| Review | Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge

| Review | Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge 

A quite underrated luxury brand, Le Metier de Beaute has some pretty exceptional products however, they are quite costly. Many years ago I discovered the brand and purchased an eyeshadow kaleidoscope (basically a build-your-own palette), I had forgotten about the brand until a friend had mentioned she loved their Peau Vierge, an anti-aging skin tint. She has recommended it to me because she knew I loved a sheer and glowy base. As soon as a put it on, I was in love!

I wrote this long before I found out this news but Le Metier de Beaute is going out of business! They're actually bankrupt so if you want to grab this or any other products, they are discounted at the moment and will be gone forever! 

The Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge retails for $125.00 USD for 1.0oz and $175.00 for a 2.0oz. and is available at Neiman Marcus and other retailers. The packaging is different depending on if you purchase the small size or the bigger size. The 1oz is housed in a reflective silver pump boLe ttle. It is light and made of plastic but looks very luxurious. The 2oz is packaged in a black squeeze tube and is a much better value. The product comes in a small range of 4 shades, not a very expansive line of colors but because of their sheer finish, many people can adapt to be one of these shades. I am about a NC30-35 most of the year and I an in between 2 and 3. While I can wear the 3 without it being too dark, I went with 2 because I often wear bronzer daily. In the summer time I will probably go up in shade to a 3 because it will suit me better.

The texture is incredibly light and very hydrating. The cream has little gold micro-shimmers distributed throughout. It is not noticeable on the skin but it offers a beautiful glow! You will be able to pick the shimmers up in very bright light but they are very samll particles. It instantly brightens and illuminates the skin. It is very hydrating however, it still "sets" and leaves a very polished finish without making the skin look wet. The scent is really fresh and subtle. I don't notice it after application at all. The texture of the product seems to glide over the skin and smooth over any texture. It has a very sheer coverage but it is so nice for an easy and comfortable everyday base. While this product does set on it's own, I recommended lightly powdering because it is very glowy and will become glowier as the day progresses, even on a dry skin type. The wear time is very similar to a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, about 4-6 hours, depending on your skin type and your environment.

I want to emphasize that this product offers little to no coverage! Think of it more as a skin tint or perfector, it really is a super sheer tint. The coverage can be built up to a very small extent, if you have blemishes and pigmentation they will be blurred but they will show through. This is really a product for when you're having a "good skin day" or it's really hot. It just fuses with your skin and offers a healthy glow and tint but won't melt down on you if gets too hot. This is the ultimate no-makeup makeup base because it really let's you skin shine through!

This is a product that I always receive compliments on, almost every time I wear it! It gives such a healthy glow and finish to the skin but looks so natural! Most people ask me if I am wearing anything, they just think my skin actually looks this good! Admittedly, my skin is already in pretty good condition, it's just in my genes but I don't mind a little help from makeup. It provides a very fresh, glowing, natural skin look. Your skin will just look naturally very healthy and glowing, like you have been drinking lots of water. While the coverage is not high, it's perfecting properties make a huge impact on the appearance of my complexion. My skin just looks smoother and more perfected because the light-reflecting pigments gives to appearance of fresh and smooth skin!

Swatched heavily

Heavy Swatch Lightly Blended

Completely Blended - You can see the coverage can be quite high if built up

Completely Blended - You can see the luminosity of the skin tint

You can also use it as a primer, on days when you desire a bit more coverage. The reason for incredibly high price is because this product is a skincare-makeup hybrid. It offers skincare treatments and a very natural coverage. The exclusive and proprietary complex included in the formula is called Syntoc Actif, that assist in the delivery of key ingredients into the skin. One of the biggest key ingredients in the product is retinol, which is one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients available in the industry and it causes the increase of cell-turnover in skin, boosting collagen production. While there is often a concern about using retinol during the day because it causes sensitivity to UV rays, as part of  Le Metier de Beaute formulation this type of encapsulated retinol is safe to use during the day because it has a slow release of retinol throughout the day. One of my favorite afforable day creams from CeraVe does the same thing, read about it here. There is also an SPF 18 contained in the product to protect your skin from minimal amounts of UV exposure.

I highly recommend this product for all skin types! You will notice over prolonged use that your skin has a better texture and your complexion is glowing! Your skin will feel softer and smoother. To me, you can't go wrong with a good retinol product. This one is excellent and it provides a beautiful glowing tint all over. This is one of those products that will forever live in my collection because I am always going back to it. It just creates such a lovely effect, while treating my skin. Many days, especially in the summer, I just want a little tint of color and coverage because wearing makeup in extreme heat is agonizing. This product is the ultimate skin perfector, it will have people asking how you get your skin to look so good! I highly recommend it for anyone who loves light and glowing base, it is truly worth the pricey penny!