| Review | NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer

Review: NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer 

The famous and wildly popular NARS Laguna Bronzer, now comes in liquid form! Bronzer junkies, rejoice! As a bronzer junkie, I need to collect every form of bronzer available. There aren't many liquid bronzers available on the market, not until recently, did brands begin to bring out this form of bronzer. 

NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer is $40.00 for 1.0oz (available at Sephora and other retailers). The liquid bronzer is packaged beautifully in a heavy black ceramic bottle with the classic rubbery NARS texture, similar to the eyeshadow singles and duo packaging. So if you fear the fingerprints and makeup smudges on your packaging, handle this bottle with care and clean hands. The cap, is actually made of sturdy plastic, as well as the pump. It is very beautiful and chic packaging. I often prefer my liquid products in a clear packaging but I can make an exception for this beauty. 

The formula is very similar to the Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Summer ($64.00 for 1.0oz) it is a creamy liquid formula that is opaque and very blendable. Initially I thought the NARS Liquid was very runny and liquidy because when I shook it, using an up and down motion) the product would squirt out of the pump! Now I know, that the product separates into the pigment and a the clear runny liquid.  You need to shake it with the cap on and preferably in an side-to-side motion instead. I can see why the other liquid bronzers I own, Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Summer and By Terry Tea to Tan come in a dropper packaging. My advice, Don't forget to shake VERY well! 

These are very sheered out to show the shimmer in the liquid bronzer.

When combined properly, the product is creamy and blends beautifully into the skin! It looks incredibly natural and is a glowing finish. I have always loved the slightly cooler universal tone of the laguna bronzer, compared to your typical bronzer shades. I find the color of the laguna liquid to be just like its powder version however, I do find there is a significant amount of gold shimmer in this product. 

I have had many people asking me if they could mix this in with their foundation, my answer is you can... but I wouldn't recommend it. It is quite opaque so unless you have a much light foundation than your skin tone, it will definitely change the color of your foundation. Also, i think the gold shimmers all over your face may be a bit much, these are not incredibly fine shimmers, although they do look natural on the skin.  

Overall, the NARS laguna liquid is a beautiful liquid formula! You do have to like a fair amount of gold shimmer. If you prefer something similar with a bit less shimmer, go with the Giorgio Armani, although is does cost significantly more! Also, the Armani has more of a silicon texture that some people may not prefer. I think the NARS laguna liquid is beautiful for the approaching warm weather. I love the texture and finish. I feel the shade of the Laguna Liquid is perfect for fair to tan skin tones, beyond that it will become more of a highlighter-type product. If you are looking for more shades, Giorgio Armani now offers 3 different shades. If the Laguna Liquid suits your skin tone, it is a beautiful product both on the face and on your vanity. 

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  1. what shade of Giorgio armani maestro did you use:-) I'm looking for a liquid bronzer for a fair asian. Im wearing MAC NC20 2nd or 3rd to the lightest. I have yellow undertones skin