| Review | Tom Ford Mink Mirage Eye Color Quad

| Review | Tom Ford Mink Mirage Eye Color Quad 

For 2020, Tom Ford is bringing back the basics with five new neutral quads! It's hard to resist these beautiful neutral shades and finishes that can be easily used every day or incorporated with other eyeshadows for a more complex look. This particular quad seems to have the four most core shades in anyone's makeup collection and will be an asset to anyone's daily routine.

The Tom Ford Mink Mirage Eye Color Quad retails for $88.00 USD and is available at Nordstrom and other retailers. Like all the permanent quads in the Tom Ford collection, this quad is packaged in the sleek cognac and gold compact. 


This palette contains the four most basic, most used, and essential shadows in anyone's collection. I was very surprised to this very basic all-matte eyeshadow come out from Tom Ford. Not since Cocoa Mirage, has there been such a basic palette and it's honestly refreshing. I think when it comes to spending on luxury eyeshadows, people are looking for one of two things - a palette with shades they will use regularly or something that is very unique, otherwise, it's hard to justify spending the money on something so pricey. 

Cream - This is a very basic and classic all-over lid shade or browbone highlighter shade. This shade is a soft neutral cream shade with an almost-undetectable warm tone but for the most part, it is very neutral. You can see in the swatch that it does have a subtle yellow tone to it but it isn't apparent when worn on the eyes. 

Tan - This medium tan shade is the perfect crease shade for many skin tones. This tan shade has a slight yellow tone and builds up very nicely. It is a beautiful transition shade for many different looks and can be paired with different eyeshadows. 

Brown - This brown shade looks very cool-toned when built to opacity but you can see a very subtle warm undertone to this eyeshadow. Like all the shades in this palette, this shade can be paired with just about any look to add more depth in the crease or in the outer corner. For some people, you can even use this shade as a brow filler.

Black - This black shade is very pigmented but it isn't a supersaturated or rich black. You can see in the swatches it has a softness to it, leaning a little charcoal. I think it is a deep enough black to really add a tone of intensity or smoke without being too difficult to work with. It builds very well, which I think is the most important aspect of black eyeshadows.


The eyeshadow palette that resembles this palette teh closest from the Tom Ford range is Cocoa Mirage. It's almost like this Mink Mirage is its sister and they would make excellent companion palettes except for rumor has it, Tom Ford is discontinuing Cocoa Mirage! This classic staple palette had been in the range since the beginning! I mean how could they? This is starting to feel like when they discontinued the original Urban Decay Naked palette! Anyways, here's how the two palettes compare:

As you can see, they have similarities but if you really scrutinize, all the shades are quite different. The lightest cream shade and the tan shade in the Mink Mirage palette are a touch more yellow in tone, while the cream and tan in Cocoa Mirage are more neutral in tone. The brown in Mink Mirage is actually significantly warmer than the matte brown in the Cocoa Mirage palette. I honestly think they're both different enough to justify having both in the range, however, it seems we're only going to have Mink Mirage from now on.


This palette is entirely composed of matte eyeshadow shades, which is something pretty new to the Tom Ford range because the closest to a completely matte eyeshadow palette is Cocoa Mirage and they're discontinuing it! However, the matte shades in this palette have a much silkier and softer texture than the old matte formula. They also have more density than the old formula, which was a bit lighter.

These eyeshadows are very soft and just slightly powdery but they don't apply powdery or chalky at all. The shadows have this rich and creamy texture that applies evenly and smoothly on the eyes. The shadows blend out like a dream and they adhere very well to the eyes, leaving virtually no fallout! These shadows are just very easy to apply and they have a very buildable pigment. They can be worn very intensely without a lot of effort but they can also be worn softly if you lightly dip into the pan.

These matte eyeshadows wear very well and last for beyond eight hours with very little fading when worn without primer. With a primer, you will have no issues with fading at all. I often find matte eyeshadow formulas to be very hit or miss and this one is a real winner in my book!


This isn't the best look to show off these shadows but you can see how smooth and silky the tan shade looks all over my lid and the cream shade looks on my browbone. I did smoke out the lash line a bit with the brown and the black eyeshadow but it's covered up a bit by the thick liquid liner.


I often reach for this palette when I am in a rush and I'm looking for a quick and easy look to do or when I need these basic shades to complement other eyeshadows. These eyeshadows are so essential that I often reach for this palette when I'm creating just about any look. This is probably the most versatile and functional eyeshadow palette I own! That being said, these particular shades are nothing special and can be found in just about any makeup range and brand!

While the formula is a silky dream to work with, I can't say it is a must-have palette because you can find equally amazing formulas with the same shades for less. With the technology in the beauty industry these days, a good matte eyeshadow formula isn't that hard to find, especially in these very basic and essential shades.

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  1. TF Cocoa Mirage is my favorite daily TF palette but now I need to grab this new one! Looks perfect for effortless daily looks ��

  2. These palettes help to create a very nice and stylish evening make-up with an emphasis on the eyes, with such a look you will look irresistible.