| Review | Pat McGrath Eye Ecstasy Eyeshadow and Mascara Kit

| Review | Pat McGrath Eye Ecstasy Eyeshadow and Mascara Kit 

If you ever wished you could easily take your Pat McGrath shadows with you traveling, it looks like she finally came out with a convenient little kit to do exactly that. While we all admire her beautifully luxe full sized palettes, not only are they massive and impossible to travel with but it's not exactly at everyone's price point. If you've been wanting a little taste of the brand, I think this is a perfect little introduction into the brand. If you're a long time fan, well, now you can take a little bit of Pat where ever you go! 

The Pat McGrath Eye Ecstasy Eyeshadow and Mascara Kit retails for $48.00 USD and is available at Sephora. This kit has everything you need to ideally create the perfect Pat McGrath eye, minus the legendary makeup artist skills but you can always practice until you get there. This kit is packaged in Pat McGrath's iconic sequined filled bag of sparkling goodness. The products themselves are very simply packaged in very basic cosmetics packaging, so you're not going to get the luxury of her typical packaging but it is very travel friendly. This comes with an six pan eyeshadow palette, a mini mascara, and a little pot of glitter.


The eyeshadow palette is a small cardboard palette with a magnetic closure. The eyeshadow pans themselves are not magnetic and are glued into the palette. It feels very strong and sturdy, very capable of traveling.


The eyeshadow palette contains the following shades:

Swatches from left to right: After Glow, Paradiso, 
Liquid Sun, Dark Matter, Le Sin, and Amnesia (These swatches were done with one swipe and no primer!) 

Top Row 

After Glow (left shade) - This shade is described as a luminous platinum champagne, which I strongly disagree with. This shade is a soft luminous gold, which goes very well with all the other shades in the palette. However, I would personally prefer a more champagne shade because there is already a gold shade in the palette.

Paradiso (middle shade) - Described a velvet sienna brown, I would say that's pretty much on point. This very warm brown has an almost coppery orange undertone to it and it is very complex. The more you layer this shade, the deeper it gets. So while this is the only real matte shade in the palette, when you layer it, it works almost as two shades. the more blended out it looks, the warmer and lighter it appears and if you apply more pigment in the crease, it gives you more depth. This shade is insanely pigmented, so pick up as little as you possibly can at first. It applied very evenly and blends out like a dream.

Liquid Sun (right shade) - This is a true antique gold shade! I mean it looks like molten warm gold all over your eyes! This shade is so pigmented and it looks so metallic on the eyes. It's the most gilded gold shade I own. This shade makes a great lid shade and a great pop of color in the center of the lid, if you go for a halo eye.

Bottom Row 

Dark Matter (left shade) - This shade is very pigmented deep black with a satin finish. It's not completely matte because it does have a slight sheen to the finish of the shadow. I love the inclusion of a good black shadow because it's so versatile and it can really change up a look. This shadow is great as a liner or to smoke out your look. This simple shade really balances out the palette and makes it a great travel companion.

Le Sin (middle shade) - Described as a deep bronze metallic, I would say that is a pretty close description. This shade contains a lot of coppery tones and has a tone of rosy and bronze shimmer. It is pretty true rosy bronze shade with multidimensional shimmer throughout. This shade is probably the most shimmery of all the shades but the shimmer is very fine and very reflective. I think this is the most unique shade in the palette and it has the most complexity.

Amnesia (right shade) - This shade is described as a metallic rose taupe, which is pretty far off for me. To me, this shade is more of a shimmering deep plum with a subtle warm rose undertone. This shade adds a lot of depth and pairs beautifully with the other shades. Although it appears quite purple, it's deep tone makes it very wearable and great for smoking out the outer corner of the eyes. This extra touch of color really makes this palette beautiful and not so boring and neutral.


The eyeshadows are all insanely pigmented and you really need the tiniest amount to create a look. I often find myself picking up too much product, so I recommend literally barely touching your brush to the shadow. If you can see the color on your brush, it's probably too much to start with. However, even when I apply to much, the formula is so creamy and blendable it isn't really an issue. I can easily blend out any shadow that is applied to heavily however, my look will just more intense than I anticipated. The formula is soft and creamy but it does cause some minor fallout. Not nearly as much as you'd expect though, especially if you're careful not to pick up too much product at one time. These shadows last all day long... all day! Over 8 hours without a primer! That is incredibly impressive and I didn't even notice creasing! Overall, I have to say the formula is exceptional and a joy to work with! You really haven't experienced eyeshadows until you've used Pat's amazing formula! It is truly one of the dreamiest and best formulas you will ever use!


This loose pigment in Angel Dust is a glitter with flecks of rose, rose gold, and champagne. The glitter appears chunky in the jar but when you use your finger or a dense brush and really press the glitter into the cap, it becomes a very fine shimmer. The glitter is much easier to use than I expected and it really does add that perfect bit of twinkle to any look. I feel like the best method of application is to use your finger and really press the product into the cap to break up the particles, then apply it to the eyes. It really eliminates almost all fallout. The other option is finding a very dense flat brush and using the same method, apply it to the eyes. Unfortunately, the jar is quite small and getting your fingers into the jar or cap can be difficult, especially if you have long nails. I initially thought that the included glitter was unnecessary but after using it with the palette, I can't help reaching for it to add just that perfect bit of sparkle.


Another surprising love was this mascara! I was very skeptical as I often am with mascaras but this one is actually really good! The brush is quite large, which is my only complaint because my eyes are quite small and I often end up with mascara on my lid. However, the brush really allows you to brush through every hair and separate them, giving you this amazingly fluffy lash! I feel like it finds the fine little hairs I have and emphasizes them, making my lashes appear much fuller. This brush and formula provides a decent amount of volume and it holds a curl quite well. Again, it's all about the fluffy lash effect that I have never had before with any other mascara that has made me love this one so much! The color is also quite black and inky. Overall, I am very impressed and would definitely consider picking up a full size!


Here are two somewhat similar smokey looks. One has a smokey liner and one has a bit more glitter. I love the looks that come out of this palette.


I think this kit is incredible! The value is amazing for the quality of the products you are receiving and the kit is very universally flattering. I think the shades in the palette can work for anyone, especially since the formula is so pigmented! I feel like the shades chosen work so well each other and the palette is so balanced. The palette is really the ultimate smokey eye palette. While you can go more natural for everyday, I think it's true calling is for the dramatic. I feel like I can effortlessly create a smokey eye and it will look so good every time! The shadows are so easy to use with the ultra creamy and blendable formula. They are so long lasting, you don't even need a primer. I would pay this price alone just for the shadow palette but the loose glitter and the mascara are just an awesome bonus. They are both great additions to this kit and I couldn't be happier that they were included. This a great kit for traveling, which I am so excited for because her shadows are so easy to use. If you're on the fence about this kit, it is really worth the value! Please allow me to push you into trying Pat McGrath shadows because they are truly worth every penny!

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