| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Lip Blush

| Review | Tom Ford Soleil Lip Blush 

I'm not one to go for a sheer lip but lately, it's been a refreshing change. I'm also not one to buy a luxury sheer lip color because frankly, I often don't find them worth the cost but when Tom Ford comes out with a luxury lip color to this caliber, you have to take one home. Really these PH adapting lip colors aren't new at all and many brands from low to high end have one, but somehow Tom Ford has suckered me into getting his. It may have a lot to do with the packaging and overall aesthetic. What can I say? He does it so well! Read on to see if it really worth the cost.


The Tom Ford Soleil Lip Blush retails for $55.00 USD and is available at Nordstrom and other retailers. This luxurious new lip color is limited edition and is beautifully housed in the most reflective gold packaging I have ever seen! You could use the packaging as a mirror it's so reflective! Unfortunately, that also means it is very fingerprint and smudge prone. One touch and you'll have smudges and finger prints all over the lipstick tube. The highly reflective gold packaging pair beautifully with the simple clear lip color with little gold flecks throughout.


While the lip color appears completely clear with the exception of the gold flakes embedded in the product, it is one of those PH activating lip colors that gives your lips a beautiful natural flush. Hence the name Lip Blush. This lip balm really does give your lips a super natural flush, it's like "your-lips-but-flushed". It really gives the slightest hint of color that just naturally enhances your lip color. It really doesn't give your lips a lot of color at all. Many transforming lip balms just slightly enhances your natural lip color, this one is no different. The color it produces is supposed to be unique to each person but I often find it is always some variation of pink.


The texture of this lip product is as you would expect, a balmy texture. This lip balm feels very smooth and gel-like on the lips. It smooths your lip texture and has a cushion-like texture on the lips. It feels very comfortable and relatively hydrating. I wouldn't say the hydrating properties of this lip product is any better than other lip balms in this category. The moisture it provides is very average and mediocre for such a luxurious lip product.


This transforming lip balm concept is really not that new. So many brand have come out with this kind of balm and I really don't think that this Tom Ford one does anything different. The ones show in the picture above, will give you the same or similar effect for less. I actually find it much more subtle than the transforming lip products I have tried. It really gives you a light blush or flush to the lips but it looks extremely natural. It's just a slightly enhanced version of my lip color and I feel like for the exorbitant price, it should do more. While pretty, I don't notice a huge difference in my lip color and I bet you if you asked somebody if they thought you were wearing anything on your lips, they would say no. This could be a clear lip balm because it does almost nothing to your lip color and it doesn't do much in the nourishing or hydrating your lips either. Honestly, this product is really disappointing. Besides it's fun novelty and luxurious look, it is basically an over-priced clear balm!

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