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Review: Flash Photo Powder 

If you don't already know about Estee Edit, it is Estee Lauder's younger and trendier line promoted by spokesmodel, Kendell Jenner. So if you thought Estee Lauder was for old ladies, think again! They've brought their beauty game up to the next level with a collection of makeup and skincare curated for the new generation of beauty consumers. The collection is a Sephora exclusive line and the promotional videos makes this line hard to resist.

"Rule breaker. Risk taker. Estee Lauder built her beauty empire by preaching “Beauty is an Attitude.” Now The Estee Edit brings you new beauty attitudes, inspired by Estee, curated by our Guest Editors of the moment–created by YOU. Wear it. Share It. Own It. #beautyattitudes "

The Estee Edit Flash Photo Powder ($32.00 USD for .21oz) is a pale blue translucent powder meant to be oil-absorbing, brightening, and flash-friendly. 

The packaging, probably my only gripe with this product because it feels very light and cheap. However, the compact is assembled much better than the blush compacts. Unlike the blush compacts, the pan on this powder is flushed into the compact, so there is no problems with the pan lifting out. I was expecting a little more significance out of the packaging but I do like the fun blue splatter/spray design on the front. 

This product lives up to all of its promises and boy was I surprised! I have never heard or or encountered a blue face powder before and I was pretty skeptical about it. Typically new and unheard of product is gimmick but this one really delivered! 

After using the Estee Edit Beam Team (Reviewed here.)  and  applying my CC cream on top, my skin glossy and glowing, and desperately needed some powder dull down all that shine. Several taps into this powder with a large powder brush and lightly tapping it on my skin and....OH BABY! My skin was matte! You really don't need much of this powder to see its incredible oil-absorbing effects and the pale blue is a bit brightening, almost like a correcting powder. Correctors have really become on trend this season. Depending on your oil production levels, you may need to touch up throughout the day but I have found this powder's effects to last a good 6 to 8 hours on my skin (typically normal to dry with an oily T-zone). 

The texture of this powder is divine. It is an incredibly soft and fine pressed powder. Blending into the skin seamlessly and completely invisible, it delivers a matte finish without any powdery texture left behind. The powder also looks beautiful in flash photography. It creates a smoothing and blurring effect, without a bit of flashback! So if you're planning on walking the red carpet, or walking down the aisle, or maybe just having a girls night out this powder will keep you looking flawless all day. 

I couldn't recommend this product enough! This product lives up to all its claims and is great quality. It is a product I will repruchase, again and again. I had very high expectations for this line and this product exceeded them. 

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