| Review | Givenchy Healthy Glow Bronzer

| Review | Givenchy Healthy Glow Bronzer

The one product that I use pretty much every day is bronzer. It has this amazing way of transforming the face and complexion, while looking incredibly natural. You can use it to sculpt or bring freshness back into your face and it doesn't deter attention from your eye makeup. It's just a beautiful way to naturally enhance your face. I have actually been using Givenchy bronzers for some time but a little while ago they did a bit of a reformulation and repackaging to these current, Healthy Glow Bronzers. I am so thankful to Givenchy for sending me these bronzers!

The Givenchy Healthy Glow Bronzers retail for $53.00 USD and are available at Sephora and other retailers. These bronzers are beautifully and simply packaged in a square compact with the Givenchy emblem on the front in copper, which is different from their usual silver logo. The copper details are absolutely beautiful and is a very chic way to identify the compact as a bronzer, which I really love as a Givenchy fan who owns quite a few compacts. The button on the side that allows you to open the compact is a square copper stud, a very fun and edgy detail. The compact comes with a mirror, which is handy and always a great addition to any compact. 

These bronzers come in 5 different shades, ranging from a very light to a deep tan tone. The lighter tones can be used as a very natural highlighter or a bronzer on a fair skin tone. I have three shades:

01 Premiere Saison - This is a warm light beige with a slight peachy-tone that would work beautifully as a bronzer for a very fair skin tone. On my medium skin tone, I prefer to use it as a contour blending shade. I often use a cool-toned contour and I like to blend it out with a bronzer to create a more natural and seamless transition. This shade is perfect for blending out any cheek products on a medium skin tone. 

03 Ambre Saison - This shade is a natural golden bronze shade,  it doesn't lean too warm but offers a very healthy golden glow to the skin. I think this shade will work for most fair to medium skin tones. 

04 Extreme Saison - This is the deepest shade but because of the buildable formula, I think anyone can use it. This shade actually leans quite cool and can work beautifully as a sculpting or contour shade. It isn't so cool toned that it will look dirty or muddy on the face, it still has this healthy tanned tone.

Swatches left to right: 01 Premiere Saison, 03 Ambre Saison, 04 Extreme Saison

I feel many of you are going to ask me about choosing a shade. The formula is incredibly buildable so I think most people can use just about any shade, it just depends on what you want out of your bronzer. If you are using it to add warmth to the skin, go for one with more of a golden tone. If you want to sculpt then go for a cooler tone but I don't think you can really go wrong with these shades because the formula is so exceptional. 

The bronzer is a beautifully embossed with a edgy star stud design and Givenchy embossed in the center. I always love embossing because I feel that when companies put in the effort to emboss a product. it really show their attention to detail and quality. Makeup is about the experience and the way it makes you feel just reaching for a product. You don't reach for a product unless it has a certain amount of appeal, whether it's the color, formula, or design, there has to be something that continues to bring you back. I feel that the addition of the embossing makes the product feel really special and luxurious and it makes me want to reach for it. Of course, the formula is also fantastic! 

The formula of these bronzers is best described as a baked gel-powder. These gelee formulas have becoming increasingly popular among many brands because of their versatility. They can be used wet or dry to customize your intensity. While I hardly ever use these products wet, I find this formula to beautiful and exceptional! I particularly like this formula because often don't powder my face or most of it and these gel-powder formulas still glide on and blend beautifully into my liquid and cream foundations without getting patchy and looking uneven. They sit very well on top of wet or unset makeup, which makes the formula superior to traditional powder bronzers. You will also notice that this formula starts off relatively sheer but it builds up very well and very quickly. I prefer this because it means you can't over apply product and you can get to the intensity you need easily. These bronzers offer a soft, natural, and healthy sheen to face, which I love because it doesn't leave you looking powdery and flat. It really gives you that healthy glow but can still be used to sculpt your face. 

This formula is really flexible and really molds to the skin, looking like real, natural and healthy skin! I find the bronzer has excellent longevity and lasts beyond 8 hours a day.  It also seems like it looks better as it wears throughout the day because of it's flexible formula. Having used these healthy glow bronzers before, I can tell you that this bronzer lasts for so long! There is a lot of product, .35 oz,  in the pan and you don't need much to get a beautiful healthy glow. 

I highly recommend these bronzers! They come in a great range of shades with different tones. The formula is fail-proof and so easy to use because it starts out sheer and can build up to be more intense. Like I said, I have used these before and finished a whole bronzer before. The gel-powder formula is so versatile and looks so natural on the skin. I would definitely say that this formula is one of my favorite bronzer formulas of all time! 

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