| Fashion | Femme Luxe Contemporary Clothing

| Fashion | Femme Luxe Contemporary Clothing 

I was recently reached to by a UK based fashion company, Femme Luxe, about trying their edgy and modern pieces and I'm so excited to share them with you. While I love fashion, I'm still always looking for deal on the trendiest pieces, which is something I really love about Femme Luxe. Their prices are super affordable but they have amazingly high quality pieces with a modern style! The brand offers so many different products from adorable mini dresses and midi dresses to casual everyday wear items! I often find it difficult to find cute dresses for going out that also don't cost a fortune. This website has a HUGE range of styles, patterns, cuts, and colors for their clothing! I love the almost endless options of casual to evening wear styles. 

Today I'm focusing a lot on their more casual pieces but I did choose a sexy body suit that I'm hoping to rock on a night out in Vegas! I chose these casual jumpers to try out because I'm a pretty causal girl 99% of the time and I love to cozy knits. It's honestly hard to find sweaters that aren't only comfy but look stylish. I have many sweaters that are functional and I will wear but there is one cropped jumper that I wear constantly and I always get compliments on how cute and comfy it looks. Well, the brand I originally purchased it from years ago, no longer makes anything like it and I've been looking for other cute cropped sweaters for my collection. Luckily, Femme Luxe has a ton of cute styles and I picked up a few. 

This soft pink just had me swooning and I love the loose fitted and the look of the oversized sweater. The beautiful thing about thus jumper is that it's oversized in all the right places. So instead of making you look sloppy or lumpy, it makes you look very cool and casual chic. The way the sweater is cropped, it give your silhouette a beautiful shape and the way it hangs on the body just makes it look very modern and cool. You can wear it off the shoulder or just let it rest with a wide mouth at the top of your neckline. The oversized sleeves are a fun element that just makes it look so comfortable and adds a very unique element to the jumper. The knit is nice and soft but also a strong material. It feels very high quality. I love the simple cable knit design and it will keep you warm, while making you look super cute!

Needless to say, I loved the look of the sweater so much I had to get the black one too! If this sweater is going to be a staple in my collection, I have to have a classic black shade that goes with everything. The black one is very chic paired with skinny black jeans or even a mini skirt.

I loved the sporty vibe of this jumper and since I live in my yoga pants on the weekends, I thought this would pair perfectly with them. This super cozy kaki sweater with a hoodie is so perfect for the weekends when I just want to comfortable while running errands. It's a very soft material and feels quite warm. I love the cropped style because I love layering my clothing pieces and it looks very modern.

Finally for my sexy and edgy piece, I chose the White Floral Lace Body Suit. I've never owned a body suit before but this one was so sexy and cute, I really wanted to try it out for a fun night out. I wasn't expecting the top to be completely sheer, I thought there was a lining. So just a heads up, if you want to wear this outside of your home, you'll want a cute bra or some sort of layer underneath. The lace detailing on this piece is so delicate and sexy. I love the simple style! I know lace bodysuits under other garments or blazers are super popular right now. In fact, I saw it on the Tom Ford runway show not too long ago. I really want to emulate that look because I think it very sexy but with a lot sophistication and class.

Overall, for my first time trying Femme Luxe clothing, I am incredibly impressed! The quality of their pieces is fantastic and all pieces look so cute. They are exactly as the appear on the website and they feel so good on. I was also very impressed with their affordable pricing. I don't believe fashion has to be expensive to be good or to look good. The international shipping to the U.S. was relatively fast, a little over a week but I'm sure if you are local in the UK, you will get your package much sooner! I highly recommend checking out Femme Luxe, especially if you're looking for dresses or dressy clothing for a night out. They really do seem to have an amazing selection and I will be perusing the site some more for these cute pieces!