the first layer then wait 5 to 10 second before applying the next one. I find that the color is opaque in 3 layers. The feeling of the lip color is slightly sticky, its best not to press your lips together until you apply the gloss. After I have applied my layers of color, I apply my Lipsense gloss on top. The scent of the lip color is mild but kind of chemically and synthetic. It isn't bothersome because the scent doesn't linger. The formula feels very light-weight and isn't at all drying! That was probably the most shocking part! The Lipsense clear gloss is very moisturizing and has a beautiful glossy shine without feeling sticky! It feels like a glossy lip treatment and it is supposed to help prep you lips for Lipsense, so you can wear it at night as a hydrating treatment. The Lipsense Remover is very helpful for those little goofs that occasionally happen or if you want to completely remove the lip color. It is a very light oil consistency, you just pat it on the area you want to remove and use a paper towel to wipe it away. 

I applied my lip color and gloss at 7:00am. I went throughout my work day and I had several cups of tea, ate a salad, and I even went to the dentist in the afternoon! By the time I came back from the dentist, I still had the lip color on my lips! Despite the teeth cleaning I had, with them poking around in my mouth, there was only subtle fading around the edges of my lips! I'm so blown away by the lasting power of this product! I never reapplied the gloss which is supposed to help with any dryness, but I didn't experience any dryness, This might be because I drink a lot of liquids throughout the day. I really must say, I am amazed and a little shocked at how well this product preformed. Eventually later that evening, after dinner, my lip color was pretty much gone but I was ready to take my makeup off then. I never touched up the lip color or the gloss that day but everything stayed in place! 

Overall, I highly recommend this product if you are looking for something very very long-wearing! It never transferred on my tea cup or was removed my eating, or even a dental visit! If you have an event approaching, like a wedding, this may be a very good option for you or if you hate touching up your lip color, this is so great! I feel like this product is different from long-wearing lip colors of the past, that used to feel very dry and peel off your lips. This product doesn't do that, it just lasts very comfortably.