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The packaging also feels very cheap and light. I wasn't eReview: The Barest Blush in Coy Coral and Ember Glow

If you don't already know about Estee Edit, it is Estee Lauder's younger and trendier line promoted by spokesmodel, Kendell Jenner. So if you thought Estee Lauder was for old ladies, think again! They've brought their beauty game up to the next level with a collection of makeup and skincare curated for the new generation of beauty consumers. The collection is a Sephora exclusive line and the promotional videos makes this line hard to resist. 

"Rule breaker. Risk taker. Estee Lauder built her beauty empire by preaching “Beauty is an Attitude.” Now The Estee Edit brings you new beauty attitudes, inspired by Estee, curated by our Guest Editors of the moment–created by YOU. Wear it. Share It. Own It. #beautyattitudes "

The Estee Edit Barest Blushes ($28.00 USD for .21oz) are meant to create a natural looking flush, hence the name.  The texture is a very soft matte powder with a little bit of gold overspray. The powder is incredibly soft and creates lots of excess loose powder after dipping my brush into the powder. It is very pigmented but seems to have a hard time adhering to the skin, due to its powdery texture. This powdery texture combined with its strong pigment, make it difficult to apply. I initially used various duo-fiber brushes because of the strong pigment but the texture made it difficult for it to cling evenly on the bristles. Even after I used a traditional brush blush my blush continued to be patchy and uneven. After initial application, it seems to sit awkwardly and obviously on the skin but after a little bit of wear it blends into the skin.

Ember Glow is a warm, rusty-bronze matte blush. On the skin, it creates a very natural flush. It is very pigmented but again, the texture is difficult to work with. The texture is not nearly as powdery as Coy Coral but the consistency still continues to frustrate me. The Coy Coral shade is quite powdery and seems to sit on skin. The shade is a beautiful bright peach shade which would be incredibly flattering for light to medium skin tones.

The swatches were done with and without the overspray. You can see the powdery texture of these blushes in the swatches.

xpecting a luxury level style packaging but the pan is lifting from the packaging, for both blushes. It isn't a product I'd recommend traveling with because the packaging is so flimsy and the powder is extremely soft.

Overall, the texture of these blushes are very disappointing. I have tried countless ways and tools to apply these blushes but always ended up with a disappointing look. For $28.00 USD each, I can't recommend this product. The shades are not particularly unique and quality is poor.

Let me know your thoughts! Did you try these? Did I get duds? Lets chat on Instagram!

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  1. Hi Liz!! So excited to visit your blog! Thanks for the insightful review on these, sad to hear they were so hard to work with. Lemmings nulled!

    1. Hey Noodles! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I really appreciate all your love and support! You've been an amazing friend to me! I'm glad you liked the review. It really broke my heart when I couldn't get these to work for me. I really wanted these to be amazing, but for the price, they are just upsetting and not worth the hassel of keeping. Glad to save anyone who reads this some money because I know how tempting they look! Thanks agian for all your support! Happy Weekend, Sweetie!