| Review | Dior Summer 2016 Eye Reviver Illuminating Palette 002 + Comparison Swatches

Review: Dior Eye Reviver Illuminating Palette 002 

This year the Dior summer collection includes another version of their Eye Reviver Illuminating Palette. These palettes contain five powder eyeshadows and one cream eyeliner.

The Dior Eye Reviver Illuminating Palette 002 is $62.00USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. Like the previous versions, the summer 2016 Reviver Palette has very soft and luminous neutral shades. The tones fit in well with the trends of the spring/summer 2016 launches, which have been soft earth tones.

Here is the amount of product in this palette broken down:
- 0.03 oz Base Primer 
- 0.05 oz Neutral Eye Shadow in #2 
- 0.06 oz Neutral Eye Shadow in #3, #4 
- 0.07 oz Neutral Eye Shadow in #5 
- 0.04 oz Liner #6 in Black 

I don't know why these shadows all have different quantities, my guess is that the different textures "press" differently into the same sized pan. So although they are the same volume of product, they are not the same weight. I believe essentially you are recieveing the same amount of product per pan.

The eyeshadows in this palette are very soft and powdery. When swatched, they seem too powdery and don't seem to adhere well to the skin but when actually applied to the eyes, with a brush, the shadows adhere very well and are very blendable. This does mean there is quite a bit of excess "kick-up" of powder when you dip your brush into the product. Also, there can be a decent amount of fallout in the application process. This does not bother me because I prefer to do my eyes first. I find these shadows to be very blendable and pigmented.

The "Base Primer" shade (the first one on the left) is a soft matte cream shade, which swatches horribly! In the swatch it appears sheer and patchy however, when using the actually product with a brush it applies smoothly and pigmented. It is a perfect brow bone highlighter and all over base shade.

The "Neutral #2" shade is a soft petal pink with a glowy satin texture. It is beautiful inner corner highlighter shade or great for a brightening lid shade. On my tan skin tone, it appears even lighter, almost a silvery pink shade. On a fair skin tone, I imagine the pink being more prominent.

The "Neutral #3" shade is a beautiful bronze-toned champagne shade! This is by far my favoirte shade in the palette and the one that made me go "oooohh... I need this palette"! This shadow is a very glowy shimmer texture that really does illuminate the eyes. I find this shadow is the best texture overall when swatched or worn on the eyes.

The "Neutral #4" shade is complex kaki-olive shade. The pictures don't do this shade justice. It is a complex kaki-olive shade with tones of brown and burnished gold. I also find in bright lighting, the multi-colored reflects really show. This is such a wearable green shade and it has been popular since the early spring launches this year.

The "Neutral #5" shade is deep brown with warm copper tones and flecks. This shade is very pigmented and works very well as an eyeliner or to deepen your look. I use it to "set" the cream liner in this palette. It is also a beautiful smokey eye shade!

The "Liner #6" is a deep chocolate brown shade that compliments the eyeshadows very well. The formula, like the previous palettes, does not set. This will be annoying to many people, however it does make a beautiful base for the shadows or using the deepest shade you can "set" the liner for a smokey-liner look. I personally love a smudgy/smokey liner look and I feel this palette calls for that type of line because the shades and textures of the eyeshadows are so soft! The texture of this liner is a drier cream texture. Although it isn't emollient, it applies very smoothly but requires a bit of layering. To sum it up, it isn't transfer resistant.

Compared to the first Reviver 001 Palette, the Summer 002 version is a warmer much more earth tones palette. The Reviver 001 Palette is a compilation cool rosey taupe shades with a charcoal liner.

Compared to the "Nordy Girl" Reviver Palette (in the US it was limited edition and exclusive to Nordstrom, may be called something different in other countries), it is again, much warmer and earth toned. The Nordy Girl Palette is a compilation of purple shades with a plummy-toned deep brown liner.

My BIGGEST GRIPE with this product is its packaging! After owning now, three versions of this palette, I have discovered the hinges of this palette are terrible! After pulling out my Reviver 001 Palette (after a long time neglect), one of the corner hinges broke off! I checked the other corner and the plastic was worn and cracked! After checking my Nordy Girl palette for signs of "hinge-wear" (and discovering it was also worn and cracked), it was apparent that the plastic and the style of these hinges are horrible quality! What a shame! These palettes are significantly more expensive than their traditional quints and although their packaging looks luxe, its quality is severely lacking! I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but if you have, please comment below and let everyone know! I expect my other palettes to follow the same horrible fate as the first one. Fortunately, for now, it was only one corner but it wont be long before the other corner goes. I don't open my palettes aggressively, so it is very disappointing to see my palette fall apart from "daily use" (its a stretch to call it "daily use" because it didn't use it daily and haven't for a while. ). OK, rant over,

Shown above: pictures of my broken palette hinge

Shown above: Broken hinge, worn hinge, new hinge

Overall, I really enjoy the beautiful shades in this palette and I find they are very harmonious together. Eyeshadow quality wise, I find the pigmentation and texture to be on par with the Nordy Girl Palette, both of which are superior to the texture of the original Reviver 001 Palette. I am very happy with this palette, with the exception of the poor packaging. Now that I know about this packaging flaw, I can't say I'd recommend it and I'm not sure if I would purchase more of these in the future. I do love the product, I'm  just a bit disappointed in the packaging.

Let me know your thoughts on this palette or the previous palettes! Comment below!

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